Best Degrees for Remote Work: Unlocking Your Digital Nomad Potential

By Rob Orr / Last updated: Oct 22, 2023

Best Degrees For Remote Work

The remote work revolution is here, and it’s reshaping the professional landscape. But what about the academic paths that lead to remote work success?

What about the degrees that have seen a surge in demand in the remote job market?

And which ones promise the brightest future?

From tech-driven roles to creative endeavors, we’ll unveil the top degrees that are not just in demand but also command impressive salaries.

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Quick Overview

Below you will find a quick over view of degree programs, along with the kinds of positions that are typical for that degree type, and an approximate salary. Each job listed under the degree program section also has a link to learn more about the opportunities to work from home using that degree, and the approximate market demand for people with a degree in that field, and those skills. You can jump back and forth between the overview and the descriptions as you’d like.

Degree Associated Roles Approximate Salary Range (USD) Demand
Computer Information Systems Computer and Information Systems Manager
IT Project Manager
IT Consultant
$80,000 – $150,000 ★★★★★
Marketing Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing Specialist
Market Research Analyst
$50,000 – $130,000 ★★★★☆
Software Engineering Software Developer
Systems Software Developer
Application Software Developer
$70,000 – $140,000 ★★★★★
Data Science Data Scientist
Data Analyst
Machine Learning Engineer
$70,000 – $150,000 ★★★★★
Finance Actuary
Financial Planner
Investment Analyst
$60,000 – $130,000 ★★★★☆
Human Resources (HR) HR Manager
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Employee Relations Manager
$50,000 – $120,000 ★★★☆☆
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineer
Design Engineer
Simulation Engineer
$60,000 – $110,000 ★★★☆☆
Journalism or English Editor
Content Writer
$40,000 – $90,000 ★★★☆☆
Web Design & Development Web Designer
Web Developer
User Experience (UX) Designer
$50,000 – $110,000 ★★★★☆
Information Technology (IT) Network and Computer Systems Administrator
Computer Support Specialist
Computer Systems Analyst
$50,000 – $100,000 ★★★★☆
Graphic Design Graphic Designer
Multimedia Artist
Art Director
$40,000 – $85,000 ★★★☆☆
Legal Studies Paralegal
Legal Researcher
Legal Consultant
$40,000 – $80,000 ★★★☆☆
Game Design Video Game Designer
Game Tester
Game Producer
$50,000 – $90,000 ★★★★☆
Music Music Director
Sound Engineer
$40,000 – $85,000 ★★★☆☆
Healthcare Administration Customer Service Representative (Healthcare)
Healthcare Staffing Manager
Health Services Manager
$35,000 – $90,000 ★★★☆☆
Communications Editor
Author Writer
Public Relations Specialist
$40,000 – $85,000 ★★★☆☆
Nutrition and Dietetics Nutritionist
Health Coach
$40,000 – $80,000 ★★★☆☆
Counseling Mental Health Counselor
Rehabilitation Counselor
School Counselor
$40,000 – $70,000 ★★★☆☆
Social Work Clinical Social Worker
Mental Health Counselor
Child and Family Social Worker
$40,000 – $75,000 ★★★☆☆
Hospitality and Tourism Travel Agent
Event Coordinator
Tour Operator
$30,000 – $70,000 ★★★☆☆
Accounting Accountant
Financial Analyst
$50,000 – $90,000 ★★★★☆

Computer Information Systems

Are you seeking high-paying remote work opportunities in the rapidly growing IT field? Look no further than a degree in computer information systems. This versatile degree can pave the way for a wide range of lucrative remote jobs. Let’s explore three in-demand roles that could be perfect for you.

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Computer and Information Systems Manager

A Computer and Information Systems Manager is responsible for overseeing the IT department of an organization. Working remotely, you create strategies for enhancing the overall IT infrastructure, ensuring the company stays current with technological advancements. Your tasks may include managing software development, supervising computer systems analysts, and coordinating IT projects to achieve optimal results.

As an information systems manager, you have the ability to earn a competitive salary while working from home or any other remote location. Embrace the freedom that comes with remote work, while providing leadership and cutting-edge solutions to maintain exceptional IT performance.

Learn more about computer information systems remote work here.

IT Project Manager

Are you a natural leader with an aptitude for computer systems? IT Project Managers plan, execute, and close IT projects, ensuring that they are completed within the set timeline and budget. As an IT project manager, your role includes collaborating with remote teams, monitoring progress, and making crucial decisions to achieve success.

This remote role requires strong organizational skills, excellent communication, and the ability to adapt to ever-changing technology. So, gear up for a fulfilling and well-paid remote career, guiding companies and teams to realize their technology goals.

Still curious? Learn more about IT Project Management work from home here.

IT Consultant

Put your expertise in software development, computer systems, and information technology to use as an IT Consultant. This remote role allows you to provide professional advice to organizations seeking to improve or revamp their IT infrastructure.

Working as an IT consultant, you assess clients’ needs, recommend IT solutions, and help implement the proposed changes to ensure the best practices are followed. This flexible, remote opportunity allows you to work with multiple clients, showcasing your skills and knowledge in various industries.

As you gain experience, you can carve out a successful path as an IT consultant, earning a lucrative income while enjoying the benefits of working remotely. So, dive into the world of computer information systems and secure your future in this fast-paced, rewarding field.

Ready for more? Keep reading about IT remote work here.


Discover the power of marketing in today’s digital age and leverage it for remote work opportunities. With the right degree, you can excel in various marketing roles, from strategy development to campaign analysis. Let’s dive into three popular remote roles in the marketing field.

