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Best Office Chair For Sitting Cross Legged: Get The Support You Need With These Top-rated Chairs

Are you tired of feeling cramped and uncomfortable in your office chair?

Last updated on January 02, 2023

Are you tired of feeling cramped and uncomfortable in your office chair?

Have you tried sitting cross-legged in an attempt to find a more comfortable and natural position, only to be left disappointed by the lack of support and comfort? If so, you’re not alone.

Many people have trouble finding an office chair that is comfortable and supportive when sitting cross-legged. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best office chairs for sitting cross-legged and provide you with the tools you need to find the perfect chair for your needs.

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Best Overall

Alexia Meditation Ergonomic Chair

Best Value

Topay Cross-Legged Kneeling Chair

Also Great

Pipersong Meditation Chair

The benefits of sitting in a cross-legged office chair

Humans have been sitting in cross-legged positions for millennia.

For thousands and thousands of years we’ve been sitting cross-legged, squatting, sitting on our knees and other forms.

This cross-legged seated position has a variety of different names in different cultures. It’s called:

  • Indian style sitting
  • Turkish style sitting
  • Yangban style sitting
  • Sukhasana style sitting

And there are variations like the lotus position in yoga that are widely popular as well.

My daughter’s kindergarten teacher called it sitting “criss-cross apple sauce” when she was in kindergarten.

Here’s the bottom line:

It’s a very natural way of sitting.

And if you haven’t guessed by now, the way we sit at our desks, whether working from home or in a traditional office, is not very natural at all, often results in bad posture and the way we sit in a regular traditional office chair causes all kinds of problems for our health.

Our modern office setup and configuration isn’t set up for us to sit this way though.

And we pay for it with aches and pains that can lead to even more serious health issues.

So what do we do?

The good news is that you actually can sit cross-legged at your desk.

We’re going to talk about the benefits of sitting cross-legged, how you can do it in your home office, and what kind of options you have when you choosing an office chair so you can sit cross-legged in your office at home.

When most people think of office chairs, the first thing that comes to mind is a chair with a straight back and four legs. However, there are now a number of alternative office chair designs on the market, including the cross-legged office chair. So what are the benefits of sitting in a cross-legged office chair?

Before we get into the different styles and types of chairs you can use to sit cross-legged at your desk, let’s talk about the benefits of sitting in this position.


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Sitting in a cross-legged office chair can help improve your posture and spine alignment

Let’s face it: sitting in regular chairs all day is not the most natural thing in the world. We were meant to move around, not sit still for hours on end.

But since most of us have desk jobs, we need to find ways to make sitting a little bit more bearable. One way to do this is by sitting in a cross-legged office chair.

This may sound impossible, but it’s actually quite comfortable once you get used to it. Plus, it has some great benefits for your posture and spine alignment.

Cross-legged office chairs allow you to sit upright without having to lean forward or backward which puts less pressure on your lower back.

Sitting in a cross-legged chair is good for your knees & joints

Traditional office chairs don’t allow you to sit cross-legged, which means they put pressure on your knees and joints. That’s why many people experience knee pain after long days spent sitting in front of their computer.

However, when you sit with your legs crossed, it takes the pressure off of your knees and allows them to move more freely.

Additionally, sitting in a cross-legged position can help to improve circulation and reduce swelling in the legs. So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your joint health, try sitting in a cross-legged chair. You may just find that it does wonders for your knees and joints.

Sitting cross-legged is a great way to stretch

Sitting cross-legged is a great way to stretch your muscles and improve your flexibility. It also helps to improve your circulation and can even relieve back pain. However, sitting cross-legged is not always easy, especially if you’re not used to it.

As a result, sitting cross-legged can be an effective way to reduce back pain. Furthermore, it is a sitting position that can be done anywhere, whether you’re sitting in your home office at your desk, or sitting on the floor in your living room, making it convenient for people who suffer from back pain.

Sitting cross-legged is also claimed to provide relief from back pain

The sitting position helps to take pressure off of the spine and relieves pressure on the nerves.

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you should consider trying out a cross-legged office seat as an option for relief.

You’ll be surprised how much better your back feels when you stop slouching and start sitting up straight.

A lot of people who work at computers spend a lot of time sitting down. If you’re one of those people, then you know how uncomfortable it can be to sit in a traditional office chair.

