An Architect’s Work From Home Setup

By Rob Orr / Last updated: Nov 4, 2022

An Architect’s Work From Home Setup

The importance of having a dedicated space in which to work when you work from home is vital.

You need to put yourself into a position where you can succeed and be productive both physically and mentally.

This is especially true if you do creative work. The wrong vibe in your home office can be stifling to your productivity and creativity.

Jon Imperial is the subject of this week’s tour, and it should come as no surprise that, as an architect, Jon meticulously planned his workspace for maximum productivity and as well as maximum visual appeal.

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Here’s what I love about Jon Imperial’s home office setup.

Cable Management

First off, the cable management tray on his desk is outstanding! The perforated cable management feature makes it super simple to zip tie everything up so it’s completely out of the way.

Combine that with the long, slender power strip that fits neatly into the cable management tray and it’s a fantastic way to manage all the cords he’s got on his desk.

When it comes to where you need to put all those long cords, the cable net that came with his desk makes it all work together perfectly.

Home Office Desk

His Ergonofis desk with the walnut finish looks fantastic too. If you’re considering updating your home office, but are fearful that putting together a desk will be too challenging the manufacturer has made it super easy with everything already pre-drilled so you can get it done fast.

His Tech

I still find it amazing that creatives like Jon are getting so much performance from laptops. I’m sure he’s got his Macbook Pro max’d out for optimal performance, but even then, it’s still a laptop. A Mac Pro can be cost-prohibitive without a doubt, but some creators are going the extra mile like Justin Tse does in his home office and taking the plunge on such a high-end piece of equipment.

He’s using a beautiful ultra-wide monitor mounted on a monitor arm that frees up a lot of desk space. This is one of those things that you really don’t realize you need until you see how much clutter it removes from your desktop.

Home Office Lighting

The lighting he’s using is awesome too.

Controlled from his phone, he can set it lamps to all kinds of different settings to create the perfect atmosphere for his home office.

He’s also got a 21 inch LED ceiling light which has its own remote control so you can set the brightness and color temperature to whatever your heart desires.

Home Office Storage

I love his DIY storage shelf he created using some Ikea bookshelves and a little ingenuity. It’s the perfect complement to his office that helps keep work surfaces clear and stow away stuff where it should go instead of cluttering up his workspace.

He’s using Bluetooth desktop speakers so he can use a variety of devices to connect. Of course the walnut look goes well with the rest of his office.

Grovemade accessories are something you see in so many of these tours and that’s because they make amazing stuff. Not only is it functional, but it looks outstanding.

The Ikea peg board and storage cabinet round out his storage options and are both great solutions for keeping things organized. (If you’ve been working from home for any amount of time you know how important it is to keep your space as clutter-free as possible because if you don’t it can get out of control, fast!)

Maximizing Home Office Space

How cool is it that he has a completely different setup for his gaming space?!?

Tucked away in the corner of that room, that really isn’t very big to begin with, he’s got a full gaming setup.

He’s done a masterful job of creating the most from the space he has available.

Next Steps

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