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Marketing Manager

As a Marketing Manager, you’ll be responsible for creating and executing marketing strategies that drive your company’s growth. With a degree in marketing, business administration, or a related field, you can successfully manage campaigns, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and stay on top of industry trends. In this role, you may work on tasks such as:

  • Developing and implementing marketing plans
  • Managing budgets and assessing campaign performance
  • Coordinating with sales, public relations, and product development teams

Ready for more? Click here to learn more about marketing manager remote work here.

Digital Marketing Specialist

The world of online marketing is vast, making a Digital Marketing Specialist an essential role for remote work. By obtaining a marketing or online marketing degree, you’ll be prepared to launch and manage campaigns across various digital platforms, optimizing them for maximum exposure and engagement. Key responsibilities in this position include:

  • Creating and managing online advertising campaigns
  • Analyzing web traffic and metrics to improve SEO
  • Developing and distributing engaging content across social media, email, and blogs

Looking for more answers? Learn more about digital marketing specialists working remotely here.

Market Research Analyst

Unlock your potential in data-driven decision-making as a Market Research Analyst. By pursuing a degree in marketing, business administration, or even statistics, you’ll be equipped to gather, analyze, and interpret data to guide business decisions. In the world of remote work, your expertise will be crucial in understanding target audiences, staying ahead of competitors, and informing marketing strategies. Some of your tasks may involve:

  • Conducting market research to identify opportunities and trends
  • Analyzing and interpreting data to inform marketing decisions
  • Creating reports and presentations to share findings with stakeholders

By focusing on these three key roles within marketing, your remote work opportunities will soar. With the right skillset and a dedication to staying current in a rapidly changing field, you can excel in marketing management, digital marketing, or market research analysis from the comfort of your home. Now, is the perfect time to forge your path toward a successful remote work career in marketing.

Want to dive deeper into the numbers and specifics? Click here to learn more about working remotely as a research marketing specialist.

Software Engineering

Are you seeking a flexible career with immense growth potential? Look no further than software engineering! Let’s dive into three popular roles in this field, suited for remote work and global opportunities: Software Developer, Systems Software Developer, and Application Software Developer.

Want to know the rest? Keep reading to learn more about how software engineers can work from home.

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Software Developer

As a software developer, you’ll be responsible for creating and designing various types of computer applications. Mastery in computer science, algorithms, and a wide array of programming languages will put you ahead of the curve. Crafting well-structured code to tackle complex tasks is the core of your job.

Working remotely as a software developer is feasible as long as you have a stable internet connection and access to the necessary tools, such as code repositories and collaboration platforms. Plus, the demand for developers is immense, making it an excellent career choice in the world of technology.

Hungry for more insights? Learn more about software developers working from home here.

Systems Software Developer

Fascinated by operating systems and low-level programming? As a systems software developer, you’ll have the opportunity to design, build, and maintain the systems that power computers, servers, and more. Deep knowledge of algorithms, computer architecture, and programming languages such as C++ and Assembly is crucial for success in this role.

Remote work in systems software development is a growing trend, with abundant opportunities for skilled professionals equipped with the right expertise and tools. Be prepared to collaborate with cross-functional teams while delivering high-quality, efficient, and secure software.

Ready to explore further? Learn more about systems software development remote work here.

Application Software Developer

If creating user-facing applications excites you, consider focusing on application software development. Here, you’ll design, build, and optimize applications for specific platforms, such as web, mobile, or desktop. Proficiency in languages like Java, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript is essential, along with experience in software development methodologies.

Remote work as an application software developer offers flexibility and a vast range of opportunities. From startups to global corporations, organizations are increasingly adopting work-from-home policies, relying on cloud-based tools and efficient communication channels to keep their teams connected and productive.

Learn more about what it looks like for app developers to work from home.

Now that you have insight into software engineering roles, it’s time to explore other in-demand degrees for remote work opportunities!

Data Science

You’ve probably heard that a career in data science is one of the hottest professions today. But did you know it’s also perfect for remote work? Let’s dive into the world of data science and explore some of the top roles that allow for remote work flexibility.

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Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist, you’ll find yourself at the forefront of AI and machine learning, unraveling the patterns hidden within vast amounts of data. Your primary focus will be on using advanced statistical techniques to make predictions and uncover insights from data to help guide businesses in making informed decisions. You’ll need to learn a plethora of tools like Python, R, and advanced machine learning libraries. Curious about how to start your journey? Check out this handy guide on how to become a data scientist.

Ready to dive into the details? Learn more about working from home as a data scientist.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst positions can be found across various industries, and they’re perfect for transitioning to remote work. In this role, your primary responsibility will be to analyze and interpret data, making sure it’s accurate and relevant for informed business decisions. While data analysts don’t typically get involved with AI or machine learning like data scientists do, you’ll still be using your skills to clean, sort, and analyze data. Want to sharpen your skills? Best online data science courses can equip you with the knowledge to excel in this role.

Curious about what it looks like? Here you can learn more about working from home as a data analyst.

Machine Learning Engineer

With AI and machine learning becoming more prominent, Machine Learning Engineers are in high demand. Your role as a machine learning engineer will revolve around developing and deploying machine learning models, often collaborating with data scientists. You can leverage your knowledge of languages such as Python and frameworks like TensorFlow to build scalable machine learning models that can drive impactful business decisions. As an added bonus, remote work opportunities abound in this field!