Controversy regarding sitting cross-legged in an office chair

There are multiple ways of sitting cross-legged of course and what we’ve covered so far has been the more traditional, “criss-cross apple-sauce” form of sitting.

There is another way of sitting cross-legged that may not be as good for you as the traditional method, but still is a very natural position for a lot of people.

This position of sitting cross-legged is where your feet are crossed at the ankles and your legs are bent at the knee.

This position has been controversial because some claim it can cause strain on your lower back and hips if done for too long.

On one hand, some argue that sitting like this is more natural and comfortable, feeling more healthy and rewarding than the traditional sitting style, while others claim that it’s actually bad for your health.

Opponents to sitting cross-legged point out that it cuts off your blood circulation, while proponents argue it feels natural and comfortable and allows for greater freedom of movement.

So, is sitting cross-legged in an office chair really bad for you? The answer isn’t clear-cut.

There are both positive and negative aspects that stem from this type of seating. Although people who sit cross-legged while working may experience greater comfort and better balance, there is the potential risk of developing musculoskeletal problems if done on a regular basis.

Therefore, you should assess your needs and consider alternating between postures that may offer greater long-term health benefits.

Additionally, employers should be cognizant of their employees’ health and encouraged to provide ample resources for ergonomically-friendly work environments.

Risks of sitting cross-legged for a prolonged period of time

Sitting cross-legged in an office chair may not cause immediate harm, but it can lead to long-term health issues if done for extended periods of time.

One major risk is the pressure that is placed on the legs when sitting in this position. Prolonged pressure on the legs can lead to vein disease, such as varicose veins, as well as poor posture and other ergonomic injuries.

Certain groups of people will be more at risk for experiencing these issues. Pregnant women, smokers, diabetics, inactive people, hypertensive people (people with high blood pressure), and overweight people may be more prone to developing vein disease or other health problems as a result of sitting cross-legged.

However, it’s important to note that anyone who spends long periods of time sitting in an office chair is at risk for these issues, regardless of their personal health characteristics.

To minimize the risk of developing health problems from sitting cross-legged, it is important to take breaks and stretch regularly, as well as to consider alternative sitting positions that may be more supportive and comfortable. By paying attention to your posture and ergonomics, you can ensure that you are sitting in a way that is healthy and comfortable for your body.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor

Sitting cross-legged on the floor is often seen as a casual, comfortable position. However, this relaxed posture actually has a number of benefits.

First, sitting cross-legged helps to improve your posture by aligning your spine and shoulders.

Second, it can help to increase circulation by sitting up straight and keeping your legs from getting cramped.

Third, sitting cross-legged helps you to focus and concentrate by keeping your body still and eliminating distractions.

When you’re seated on the floor you don’t have to worry about weight capacity or anything like that. You’ve got full freedom of movement and can dictate your own level of comfort.

So the next time you’re looking for a comfortable way to relax, try sitting cross-legged on the floor. You may be surprised at how beneficial it can be.

Here’s the good news:

Since so many of us work from home these days, you have a choice where and how you sit.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor while working on your laptop is a great alternative to sitting at your desk all day and a much more physiologically normal way of sitting as humans have used a variety of cross-legged, squatting, kneeling seating positions since the beginning of time.

If you’re looking for a comfortable way to relax while working, get away from your desk and try sitting cross-legged on the floor. You may be surprised at how beneficial it can be.

Sitting in a cross-legged office chair

Did you know that there are chairs that are specifically designed to facilitate sitting cross-legged at your desk while working?

If your body size is small enough, you can probably sit in a regular-sized office chair while sitting cross-legged without much problem.

However, for most people, sitting cross-legged in a regular office chair is uncomfortable and can even be dangerous if not done correctly.

A better option is to get an office chair designed for sitting cross-legged.

So what is the best cross-legged desk chair?

The best cross-legged desk chair is the one that allows you to sit in a comfortable position while working at your desk. This type of chair is perfect for those who want to avoid sitting in a traditional chair with their back and shoulders hunched forward. sitting in a cross-legged position helps to open up your hips and pelvis, which can improve your posture.

The best office chair for sitting cross-legged will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Some factors to consider when choosing a chair for cross-legged sitting include the chair’s level of support and comfort, adjustability, and durability. It may be helpful to try out a few different chairs to see which one feels the most comfortable and supportive for you.

Below, you’ll find a list of various chairs that are suitable for comfortable cross-legged sitting, including traditional cross-legged chairs, meditation-style chairs, and kneeling office chair designs that are available for use in your home office.

