Can Web Developers Work From Home?

By Rob Orr / Last updated: Nov 3, 2022

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There is a growing demand for web designers and developers and there is no sign of that ever slowing down.

It’s a highly skilled job with lots of creative opportunities and latitude.

But can a web developer actually work from home?

Yes, web developers can work from home or really from anywhere. You must have access to high speed internet, which may be expensive depending on where you live. Also, you must have a quiet environment free of distractions such as roommates, children, pets, and noise. Lastly, you must have a computer that meets the baseline requirements for the job.

Most web developers will tell you that they love being able to work from home, but it’s not for everyone.

So it naturally follows that you are going to have more questions.

Questions like:

  • What does a web developer need to work from home?
  • What are the pros and cons of working from home as a web developer?
  • Is it hard to find a remote job for a web developer?

All these questions, and more, will be answered below, so keep reading.

Key takeaways:

  1. Web developers have a unique ability to their work wherever they can get a good internet connection and find some peace and quiet
  2. There are several pros & cons to working from home as a web developer
  3. Web developers have lots of opportunities to find jobs where they can work from home.

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Can web developers work from home?

Can web developers work from home?

Many web developers, like myself, work from home.

Web developers can really work from anywhere where they can carry a laptop and get a good internet connection.

Web development is a very flexible career choice. As long as you have the skills required, you can choose to work from anywhere.

There are plenty of remote jobs available in the field, including freelance positions, contract roles, and full-time employment.

In addition, there are many companies that offer flexible schedules, allowing employees to work from home or wherever suits them best when results are what matters most.

If you’re a freelancer doing contract work, you can work wherever and whenever you want.

Of course, there can be some downsides to working remotely. While you might save money on some of the things you’d spend money on like commuting, you’ll likely pay more for internet service and other expenses. But if you enjoy working independently, then this flexibility could be worth considering.

What does a web developer need to work from home?

Increased demand for home office property

Many web developers (like me) work from home because they prefer working alone rather than in a noisy office environment.

To be successful at home, at the very least, you must have a reliable internet connection, a computer capable of running software used in web design & development, and a quiet workspace where you can get things done.

Let’s unpack that a little bit.

First and foremost you have to have a powerhouse computer. That means you need plenty of RAM and processing power, and those are not cheap. I personally use an iMac with X and 64gb of RAM and also an M1 Macbook Pro with 16gb of RAM.

Next, you have to have a fantastic internet connection. Slow internet simply will not get the job done.

In addition, you’ll need to have the right software on that powerhouse computer. That means applications like MAMP (or WAMP if you’re a Windows user), a text editor like Sublime Text, a good diff tool like Kaleidoscope, and a good FTP tool like Transmit, just for starters.

You will also need a good work environment with appropriate lighting, a comfortable desk chair, and a good desk.

And of course you’ll need good video conferencing software like Zoom or Google Hangouts to conduct your meetings.

Still curious? Click here to learn more about what tools, equipment and resources a web developer needs to work from home.

How can a web developer be productive working from home?

What is a Good Size for a Home Office Desk?

First, you must find a place where you feel comfortable. Is your office messy? Do you have too many distractions? Does your house smell bad?

If you’ve got a mess where you work, it’s time to get things cleaned up and organize your home office so you can be maximally productive.

Second, you need to set boundaries. Don’t let yourself become distracted by your kids, spouse, pets, or friends or roommates. Set aside specific times during the day to work, and try to avoid interruptions whenever possible.

Next, you need to create a schedule. Creating a schedule will help you keep things straight. This means setting aside certain hours each day to work. Make sure those hours are free of distractions. Also, make sure you block out at least two hours every week to review your progress and plan for the next week.

Use Apps like Asana or BaseCamp to help you manage tasks and deliverables. Other options to consider would be to use something like Trello instead of Asana.

Finally, you need to focus. You cannot do everything at once. Pick one task and complete it before moving onto another. If you don’t finish one thing, then move on to the next.

There’s no reason why you can’t work from home as a web developer. It takes discipline and dedication, but it’s certainly possible.

Can web developers set their own hours working from home?Can web developers set their own hours working from home?

Some companies offer flexible working hours, allowing employees to work remotely. However, don’t be fooled: just because working hours can be flexible doesn’t mean that there are no required work times.

The bottom line is that there are still deliverables, milestones and deadlines that have to be met.

Many companies offer flexible work options for employees who work from home. These options allow workers to choose their own schedule, including setting their own hours. Some companies even let remote workers work from home.