As an Information Security Analyst or other remote work enthusiast, a career in data science provides ample opportunities to expand your skills, unlock insights, and drive innovation. Whether you’re a data scientist, data analyst, or machine learning engineer, there’s a world of possibilities in remote data science work just waiting for you to explore.

Want a closer look? Here you can learn more about machine learning remote work here.


Are you interested in a thriving remote career within the finance world? Look no further! We have compiled a list of high-paying finance positions that you can pursue from home.

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Actuaries are experts in risk management and financial security. They use their mathematical and statistical skills to analyze and predict risks, helping businesses and individuals make smarter financial decisions. A degree in actuarial science, mathematics, or a related field is required to get started. Remote positions as an actuary can earn an average salary of around $78,298 per year.

What’s next? Let’s find out. Click here to learn more about working from home as an actuary.

Financial Planner

If you have strong analytical and communication skills, financial planning may be the perfect remote career for you. Financial planners help clients set financial goals, budget, and manage investments. These professionals usually have degrees in finance, economics, or a related field. The field offers a promising remote career option for individuals seeking flexibility and a rewarding income.

The adventure doesn’t end here. Click here to learn more about remote work as a financial planner.

Investment Analyst

Investment analysts research market trends, evaluate investment opportunities, and provide recommendations to clients or their employing organization. A degree in finance, economics, or a related field is essential for this position. As an investment analyst, you’ll find a plethora of remote finance jobs that allow you to maintain a healthy work-life balance while earning an attractive salary.

By pursuing a degree in finance or a related field, you’ll open the door to an array of remote career opportunities as a financial advisor, financial analyst, or other lucrative positions. Boost your professional journey today with one of these in-demand finance roles that suit your work-from-home aspirations.

Intrigued about what it really looks like? Click here to learn more about remote work as an investment analyst.

Human Resources (HR)

Working remotely is the new normal and having a degree in Human Resources (HR) can open up a world of opportunities for you. Not only can you enjoy the flexibility of remote work, but you will also play a crucial role in shaping the workforce of an organization. Let’s dive into the top career paths in HR that are perfect for remote work.

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HR Manager

As an HR Manager, your primary responsibility will be to oversee an organization’s HR policies, programs, and procedures. You’ll focus on areas like recruitment, employee relations, and performance management. With a strong foundation in business management, you’ll be able to create a conducive work environment that promotes employee satisfaction and overall productivity. In the era of remote work, companies are increasingly relying on HR Managers to build strong remote teams that can work effectively, despite being geographically dispersed.

Wondering what’s up next? Learn more about what it looks like for an HR manager to work from home.

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Being a Talent Acquisition Specialist implies managing the entire recruitment process from attracting candidates, screening resumes, conducting interviews, and making offers. Your ability to source top talent and match them with the right job is critical to the growth and success of an organization. Remote work has broadened the talent pool, and your skills in identifying and onboarding high-caliber candidates will be in high demand. You can leverage online platforms like Indeed to optimize job listings and attract the best candidates from around the globe.

What’s next? learn more about life as a talent acquisition specialist working from home.

Employee Relations Manager

As an Employee Relations Manager, your focus will be on fostering a positive work environment that encourages employee engagement and retention. You’ll work with employees and management to provide guidance and resolve conflicts and grievances. With remote work becoming more commonplace, maintaining strong employee relations is crucial for both productivity and employee satisfaction. In this role, you need to be an excellent communicator and mediator, ensuring that employees feel supported and management’s objectives are met.

Still curious? Learn more about working remote as an employee relations manager here.

By exploring these career options in Human Resources, you can immerse yourself in the dynamic world of remote work and play a significant role in shaping the future of an organization. Stay ahead of the game by continuously learning and honing your skills, and you’ll become an invaluable asset to any company looking to thrive in the remote work landscape.

Mechanical Engineering

You’re considering a career in mechanical engineering, and you want to know how it can fit into the remote work landscape. Good news: there are numerous remote job opportunities in this field. In this section, we’ll dive into three popular remote positions within mechanical engineering: Mechanical Engineer, Design Engineer, and Simulation Engineer. So, let’s get started exploring these opportunities.

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Mechanical Engineer

As a mechanical engineer working remotely, you can apply your knowledge of engineering principles to design, analyze, and manufacture various mechanical systems. This critical role involves collaborating with interdisciplinary teams, where you’ll utilize computer-aided design and other software tools to streamline processes and optimize designs. Remote mechanical engineers often find work in sectors like aerospace, automotive, and biomedical engineering. FlexJobs routinely lists remote mechanical engineering positions, enabling you to create innovative solutions for a range of industries from the comfort of your home office.

Curious about the finer details? Click here to find out about how a mechanical engineer can work from home.

Design Engineer

If you’re passionate about merging creativity with practical applications, a remote design engineer position may be just right for you. This role focuses on developing detailed schematics and designs for products, systems, or components. Your responsibilities will typically include collaborating with teams to solve design challenges, evaluating design proposals, and utilizing various software programs to bring your visions to life. Design engineers often specialize in industries such as aerospace, automotive, or consumer goods, allowing you to work on exciting projects while remaining location-independent.

Want to know more? Click here to learn more about remote work as a design engineer here.

Simulation Engineer

As a remote simulation engineer, you’ll have the opportunity to use your expertise to model and analyze complex systems using computer simulations. Your work will primarily involve creating mathematical models, running simulations, and validating results to provide insight into system performance and potential improvements. This role is especially valuable in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and energy systems, where the ability to test virtual prototypes and identify potential issues can save considerable time and resources. With a focus on engineering principles and a strong foundation in computer modeling, you’ll be well-equipped to take on remote simulation engineering positions.

