An Entrepreneur’s Dream Home Office: Matt Diggity’s Amazing Custom Office

An Entrepreneur’s Dream Home Office: Matt Diggity’s Amazing Custom Office

By Rob Orr / Last updated: Nov 4, 2022

I recently learned about Matt via a recommendation of a friend, and have to say, his content is outstanding!

In case you don’t know who he is, Matt Diggity is an search engine optimization entrepreneur focused on building passive income that has fueled his digital nomad life.

And he’s been so successful with it that he was able to hire a designer and build out a completely custom home office.

So this week’s home office tour is through his space, and I’m going to be covering how you can recreate some of the stuff he’s done, even if you don’t have his $16,000 budget.

Here’s what I love about Matt’s home office.

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As of this post, Matt is living in Thailand – Chiang Mai to be exact.

And he lives in his recently completed custom home with a fully custom home office.

And it’s amazing!

So what’s he got going on there?

First off, his office is huge. 21 feet by 13 to be exact. Or for my friends reading this from the rest of the world, roughly 6.5 x 4 meters and almost 10 feet tall.

This kind of size will make the room feel gigantic, especially with those high ceilings.

Natural Light

The first thing you notice is that he’s got tons of room, and tons of natural light.

This of course, is a luxury built in to the whole plan, and when you’re creating a custom designed office to begin with, it’s a lot easier to build these kinds of features in.

With all that glass there is no shortage of light and he’s got a really nice view and the natural light makes for a great atmosphere.

Of course that also means that there’s little in the way of privacy until you roll down the remotely controlled shade curtains on the windows.

Those are great because you can then use them as blackout curtains if you need to for video work, or just to tamper down some of that light when you need to.

Sound Quality Problems

Of course, as a content producer, that huge space and high ceiling created its own set of problems that he noticed right away.

The echo and reverb in the room was too much bare, so he installed decorative soundproofing material that cleaned up everything nicely.

If you’ve having trouble with the audio quality in your home office and you have high ceilings, hard floors, or both, investing in some soundproofing material for your home office is the way to go.

You don’t even have to spend a bunch of money on it either – Matt’s set up was more expensive (of course), but you can spend $100 to get good quality soundproofing material to help you with the sound in your office.

One of those happy accidents that you learn about of course is that the acoustic soundproofing material made for a really nice visual feature for the office as a whole, so it was a win/win.

Personal Bathroom in the Home Office

This is something that I’ve not seen a lot of during these tours.

And that could be because people don’t actually show you their bathrooms, or having an attached bathroom to your home office isn’t that common.

Either way, this is a pretty cool feature.

How can you not love him for talking about his electric Japanese toilet in his private bathroom?!?

[amazon box=”B082YJLVSW” /]

LED Lighting

People are doing so many cool things with LED lights in their home offices, and Matt’s office is no exception.

He’s got some amazing LED lighting built around his soundproofing tiles on his ceiling in addition to a really cool chandelier along with some wall lights.

But with all the natural lighting he’s getting in his home office, there really isn’t a lot of need for these lights.

Two Desks – Not One

Having two desks in your home office is a luxury that only a spacious office can provide.

Matt has not one, but two desks in his office – one a custom designed desk, the other an electric standing desk.

The custom desk is made from some amazing looking walnut with some great features built in.

He’s got a built-in pop-up charging station where he can plug in anything he needs to from HDMI to USB, to regular power.

He’s also got an electric standing desk which is a great place for guests to get set up or provide an alternate work station for him if he’s not interested in sitting at his custom desk.

One thing I thought was very interesting was the reference he made to his standing desk.

He mentioned that several companies sell this exact same desk, though via a white label system. Makes you wonder who’s making it, and who they make desks for.

He’s a Windows Guy

All his computers (except one) are Windows machines.

He’s a gamer so that makes sense.

He’s also fully loaded out his gaming PC with all the bells and whistles like an Intell i9 8 core processor, 2 TB hard drive storage, and it’s water-cooled. [amazon box=”B08X6PPTTH” /]

The ultrawide trend continues here with Matt’s setup too. We’ve seen these in a few different office tours and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

He’s got both a Samsung 34 inch ultrawide, along with an ultrawide for his other desk.[amazon box=”B07FBS36W2″ /]

Video Setup

His video setup is great – simple and effective.

Nothing too over the top here, just a nice high-end Panasonic Lumix G95 camera with a Vario II lens, some light boxes to fill in the light to make great videos and that’s it.

Desk Setup

His setup on his desktop isn’t complicated.

He’s got some great items from Grovemade which we’ve heard about so many times too.

The felt desk mat, the leather mouse pad, and the headphone stand are all Grovemade products and they make his desk look amazing.

Legos and Bookshelves

I’m a huge Legos fan too, like Matt.

His Millennium Falcon build is beautiful, and it looks huge.

However, I’ve not dropped $850 on a set! (Don’t tempt me!)

His other builds look amazing too.

Think I may need to do something similar – my daughter and I just finished a small Harry Potter build for Christmas.


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His decor though is awesome and his bookshelves rock.

When you have a budget to create your own custom office you can do anything you want and Matt has done an amazing job with his office.

Next Steps

What’s your favorite part of his office? Anything here you want to implement in your own home office?

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