8 Best Office Chairs For A Heavy Person

By Rob Orr / Last updated: Jun 24, 2023

8 Best Office Chairs For A Heavy Person

Whether you are looking for the a standard office chair, the right ergonomic office chair or a gaming chair, your choices are a little more limited if you are part of the “big and tall” demographic.

Although there are countless options for people with average weight, searching for a suitable office or gaming chair is more challenging if you weigh heavier than average.

Lucky for you, we did all the heavy lifting and compared a bunch of options for the best office chair for a heavy person—whether they need it for gaming or regular office work. And we came up with this list:

  1. BILKOH Ergonomic Office Chair
  2. Steelcase Leap V2
  3. Steelcase Gesture Office Chair
  4. PatioMage Gaming Chair
  5. Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big and Tall Chair
  6. DXRacer Master Module
  7. HON Ignition Series 2.0
  8. SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

This list of chairs has no particular order, and all of them are the best for what they are made to do. Whether you prefer a tall office chair, a wide seat, maximum ergonomic features, breathability, simplicity, or fully-loaded gaming chair features—you will definitely find the best office chair for you on this list!

But before we take a look at each option and see what makes them stand out, let’s talk about what you should look for and consider when you are choosing an office chair as a heavy person.

Primary Purpose

After filtering your office chair choices based on how much weight it can support and carry, the next thing you should determine is what you will be mostly using the chair for. If you plan on doing traditional office work, you should choose an office chair.

If you plan on working full-time on your chair and sitting on it for 8 or more hours a day typing, editing photos, editing videos, producing music, creating podcasts, or any other work that requires long hours of sitting down—you should pick an ergonomic office chair. If your chair would be strictly for gaming, choosing a good gaming chair with all the features you need for a better gaming experience would be ideal.

Once you found an option that suits your needs and is durable enough to carry your weight—the factor you probably might want to consider next is its appearance. You want something that will look its best for your room, office, or gaming nook. Appearance might not be a top priority, but still should be on your list of factors to consider.

Gaming vs Traditional Office Chair

Gaming chairs and traditional office chairs are two completely different types of chairs.

The features are different, and so are the price ranges.

Gaming chairs are designed with visual appeal in mind, but in reality a good comfortable office chair with a padded seat will do just fine.

Whether you want a standard office chair or a gaming chair, the most important thing is choosing one that will provide the best comfort, especially for big and tall people. Sometimes, heavier people would find gaming chairs more comfortable for them because of their larger seats and surfaces.

It’s similar for tall persons too. A tall chair may have a higher backrest and armrests, which could make it easier for taller people to sit in.

With that in mind, many traditional office chairs and gaming chairs are designed with ergonomics and support in mind—the only difference would be the size and durability to hold heavier and larger people.

It’s also important to know that many high-end ergonomic office chairs are quite a bit more expensive than a gaming chair, so it’s best to establish a budget so you know what you can afford, whether it’s one of the many mesh chairs designed for use in an office environment, or a gaming chair with a wider seat.

If you find yourself struggling to find an office chair that is built to handle your weight for long hours without compromising ergonomics and comfort, you should consider looking for a gaming chair that will provide you with everything you are looking for in a comfortable chair.

This user knows what chair to use, and they picked an option that provides them with maximum comfort without compromising style:

This is what a gaming chair usually looks like, and this one is an excellent option for heavy people as it is large and durable enough. Plus, it is designed with holes for breathability despite the thick materials:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Office Chairs

Although office chairs are designed for ergonomics, they still have their fair share of pros and cons for heavy people. Here are the pros and cons you should probably know about before deciding to go for an office chair:


  • More adjustment options, such as height and lumbar adjustment
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • sleek designs that go well with the workspace


  • There are limited options with higher weight capacities
  • They are usually more expensive than gaming chairs

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gaming Chairs

Just like ergonomic office chairs, gaming chairs also have their drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons of going for a gaming chair in favor of a traditional office chair:


  • They are usually more durable with higher weight capacities
  • They are made with sturdy frames
  • Designed for long-term comfort
  • They are usually more affordable compared to office chairs


  • Some gaming chairs can be too flashy and won’t look good in your office
  • The materials are thick, which is not good during the hot weather
  • Some gaming chairs don’t offer the same ergonomic features as office chairs

Although gaming chairs usually don’t fit the aesthetic of your office, you can check out this user and how they used a gaming chair in a traditional office setting and still made it look good:

Essential Desk Features You Will Need as a Big Person

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what to expect when getting an ergonomic chair or gaming chair, there are some features you should consider before making the ultimate decision. These chairs don’t come cheap so you probably want to know more before spending your money. So, here are some of the features you want to look out for, especially if you are heavier than most people:


Feature Description What you want
Weight limit As a heavier person than most people, you want to make sure the chair you pick has a higher weight capacity to ensure safety and comfort. If you are heavier than what the chair can carry, you could experience problems with rolling the chair, reclining, or worse—the chair might break. If you weigh around 200 lbs., you should choose a chair that with a maximum weight capacity 220 lbs. or higher. Choosing something that supports exactly 200 lbs. will not be ideal. There are gaming chairs and office chairs that can support up to 350 lbs.
Material Usually, ergonomic office chairs are made with breathable mesh materials, and gaming chairs are made with leather but are built with holes for breathability. Heavier people tend to get hot and overheat quicker than average people. And if that is the case you would want to choose a chair with breathable materials. However, some mesh materials are not as durable as the leather you find on gaming chairs. Just make sure the chair is still breathable despite the thick materials if you decide to select a gaming chair option.
Ergonomics Some chairs have adjustable lumbar support, adjustable armrests, reclining features, and built-in footrests. Whether you choose a gaming chair or a traditional ergonomic office chair, make sure that the adjustments comply with your needs. If you expect to be sitting down for a long time, go for something that will provide maximum comfort over looks.

Heavier people tend to break things quicker, so you should select an option with a sturdy frame.

It’s pretty straightforward that you should pick an option with more durable materials, from the frame to the casters to ensure longevity.
Comfort Searching for a chair that can carry the weight of heavy people is not enough. You also want to make sure the chair is comfortable and big enough to accommodate your entire lower body. Some chairs have larger surfaces, and you want to make sure that it is big enough. You can also choose between high-back or low-back chairs so you can lay back in comfort when working.
Design Gaming chairs and office chairs have different designs. Usually, an office chair would look better in an office setting, but some gaming chairs can also look good—depending on how you set up your workstation. If it’s about the design, make sure you considered all the previous factors first before you select a chair based on how it looks.
Adjustable height Height adjustment provides flexibility in your chair height which is vital for comfort when it comes to the office chair you choose. Overweight people may be more prone to discomfort while seated, especially if you’re sitting for long periods of time. Being able to adjust the height of your chair helps get you into a more comfortable position.
Seat depth adjustment The ability to adjust the depth of the seat from front to back to provide support for your back without causing discomfort or cutting off circulation at your knees. Seat depth is one of the adjustable features you want in your office chair because it relieves pressure on the back of your knees and can help reduce lower back aches and pains when configured correctly.
Waterfall seat edge The perfect seat for heavy people – and others as well – has a curvature at the front edge of the seat which reduces pressure  and provides additional comfort. The comfort level of your seat is maximized when your office chair relieves tension and pressure. Combined with the correctly adjusted seat height, this feature makes for a far more comfortable work or gaming experience over longer periods of time.



8 Best Office Chairs for Heavy People

Whether you’re looking for an office chair with a higher weight limit, adjustable seat heights, a tall backrest, or something with ergonomic design to provide maximally comfortable position for gaming or working in your home office office we’ve got your covered.

Here are the 8 best office chairs for heavy people that we’ve found.