Want to know the rest? Learn more about mechanical engineering jobs working from home.

With a solid background in mechanical engineering, you can choose from various remote positions that leverage your skills and meet your career goals. By exploring remote Mechanical Engineer, Design Engineer, and Simulation Engineer roles, you’re taking the first step towards a rewarding, flexible career in this dynamic field.

Journalism or English

Are you looking for a degree that gives you the freedom to work remotely? Journalism and English degrees offer versatile skills suitable for remote work environments. These degrees pave the way for various writing and editing professions that can easily be done from home. Let’s dive into the exciting remote career opportunities that await journalism and English degree holders.

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As an editor, your eye for detail and love for the written word come in handy. Editors are responsible for reviewing and polishing a wide range of content, from news articles to novels. Your skills in grammar, punctuation, and fact-checking can be used to work remotely with clients across diverse industries. This position allows you to help authors perfect their craft, ensuring their readers have a rich and engaging experience. Remote work as an editor requires discipline and time management, but offers the unique opportunity to work on exciting projects and online publications.

Want to take the next step? Learn more about a career as an editor working from home here.


Becoming a writer can be an incredibly rewarding career when equipped with a journalism or English degree. Writers create content for diverse platforms such as blogs, news websites, magazines, and businesses. Building a remote work career as a writer allows you to express ideas, share stories, and impact readers from the comfort of your own home. As a writer, you can become a novelist, journalist, scriptwriter, or technical writer, offering you both versatility and job satisfaction.

Want more details? Learn about how writers are working from home here.

Content Writer

A content writer is an essential part of the digital era! With businesses relying on websites and social media to reach their audience, content writers craft valuable and engaging written materials. Skills gained from a journalism or English degree enable you to produce articles, blog posts, ad copy, product descriptions, and social media updates. This exciting remote career option lets you collaborate with diverse clients while enjoying the freedom to work anywhere in the world.

Find out more about how to become a content writer working from home here.

Armed with a journalism or English degree, you can flourish in today’s virtual workplace as an editor, writer, or content writer. These remote work opportunities allow you to utilize your love for language and storytelling, providing you with flexibility and professional growth.

Web Design & Development

Are you passionate about technology and creativity? Dive into the world of remote work with a degree in web design and development. This field combines artistry and programming, providing countless opportunities for remote work.

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Web Designer

As a Web Designer, your job is to create visually appealing and functional websites for your clients. You’ll master essential design principles, visual elements, and coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Web designers collaborate closely with web developers and UX designers to create an engaging user experience. With a strong background in computer science, you’ll be set for a successful remote career in web design.

Ready for more insights? Learn more about being a web designer working from home here.

Web Developer

On the other hand, Web Developers are more focused on the technical side of website creation. Your role will be to implement the designs provided by web designers, incorporating interactive elements, and providing seamless functionality. A strong knowledge of programming languages, software development, and information security principles is crucial for this role. As a web developer, you’ll find ample opportunities for remote work in various industries.

Ready for a deeper look? Learn what working from home as a web developer looks like here.

User Experience (UX) Designer

User Experience (UX) Designers play a critical role in shaping users’ interaction with websites and applications. Your primary goal is to make interfaces accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly by conducting user research, developing wireframes, and refining designs based on user feedback. To excel in this position, you’ll need a solid understanding of web development, psychology, and design principles. Remote work is becoming increasingly common for UX designers, offering you the flexibility and freedom to make an impact from the comfort of your home.

Keep reading to learn more about working from home as a UX designer here.

Pursuing a degree in web design and development paves the way for numerous remote work opportunities. By focusing on one of these key roles, you’ll accelerate your career while enjoying the benefits of working remotely. So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step towards an exciting and fulfilling remote career today.

Information Technology (IT)

You’re in for a treat! Information Technology (IT) offers a wealth of remote work opportunities that are both high-paying and fulfilling.

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Network and Computer Systems Administrator

Get ready to make an impact! As a Network and Computer Systems Administrator, you’ll manage, maintain, and troubleshoot networks and computer systems for businesses and organizations. The increasing demand for network security and architectural knowledge ensures your skills will be highly sought after, especially with the rise of remote work.

  • Job functions include setting up and configuring networks, monitoring system performance, and implementing security protocols.
  • A variety of industries require these experts, including software development companies, government agencies, and financial institutions.

Keep reading to learn more about work as a network and computer systems administrator here.

Computer Support Specialist

Put your problem-solving skills to work! In the role of a Computer Support Specialist, you’ll assist clients and end-users with their IT needs, providing technical assistance and resolving hardware or software issues.

  • Duties often include troubleshooting and repair, software installation, and user training.
  • You might work remotely for a help desk at a software development firm, a managed IT services company, or as an independent contractor.

Learn more about working remotely as a computer support specialist here.

Computer Systems Analyst

Imagine this: you’re a critical factor in streamlining an organization’s IT processes. As a Computer Systems Analyst, you’ll analyze computer systems and develop solutions to increase efficiency and implement new technologies.

  • Your work may include software development and customization, creating detailed project plans, and recommending system upgrades to enhance performance.
  • Your expertise will be valuable across various industries, such as healthcare, finance, and government sectors.

Keep reading to find out more about working from home as a computer systems analyst here.

These are just a few examples of the exciting IT careers that offer remote work opportunities. With an Information Technology degree, you’re well on your way to a rewarding and flexible career. So, set your sights on a bright future and embrace the world of remote work in the IT sector!