While this sounds ideal, it’s important to understand that not every job allows for flexibility. Many jobs require face-to-face interaction, while others require constant communication via email or chat. As a result, some employers may still prefer hiring someone who lives within driving distance.

For example, if you’re a web developer, you might be able to work from home part of the week, but then travel to client sites during the other days. Or maybe you could work from home Tuesday through Friday, but spend need to spend Monday at the office.

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to working from home and scheduling, but there are also certain things that must be done at specific times, and meetings that must take place on a regular schedule.

What are the pros & cons of working from home as a web developer?

What are the pros & cons of working from home as a web developer?

Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages. It depends on how you look at it. Some people love the freedom and flexibility of working from home while others hate it because they feel isolated and lonely.

Working from home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality of life. In fact, for most people who work from home, they’re happier and more productive working from home.

So what are the pros & cons of working from home as a web developer?

Pro: In many instances you can set your own hours

This isn’t always the case if you’ve got a regular gig at a traditional company but in a lot of situations, when working from home, you can choose when you work. You don’t have to worry about getting up early or staying late.

Pro: Working from home saves money

The costs associated with commuting too and from an office, like expensive car payments, expenses on dining out, are eliminated (for the most part). Plus, there are tax breaks available for people working from home too.

Pro: Working makes people happy

A company called Tracking Happiness conducted a study that found people working remotely reported 20% greater happiness among remote workers.

Pro: There are a lot less distractions working a remote job than there are in an office

Pro: No dress code

Virtually all offices have some kind of dress code. But that’s not the case if you work from home. I spend most of my days in shorts, sandals, and an Iron Maiden t-shirt.

Pro: No commute

Depending on where you live, the drive to your office could be up to an hour (or more) of your day that you don’t get back. When you’re working from home, you can spend that time much more effectively.

Challenge: Discipline

You must be motivated and comfortable being alone. Working from home requires a lot of self-discipline and focus on getting things done.

Challenge: No supervision

Without supervision, there is no one there to tell you what you should be doing and how you should do it. You’ll have to figure that out on your own.

Challenge: Limited mentorship

It’s harder to grow and develop your skills as a web developer without being in the office. You don’t have someone sitting next to you to bounce ideas off of, talk through new things by discussing them with your neighbor.

Challenge: Limited social life

For some people this should actually go under the “pros” list because they got into web development because they didn’t want to have to deal with other people. For others this can be a real drain.

Challenge: Tendency to work too much for too long

When you work from home it’s easy to get lost in a task and not even look up for hours at a time, and before you know it, you’ve been working all day.

What do web developers do daily?

What do web developers do daily?

For web developers working from home the day usually starts with a quick scrum meeting via Zoom or something else so that everyone is on the same page for what the day’s goals are.

Then it’s time to get stuff done.

The rest of the day is spent on whatever tasks need to get done.

A typical day might include:

  • Writing code
  • Testing code
  • Debugging issues
  • Creating documentation
  • Doing code reviews
  • Other miscellaneous tasks

What do web developers typically do when not coding?

For some web developers they’ll have allotted times where they will have client meetings, or other internal meetings for team building.

Is it hard for web developers to find remote jobs?

Is it hard for web developers to find remote jobs?

If you’re looking for a job as a web developer, there are several ways to find out what’s available.The most common method is through online job boards. Job boards allow employers to post open positions and recruiters to search for candidates.

One great option specifically for web developers is Authentic Jobs. They are a job board specifically for developers and creatives and always have great opportunities for remote jobs.

Another great option is Flex Jobs. This a job board that’s 100% focused on remote jobs and has a ton of options for web developers who want to work from home.

In addition, a great way to find a job as a web developer who wants to work remotely is to attend online events with companies that hire freelancers. These events often include networking sessions, presentations, and workshops that teach attendees valuable skills.

Do web developers working from home have good work life balance?

If you’re not used to working at home, it can take some getting used to. But once you’ve adjusted, there are many benefits to working from home.

But working from home doesn’t mean you’re not going to be productive. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs say they’ve been most productive when working from home.

But in order to have a good work life balance as a web developer working from home, you need to make sure you set boundaries for yourself.

If you don’t know how to manage your time well, then you may end up burning out. You have to be able to turn off the computer and “leave the office”.

You also need to make sure you have enough free time to spend with friends and family.

In addition, you need to have a dedicated work space for your work as a web developer.

For me, I have a home office that’s entirely dedicated to my work as a web developer. On weekends, I rarely will even go in that room because that’s time dedicated to my family.


Working from home as a web designer/developer is possible, but it takes discipline and planning.

There are some challenges that come with this type of lifestyle, but if you have the right attitude and mindset, you’ll find it rewarding.

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