BILKOH Ergonomic Office Chair

This stylish, breathable, and sleek office chair might not look like it, but it is designed to support up to 300 lbs. and is an excellent office chair. It’s a perfect option for heavy people who want sturdiness and longevity of comfort without sacrificing looks and breathability. It is made with durable and stretchable mesh materials and boasts ergonomic features, such as an adjustable headrest, backrest, and armrest to accommodate comfy seating no matter the weight and size of the user. Plus, it is one of the most affordable options on the list.

BILKOH Ergonomic Office Chair with Mesh Seat & Adjustable Lumbar Support, High Back Desk Chair with Breathable Mesh, Wide Headrest & Reclining Swivel Task Chair, 3D Armrest & Height Computer Chair

  • 【Comfortable Mesh Chair】This stretchable mesh office chair provides all-day comfort and support by the use of a high-density mesh seat. The breathable mesh computer chair with strong tensile strength provides cool and comfortable back support, enabling long hours sitting relaxed without sweat.
  • 【Ergonomic Office Chair】This ergonomic office chair is based on a dynamic digital model of the human body. This ergonomic desk chair can adjust the headrest, backrest, armrests and height to meet different needs and provide back support and reduce back pain and pressure for sedentary people.

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Steelcase Leap V2

If you are more into traditional office chair looks, this option is your best bet. It sports a simple office chair look with not so simple features. It is made with breathable fabric with smooth castes, comfy cushions for your bottom and your back, and adjustable armrests to accommodate taller people. It is equipped with a heavy-duty gas cylinder that could hold up to 400 lbs.

Steelcase Leap V2 Office Chair (Black Fabric) – Remanufactured – 12-Year Warranty (Fully Adjustable, Ergonomic, Furniture for The Workplace and Home Office)

  • Fully Remanufactured by Crandall Office Furniture (Make sure to Verify the Seller)
  • 12-Year Full-Chair Warranty (We Warranty the Entire Chair, Not Just The Parts Replaced)

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Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

Moving onto one of the higher-end options on the list, this office chair has it all. It has the looks of an executive CEO-like chair built with heavy-duty but lightweight materials. Despite its lightweight, this chair can support up to 400 lbs. The futuristic look is one thing that makes this option stand out among competitors but it is not just about the looks. It is the perfect size for larger people and comes with ergonomic features like 360-degree rotating arms, 3D LiveBack back supports for better posture, and overall premium seating comfort. It is everything you would expect when buying a thousand-dollar chair.

PatioMage Gaming Chair

Now let’s enter the world of gaming chairs with the first gaming chair option on this list. The PatioMage Gaming Chair will provide you with all-day comfort, lumbar support, reclining, and a built-in footrest for increased productivity. It sports the look of any modern gaming chair. And with its high-quality PU leather and durable frame, it can support up to 300 lbs. without breaking a sweat.

PatioMage Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office Chair Headrest Lumbar Support Comfortable High Back Adjustable Reclining Computer Chair with Footrest Desk Chair PU Leather Swivel Chair

  • Ergonomic Design: Strong metal frame of this gaming chair take care of your body while you work with an easy, adjustable recline and pneumatic height adjustment, keep you comfy after long time of game or work. The thick seat back cushion keep your body relaxed, supported and cool so you can concentrate on work.
  • High-Quality Material: PatioMage gaming chair is made with smooth PU leather which is sturdy and durable! Easy to clean. Our gaming chair seats is filled with thick and soft foam which keep you feel comfortable after palying games, working or studying for long time. Heavy-duty base and nylon smooth-rolling casters provide great stability and mobility. The maximum Weight Capacity: 300lbs

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Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big and Tall Chair

If you are still having trouble finding a chair that can support your weight, you can never go wrong with the Hercules. From the name itself, you already know it is strong and durable. However, despite its sturdiness, it does not compromise comfort thanks to the thick and soft cushions from your back to your lower body. This chair can carry up to 500 lbs. without causing wear and unnecessary damage. Plus, it sports an executive design fit for a hard worker like you! It might not be the most breathable chair on this list, but it is definitely one of the most stylish ones, and that is a fact.