Graphic Design

Impress the world with your creative skills from the comfort of your own home! Graphic design offers a wide range of remote job opportunities to showcase your talent. There are various roles you can explore, like graphic designer, multimedia artist, or art director.

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Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, you’ll use your artistic abilities to create visual concepts that convey a specific message or meaning. By incorporating design elements such as colors, typography, and layouts, you’ll craft eye-catching designs for clients in different industries. Many companies and organizations look for talented graphic designers to work remotely, making this an ideal career if you prefer working from home. Some examples of graphic design jobs include logo design, marketing materials, web design, and more.

Want a closer look? Here you can learn more about remote work as a graphic designer.

Multimedia Artist

If you’re interested in working with different media types, consider a career as a multimedia artist. This profession involves creating designs, animations, or illustrations that can be used in various online and offline platforms. Typical job tasks include working with video, audio, or even 3D modeling to create engaging content for clients. With the rapid growth of the digital landscape, multimedia artists are in high demand, and many of them work from home.

Ready for a deeper look? Learn what working from home as a multimedia artist looks like here.

Art Director

Ready to take your creativity to the next level? As an art director, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the visual strategy of a project or organization. This includes managing graphic designers, multimedia artists, and other creative staff to ensure the final output aligns with the desired goals and vision. An art director needs to have excellent leadership, communication, and decision-making skills, as well as a strong background in graphics and design. Remote work options are available in this field, allowing you to lead creative teams from the comfort of your own space.

Ready to dive into the details? Learn more about leading creative projects as an art director from home here.

So, are you excited to unleash your creativity and start your remote career in graphic design? Let’s move on to the next degree that can open doors to remote work opportunities.

Remote work is on the rise, and so is the demand for professionals with legal expertise. A legal studies degree can open up doors to various remote work opportunities. Ready to explore your career options?

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As a paralegal, you can provide essential support to attorneys, helping them manage their caseloads more efficiently. Your responsibilities may include drafting legal documents, conducting research, and assisting with case preparation. The good news? Many law firms and corporate legal departments are increasingly hiring remote paralegals. So, sharpen your research and writing skills, and you could land a rewarding work-from-home job.

Ready for more insights? Learn more about being a paralegal working from home here.

Legal Researcher

If you enjoy analyzing legal issues and have a strong attention to detail, a career as a legal researcher is worth considering. These professionals support law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies by providing research and analytical support. Tasks include conducting legal research, reviewing documents, and preparing legal briefs and memos. As a legal researcher, you’ll play a vital role in shaping legal strategies and decision-making – all from the comfort of your own home.

Ready for a deeper look? Learn what working from home as a legal researcher looks like here.

Legal Consultant

Transitioning from a traditional legal role to a legal consultant can offer you more flexibility when it comes to remote work. As a consultant, you’ll provide clients with expert advice on specific legal matters or assist them in navigating broader legal challenges. You might work with businesses, nonprofits, or individuals on a case-by-case basis. To succeed in this remote role, it’s essential to build a strong professional network and stay current with the latest legal trends and updates.

Ready for more insights? Learn more about being a legal consultant working from home here.

Ready to move forward? Choose the legal studies path that best aligns with your interests and goals. Whether you opt for a paralegal, legal researcher, or legal consultant role, one thing is certain: a bright remote work future awaits in the legal industry.

Game Design

Unlock your passion for gaming and turn it into a promising remote career. With the right degree and skill set, you’ll have ample opportunities in this fast-growing industry. Let’s explore the most popular roles, so you can find your perfect fit.

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Video Game Designer

As a video game designer, you’ll be the mastermind behind creating immersive gaming experiences. Your degree in game design will provide you with the perfect blend of technology, computer science, and artistic know-how. Your expertise in software development will make you a crucial asset in the gaming world.

The demand for skilled video game designers is skyrocketing. By obtaining this degree, you’ll become proficient in software development tools, game theory, and design. This combination of skills will propel you to success as a remote video game designer.

Interested in game creation? Learn more about being a video game designer working from home here.

Game Tester

If you love playing games and have a keen eye for detail, this could be the perfect remote job for you. As a game tester, you’ll work closely with game developers, evaluating software, identifying bugs, and giving valuable feedback.

A background in computer science will make you stand out in this role, as it provides foundational knowledge in technology and software development. Your expertise will help you communicate effectively with the development team and contribute to creating quality games for users to enjoy.

Ready to explore work as game tester? Learn more about working as a remote game tester here.

Game Producer

Make your mark in the gaming industry by becoming a game producer. In this role, you will oversee projects, manage teams, and ensure deadlines are met. Your understanding of technology, computer science, and software developer{=”_blank”} roles will be invaluable to your success as a game producer.

A degree in game design or software development will provide you with the tools needed to excel in this remote role. From project management skills to insider knowledge of the gaming industry, you’ll have what it takes to produce remarkable games that captivate players around the world.

Ready for more insights? Discover how game producers manage projects from home here.

With these exciting remote work opportunities in the game design field, you’re ready to dive into this vibrant industry. Choose your path, hone your skills, and embark on a remote game design career that aligns with your passion and expertise.


Working in the music industry remotely is becoming increasingly popular, and there are numerous career paths to consider. Each role has its own unique skill set and responsibilities, but all benefit from having a strong background in music theory, technology, and creativity. In this section, we’ll explore three subfields that excel in the remote work landscape: Music Director, Composer, and Sound Engineer.