Alexia Meditation Chair: Our pick for sitting on the floor

The Alexia Meditation Chair is a unique and innovative piece of furniture that provides support for the entire body and is especially good if you want to spend some time seated of the floor while working. The chair’s lower back column, ischial junction node, knees, instep, and feet are all supported, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for relief from pain or discomfort. The chair’s seat is made from neoprene foam and is covered in fabric. It is lightweight and easy to transport, making it perfect for use at home or on the go.

  • Body Supports: Lower Back Column – Ischial Junction Node – knees – instep – feet
  • Seat Support: Internal Metallic Skeleton Structured

NYPOT Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Looking for an ergonomic chair that fits your height? The NYPOT Ergonomic Kneeling Chair has adjustable cushioning so you can sit comfortably, regardless of your height and will allow you to sit cross-legged or gently reset your body weight on your knees. Made with a sturdy wood frame and adjustable seat pads, this posture correcting chair is designed to support your muscles and alleviate backaches.

  • Adjustable height cushions suitable for all heights
  • Ergonomic design promotes muscle support and helps alleviate back pain through proper alignment
  • Sturdy wood frame can support up to 250lbs
  • Thick sponge cushion will not collapse after long periods of sitting
  • Can be used on both sides, with a simple adjustment allowing it to be used as a stool
  • Durable and multifunctional choice for those seeking relief from back pain

MediChair Kneeling Chair

MediChair is a premium quality kneeling chair that has been designed to provide you with the best possible comfort. It’s a must-have for any man or woman who wants to keep their back healthy, as well as enjoy a greater level of mobility and flexibility when sitting in front of their computer.

Made with a durable, sturdy design, ensuring perfect alignment and enhanced mobility, this ergonomic office chair will surprise with its versatility and functionality!

Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

Topay Cross-Legged Kneeling Chair

The Topay Cross-Legged kneeing Chair is the perfect companion for your work desk! Not only can it give you a comfortable place to sit, but this adjustable chair also allows you to change your posture as needed. The 2-level design allows you to sit on the knees, cross-legged, or with folded legs. You can alter your posture to feel more relaxed while working for long hours. Both platforms have adjustable height features and the lower platform is adjustable from 16″ to 20″ high and the upper platform can be raised an additional 6″ from the lower one.

  • 2-level design allows you to sit on the knees, cross-legged, or with folded legs, you can alter your posture to feel more relaxed while working for long hours
  • Both platforms are height adjustable, the lower platform is adjustable from 16″ to 20″ high, while the upper platform can be raised an additional 6″ from the lower one

VIVO Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

This ergonomic kneeling chair with back support is perfect for anyone who wants the posture benefits of standing and the relief of sitting all in one. It has a mesh three-inch thick cushion to ensure excellent support, four casters (wheels) so you have the freedom to move, and is height adjustable to fit a variety of users. This posture chair has a functional design that gives you the posture benefits of standing and the relief of sitting all in one.

  • Ergonomic kneeling chair with back support and three-inch thick mesh cushion
  • Four casters allow for freedom of movement, similar to a traditional office chair
  • May require use of different muscles, so it is important to acclimate or switch positions
  • Functional design offers posture benefits of standing and relief of sitting in one
  • Upright position evenly distributes weight across buttocks and legs and keeps spine aligned.

Seagrass Meditation Yoga Chair

The Seagrass Meditation Yoga Chair is the perfect chair to sit cross-legged comfortably while you work using a lap desk. Only remotely similar to a regular office chair in that it has 4 feet and a somewhat “regular” chair design structure, the chair design is curved to provide space for your feet and more support for your knees, making it perfect for sitting in any of the cross legged poses. You can also cross your ankles on the ground in front of the chair for variation. The frame is available in either Natural or Expresso, and the cushion is available in cream or olive. The cushion is 100% cotton.

  • Dimensions: 31″ w x 29″ d x23″ h
  • Seat height: 8″ WITH CUSHION

Predawn Ergonomic Office Chair

This ergonomic kneeling chair has a functional design that promotes better posture. It will keep your back upright, distributing weight capacity equally across your buttocks and legs while keeping your spine straight. It will also allow you to comfortably cross your legs white seated. The unique modern design and riding style can replace any traditional seat. You can use this knee chair as a desk chair, a meditation chair, a home office chair or typing chair.