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 24/7 Intensive Use Big & Tall 500 lb. Rated Black Fabric Executive Ergonomic Office Chair with Loop Arms

  • Whether your workday doesn’t stop at 5 or the person working the next 8 hours just sat down, you need a chair that can keep up. This 24/7 intensive use Big & Tall executive office chair with generous padding and adjustable features will easily handle it
  • [_Our chair conforms to ANSI/BIFMA standard X5.1-17_] High back design with headrest and built-in lumbar support

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DXRacer Master Module

This company is known for making the most durable and comfortable chairs that go for the most reasonable prices. The DXRacer Master Module showcases quality craftsmanship and it has everything you want in a gaming chair, such as ergonomic features, excellent breathability, and even a cup holder. It might be classified as a gaming chair, but it is a versatile option—thanks to its sleek look. And did we mention that it can hold up to 275 lbs.? It might not be for the heaviest individuals but it is somewhere in that spectrum.

DXRacer Master Modular Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office Executive Seat | Microfiber Leather, Rail-Mounted Headrest, Integrated Lumbar Support, Standard, Black

  • MASTERFULLY CRAFTED MICROFIBRE – We all know what a chair means to you during a long duration of sitting. That’s why we adopt premium microfiber leather that surpasses industry standards for an extra touch of luxury and extended comfort. It feels soft, smooth while retaining good abrasion resistance and tensile strength, inviting you to sit comfortably for years to come.
  • RAIL-MOUNTED HEADREST – Our sliding foam pillow conforms better to your head to relieve more pressure points, helping to avoid muscle pains and aches. A fully adjustable headrest, opening to its customization, enables you own a pillow that matches your style.

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HON Ignition Series 2.0

The HON Ignition Series Executive Chair is perfect for breathability, style, and all-day comfort—especially for heavier people. It is made with strong materials that do not sacrifice comfort. And it is built with a larger surface for better accommodation. It can support up to 300 lbs. and is built for big and tall people looking for a comfortable and sleek chair for their office.

HON Office Chair Ignition 2.0 – Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair with Mesh Back, Syncro Tilt Recline, Adjustable Lumbar Support & Armrests, Comfortable Seat Cushion, 360 Swivel Rolling Wheels – Black

  • 4-WAY STRETCH MESH seat back is breathable and cradles the spine for ergonomic comfort. The office chair features a contoured seat cushion that gives workstation warriors the all-day comfort they need.
  • LUMBAR SUPPORT is adjustable in this office chair and provides lasting comfort during long workdays.

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SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

Durability, comfort, innovation, and style—are the words that best describe this sleek chair. It has the best ventilation which is perfect for larger individuals and is fully loaded with ergonomic features that make it worthy of being on this list. It has tons of tilting options with synchronized tilting—promoting good posture despite a long workday. And it can support up to 300 lbs. thanks to its exceptional build quality.

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair : Ergonomic Office Chair, Adjustable Headrest, 2-Way Lumbar Support, 3-Way Armrests, Forward Tilt Adjustment, Adjustable Seat Depth, Ventilated Mesh Back

  • ERGONOMIC S-CURVE DESIGN : Adequately supporting your spine, T50’s design is a not only modern and sleek, but helps you keep a healthy sitting habit.
  • EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE : Convenience is everything. With all levers placed where your hands can easily reach, you can easily adjust all functions. Simply personalize the ergonomic chair as of your preference.

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Final Thoughts

When choosing a gaming chair, there are various factors that need to be considered. For a larger user, you want a chair that’s comfortable, that has a heavy-duty metal base that’s an affordable chair and a good fit for your body size.

Tall users need office chairs with tall backrests to accommodate them comfortably.

Some people may need an additional lumbar pillow to provide extra support.

At the end of the day, you want to be able to get the chair you want, that aligns with your personal preferences, that’s an affordable option and will work well for you in your space.


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