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Music Director

Imagine organizing and directing talented musicians from the comfort of your own home. As a remote Music Director, you can do just that! Your main responsibilities may include selecting music pieces, preparing ensemble members for performances, and collaborating with other professionals like choreographers and sound engineers. Strong leadership and communication skills are essential, as you’ll oversee the artistic vision and style of a project. Remote work in this field often involves directing choirs or ensembles over video calls or working with individual musicians online.

Still curious? Learn more about how to work as a music director from home here.


Crafting breathtaking melodies and harmonies for various media is possible from any location as a remote Composer. This role involves creating original music for projects like films, television shows, commercials, and video games. As a Composer, you’ll work closely with clients to match their vision and timelines, making thorough use of music notation software and digital audio workstations. Thanks to technology and the internet, you can share and collaborate on your compositions with ease, allowing for endless creative possibilities.

Ready for more insights? Find out how composers work remotely here.

Sound Engineer

Providing top-tier sound quality for projects is more important than ever, and as a remote Sound Engineer, you’ll be a crucial component in delivering high-quality audio. In this role, you’ll be responsible for recording, mixing, and mastering sound for various media, working with artists and production teams to ensure an exceptional final product. Remote Sound Engineers may focus on areas such as live sound, recording studio work, or audio post-production for film and television. Having a deep understanding of audio technology, software, and equipment is essential to succeed in this remote career path.

Learn more about being a sound engineer working remotely here.

Diving into the world of remote music careers can be both rewarding and fulfilling. With dedication and expertise in your chosen field, you can achieve success and share your passion for music with projects and audiences around the globe. Now, let’s move on to discuss other exciting remote work opportunities!

Healthcare Administration

Considering a career in healthcare administration? You’re in luck! This growing field offers some of the best remote work opportunities, granting you the flexibility to manage your work-life balance. In this section, we’ll explore three popular remote-friendly positions in healthcare administration: Customer Service Representative (Healthcare), Healthcare Staffing Manager, and Health Services Manager.

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Customer Service Representative (Healthcare)

As a Customer Service Representative in the healthcare industry, your role will involve addressing patient inquiries, coordinating patient appointments, and providing accurate information on healthcare services. Remote work is becoming more common for this position, and your ability to communicate effectively with patients and healthcare providers will be crucial. Here’s what you can expect in this role:

  • Handle calls, emails, and chats with patients and healthcare providers
  • Manage appointment scheduling and confirmations
  • Resolve issues with billing and insurance
  • Maintain patient records and update information as needed

With comprehensive knowledge about your healthcare organization, you can provide seamless support to patients and staff, no matter where you are.

Ready for more insights? Learn more about being a healthcare customer service representative working from home here.

Healthcare Staffing Manager

As a Healthcare Staffing Manager, your focus will be on recruiting, hiring, and managing healthcare professionals for various healthcare facilities. This critical role ensures care facilities are staffed with qualified individuals, and the remote work landscape is enabling these positions to be effectively managed from home. In this capacity, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Creating job postings and recruiting strategies
  • Screening and interviewing candidates
  • Building and maintaining relationships with healthcare facilities and job applicants
  • Overseeing the onboarding process for new hires and monitoring contract compliance

By leveraging your expertise in healthcare recruitment and remote work technology, you’ll ensure your organization attracts and retains top talent from all corners of the healthcare industry.

Ready for more insights? Discover how staffing managers coordinate healthcare teams from home here.

Health Services Manager

As a Health Services Manager, your primary goal is to oversee and maintain the quality of healthcare services provided by your organization. In a remote work capacity, you will oversee administrative functions, develop policies and procedures, and monitor facility performance. Key responsibilities for this role include:

  • Managing budgets, resource allocation, and staffing levels
  • Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and health and safety standards
  • Coordinating with other healthcare professionals to improve service quality
  • Analyzing patient feedback and implementing necessary improvements

Remote work in healthcare administration is viable and growing, and your ability to adapt and excel in a virtual environment will solidify your role as a valuable asset in this sector.

Interested in remote healthcare operations? Discover how health services managers work from home here.

The realm of healthcare administration offers diverse opportunities for remote work, empowering you to excel in your field while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Taking the leap into any of these roles could be the first step on your path to a rewarding remote career.


Have you ever imagined combining your love for the written word with a successful remote career? Well, a degree in communications can open doors to various remote work opportunities. In this section, we’ll delve into three popular remote job roles for communications graduates: Editor, Author/Writer, and Public Relations Specialist.

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As an editor, you have the power to shape content into an engaging and cohesive narrative. A remote editor polishes and refines pieces to ensure they meet quality standards. Your responsibilities may include reviewing and revising articles, managing a team of writers, or even working closely with authors on books and manuscripts. A solid background in communications will equip you with the skills needed for a successful editing career.

Want to know more? Find out how PR communications editors work from home here.


If you’re passionate about storytelling, a career as an author or writer can bring your ideas to life. As a remote contributor, you can create articles, blogs, or even fiction, depending on your niche. Writers with a communications degree may find opportunities in content marketing, producing informative and compelling articles that cater to specific audiences. Your expertise in language and communication will enable you to grasp your readers’ attention, no matter the topic.

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Public Relations Specialist

The power of effective communication is crucial in maintaining a company’s image and reputation. As a remote public relations specialist, you’ll be responsible for developing and implementing PR strategies, crafting press releases, and managing media relations. Your communications degree will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in this strategic field.

Curious about remote PR work? Find out how public relations specialists work from home here.