  • BETTER POSTURE – There is no reason to hunch over your keyboard or desk for hours on end anymore. This ergonomic kneeling chair has a functional design that promotes better posture.The angled kneeling chair ​will keep your back at an upright position, distributing your weight evenly throughout your buttocks and legs, all while keeping your spine aligned.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT – The unique modern design and riding style can replace any traditional seat. Maximum comfort for your back, knees, calves.

Pipersong Meditation Chair

The Pipersong Meditation Chair offers a variety of different sitting positions to help keep you active and flexible. The padded seat cushion and footstool are both made with high resilience, high density foam to provide extra comfort and support for long-duration sitting.

This chair is a radically different design than those employed in conventional office chairs.

The 360-degree swivel footstool is designed for you to enjoy the different special positions. You can always turn it aside and use it as a normal chair when you are not in the mood to casually sit or just want to sit as usual for a while.

With its unique crescent-shaped backrest, this chair provides support for your hips, feet, knees and ankles, and your lower back.

  • UPGRADED VERSION: We’ve improved the height lever design and soften the seat cushion foam in order to bring you a better experience for long hours sitting.
  • EXCLUSIVE PATENTED DESIGN – HOME OFFICE SOLUTION: As a revolutionary chair, it allows you to sit in a variety of different positions such as cross-legged, squatting, kneeling, and countless others. Perfect for home workers, yoga lovers, meditation fanatics and everyone who feel tired with ordinary fixed sitting positions and would like to break the boundary of those conventional office chairs.

Sleekform Austin Kneeling Ergonomic Office Chair

This ergonomic kneeling chair from Sleekform encourages an active upright posture, which helps to improve and correct posture. The open hip angle also lowers the risk of injury, making it the perfect chair for anyone 5’2″-6’6″. The 4” thick seat and memory foam knee cushions provide comfort, while the 3 wood cross bars and reinforced 20 ply birchwood construction ensure durability.

The heavy-duty ergo angled cushions provide maximum comfort and help to correct your posture so you can stop slouching over your desk.

  • [REDUCE PAIN] The Austin positions you with an open hip angle that effortlessly encourages an active upright posture. Kneel position will align your back, shoulders and neck, lower risk of injury. Improves and corrects posture, reminds you to stop slouching.
  • [DURABILITY] The Austin features a 4” thick seat and comfy memory foam knee cushions, 3 wood cross bars instead of one; and reinforced 20 ply instead of 14 ply birchwood for strength and durability.

Cinius Professional Ergonomic Wooden Height-Adjustable Kneeling Chair

This kneeling chair is an excellent option and perfect for a wide range of users. The seat is made of high quality upholstered with non-deformable soft padding with a stain-resistant fabric covering. The angled cushion encourages good posture which provides relief for your spine, it helps to maintain the correct position. The backrest mechanism is equipped with locking and unlocking feature by pushing the backrest towards the cushion where you sit. This chair also allows you to open up your hips to ease pressure on your lower back. The four-point base is made of incredibly sturdy, made of high-quality materials and is fitted with smooth-rolling heavy-duty casters.

  • MATERIALS – The seat is of high quality upholstered with NON-DEFORMABLE padding and very RESISTANT fabric covering. The paddings are shaped to provide a comfortable support. The wood used is of the rubber tree (RUBBER-WOOD), very resistant.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Cinius branded wooden height adjustable ergonomic chair is a high quality product which should not be confused with other chairs with similar shape on the market at bargain prices, made of pine wood and with poor linings and paddings (easily deformable).

Final Thoughts

An ergonomic cross-legged office chair, as you can see, is a lot different than a standard office chair.

Sitting in a cross-legged position is great for your posture, which means you’ll be in a more natural position, strengthening your core muscles appropriately in a way that your body is more naturally adapted to make use of.

When you sit in a traditional desk chair, your spine can be constantly bent forward, which puts stress on your lower back and neck. By contrast, sitting in a cross leg position allows your spine to stay straight, which helps keep your muscles flexible and prevents injury.

And because you’re sitting upright, you won’t have to worry about straining your eyes or neck when you’re working on your computer. So whether you’re trying to slim down or just looking for a healthier lifestyle, sitting in a cross legged position is a great choice for just about everyone.

So whether you choose a chair that you can use to sit cross-legged on the floor, or one that will enable you to sit at a regular desk height, there are a variety of good reasons why you should consider getting yourself a cross-legged office chair.

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