A degree in communications offers various exciting remote work opportunities, including roles as an editor, author/writer, and public relations specialist. So go ahead, explore the world of remote work, and let your skills and passion pave the way to a rewarding career.

Nutrition and Dietetics

Do you want a fulfilling career that allows you to work remotely while improving people’s lives? Nutrition and Dietetics could be the perfect path for you. Let’s explore some of the top remote professions in this field and how they can contribute to healthier lives.

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As a Nutritionist, you’ll create tailored meal plans and provide sound nutritional advice to your clients by focusing on their individual needs. This in-demand profession can be easily pursued remotely, offering you the flexibility to maintain a healthy work-life balance. To excel in this role, consider completing a Bachelor’s in Food and Nutrition to gain credibility and expertise in the field.

Ready for more insights? Learn more about being a nutritionist working from home here.


Another remote career option in the health industry is a Dietitian. Certified dietitians possess in-depth knowledge of food and nutrition and are well-equipped to support clients with specific health goals. According to Healthline, dietitians in the United States are board-certified food and nutrition experts. Holding an accredited degree and certification, you can assist clients with tailored nutrition plans through online consultations.

Want to learn more? Discover how dietitians work remotely here.

Health Coach

Your skills as a Health Coach can make a significant impact on people’s lives. In this role, you’ll guide clients towards a healthier lifestyle, focusing on nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral changes. By conducting online sessions and providing personalized coaching, you can contribute to healthier communities from the comfort of your home office.

Want to learn more? See how being a health coach working from home is done here.

The possibilities of remote work in the nutrition and dietetics field are vast. Whether you choose to become a nutritionist, dietitian, or health coach, you’ll have a unique opportunity to help people achieve better health while enjoying the benefits of working remotely. Begin your journey towards a rewarding career in this fast-growing industry now!


Have you ever considered counseling as a potential career in the remote work landscape? Prepare yourself for an in-demand and satisfying profession. In this section, we’ll explore sub-fields, ranging from mental health to school counseling, that can offer remote work opportunities.

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Mental Health Counselor

Mental health counselors are trained professionals who provide counseling and support to individuals facing mental health challenges. As technology advances and acceptance of online therapy and counseling services grows, remote opportunities are becoming more common in this field. To become a licensed mental health counselor, you typically need a master’s degree in counseling, social work, psychology, or a related field. Remote counseling positions may be found in private practices, clinics, and through counseling platforms offering virtual services.

Interested in remote counseling? Click here to learn about mental health counseling from home.

Rehabilitation Counselor

Rehabilitation counselors work with individuals recovering from physical, developmental, or mental disabilities to help them gain independence and maintain their quality of life. Thanks to modern-day technology, online counseling options are increasing, allowing rehabilitation professionals to work remotely. To work in this field, you will need a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling, vocational counseling, or a related field. Remote opportunities may be available in various settings, such as hospitals, educational institutions, or for federal and state vocational rehabilitation agencies.

Ready to explore? See how rehabilitation counseling is done working from home here.

School Counselor

Is remote work in the education sector a realistic possibility? The answer lies in school counseling. School counselors help students with academic, social, and emotional issues, guiding them in making informed decisions about their future. Due to the current remote learning environment, school counselors are adapting to online services, working from home, and conducting virtual student sessions. To become a school counselor, you must obtain a master’s degree in school counseling or a related field, and you will often find remote work opportunities in educational institutions, online schools, and non-profit organizations.

Ready to support students from home? Click here to learn more about school counseling from home.

As you’ve seen, the counseling profession offers diverse and rewarding remote work opportunities. Now, let’s dig into other in-demand degrees for remote work.

Social Work

Are you looking to make a difference while working remotely? Social work is an excellent career choice that offers various opportunities in the field of mental health. In this section, we’ll explore three subfields in social work, focusing on their features and remote work possibilities.

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Clinical Social Worker

As a Clinical Social Worker, you help individuals, families, and communities navigate through life’s challenges by providing counseling, therapy, and support services. You have the option to work from home while still offering vital assistance to clients via online sessions or virtual consultations. Some popular telemedicine platforms facilitate remote clinical social work services, enabling you to be an accessible professional, even from a distance.

  • Online sessions: With the rise of technology, you can now provide therapy and support services via video conferencing, chat, or phone calls.
  • Flexibility: Remote work allows the potential for a more flexible schedule, adapting your workload according to your needs.

Interested in social work from home? Learn more about being a clinical social worker working remotely here.

Mental Health Counselor

As a Mental Health Counselor, you focus on helping clients address emotional and mental health challenges. Remote counseling can be a viable option for this role. Conducting sessions online allows you to support clients while enjoying the comfort of your home. Here’s how remote counseling can work:

  • Video conferencing: Offer counseling services to clients using secure video platforms.
  • Phone consultations: Provide support and guidance via phone calls for those who prefer a more traditional approach.

Interested in remote counseling? Click here to learn about mental health counseling from home.

Child and Family Social Worker

Becoming a Child and Family Social Worker is a rewarding career path, as you support families and protect the well-being of children. While some aspects of this job require in-person interactions, remote employment opportunities exist. Here’s how you can provide your services remotely:

  • Virtual case management: Monitor and manage the progress of families and children through online communication tools, like emails or messaging apps.
  • Online community resources: Guide families to relevant online resources, such as support groups, educational materials, and virtual workshops.

Want to support families remotely? Learn more about being a child and family social worker working from home here.

By exploring these subfields in social work, you’re on the right path toward a fulfilling career that embraces remote work opportunities. With dedication and effort, making a difference as a remote social worker is well within reach.

Hospitality and Tourism

Remote work opportunities in hospitality and tourism are becoming increasingly popular. As the industry evolves, finding a flexible career that suits your personal and professional needs is easier than ever.

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Travel Agent

As a travel agent, you’ll help clients plan their dream vacations and business trips. The expertise and guidance you provide will be crucial for ensuring an unforgettable experience. Many travel agents work from home and have the ability to build a flexible schedule.

To get started, you can tap into your existing knowledge of beautiful and interesting destinations, as well as your hospitality and tourism background. The more you know, the better you can inform and assist your clients. Plus, networking with other professionals and staying updated on industry trends can put you at the forefront of the game.

Curious about remote travel planning? Discover how travel agents work from home here.

Event Coordinator

Event coordinating is another option that allows for remote work. Whether planning weddings, conferences, or charity fundraisers, event coordinators are responsible for managing every detail from conception to execution. This involves tasks such as budget planning, vendor selection, and timelines. The best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your home.

To excel in this role, you’ll need excellent communication and organizational skills. Experience in event planning or a background in hospitality and tourism can offer a solid foundation for a successful remote career.

Want to go deeper? Learn more about being an event coordinator working from home here.

Now that you have an understanding of these exciting remote career opportunities in hospitality and tourism, the path to creating the perfect work-life balance is within your reach.


Remote work is becoming increasingly popular, and accounting is one of the best fields to consider if you’re seeking a work-from-home career. With a strong foundation in accounting principles, you’ll be well-equipped to take on a variety of roles in high demand. In this section, we’ll discuss three promising career paths: Accountant, Auditor, and Financial Analyst.

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As an accountant, you’ll be responsible for managing financial records and ensuring accuracy in reporting. You can work independently, as a freelancer, or even with a larger organization offering remote positions. An associate degree in accounting can provide you with the foundational skills for analyzing financial records and set you on your way to a remote career as a financial clerk or bookkeeper. So, a degree in accounting can open up doors to a flexible and rewarding remote accounting career.

Ready to explore accounting? Learn more about how accountants work remotely here.


Auditors have an essential role in ensuring the accuracy and transparency of financial records in organizations. They often do this by performing internal audits, assessing compliance with financial regulations, and identifying opportunities for improvements. To become an auditor, obtaining a degree in accounting or a related field is highly recommended. Like accountants, auditors can work remotely for a variety of organizations or provide independent consulting services. Embrace this opportunity to make a difference in financial accountability while enjoying the benefits of remote work.

Still curious? Learn more about working from home as an auditor here.

Financial Analyst

As a financial analyst, you’ll be tasked with examining financial data and making informed recommendations for investment and financial decisions. Analysts typically hold at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a related field. Remote opportunities for financial analysts are abundant, as organizations and individuals often rely on their expertise to make critical financial decisions. By pursuing a career as a financial analyst, you can work virtually while delving deeply into various industries and making a significant impact on financial strategies.

Discover more about the role of a financial analyst working from home here.

Armed with a deeper understanding of the potential remote roles in accounting, you’re now able to identify the career path that best aligns with your goals and work preferences. Don’t wait any longer: explore training opportunities, hone your accounting skills, and take the plunge into the increasingly remote field of accounting.

What are the top degrees for high-paying remote jobs?

You might be wondering which degrees are most in-demand for high-paying remote jobs. Some popular choices include computer science, data analytics, marketing, and project management. These fields typically require specialized knowledge and skills, making them valuable for companies with remote workforces. By obtaining a degree in one of these areas, you increase your chances of securing a lucrative work-from-home position.

Learn more about the highest paying remote jobs here.

Which fields offer the most opportunities for remote work?

As you look for remote job opportunities, certain fields have more potential for work-from-home roles than others. IT and software development industries, for instance, provide ample opportunities for remote work due to the technical and oftentimes autonomous nature of the jobs. Similarly, marketing, design, and writing professionals can find many remote positions, as these tasks can be completed independently and online. Prioritizing these fields when choosing a degree can increase your chances of finding a fulfilling remote role.

Learn more about the best opportunities for remote work here (regardless of degree).

What are the best associate degrees for working from home?

If you’re considering an associate degree, some options excel at preparing you for remote work. Business administration, web design, and social media marketing are among the top choices. These degrees provide knowledge in in-demand industries and foster skills that translate well to remote work environments. By focusing on these associate degrees, you can efficiently prepare for a successful remote career.

What are the most popular degrees for digital nomads?

Digital nomads require flexibility and portability in their work. Degrees in fields like graphic design, content writing, web development, and digital marketing can be ideal for a nomadic lifestyle. These disciplines emphasize strong technical skills and the ability to adapt to different projects, making them an excellent fit for digital nomads seeking job opportunities compatible with their lifestyle.

Which degrees are ideal for stay-at-home parents?

As a stay-at-home parent, finding the right degree to balance work and parenting can be critical. Degrees in fields such as education, online tutoring, freelance writing, and e-commerce management can offer flexible work options that suit your needs. These disciplines typically allow for a high degree of work-life integration, helping stay-at-home parents strike the perfect balance between career and family life.

What are the best tech-related degrees for remote jobs?

In the tech industry, certain degrees can open doors to a variety of remote job opportunities. Computer science, cybersecurity, and software engineering are in high demand due to the growing need for tech expertise as companies adopt remote work models. By focusing on these tech-related degrees, you can cultivate the necessary skills to excel in a remote work environment and enjoy a fulfilling career from the comfort of your own home.

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