Mike Wat – Ultimate DREAM Desk Setup Tour

By Robert David Orr / Last updated: Jan 6, 2022

Mike Wat is tech enthusiast and content creator who’s got an amazing home office setup.

Mike has been meticulous in how he’s gone about setting up his home office workspace for maximum comfort and productivity.

Here’s what I love about Mike’s home office setup.

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Mike breaks down his office tour into four main sections:

Decor & Lighting

First thing I noticed was his Autonomous desk. Standing desks are pretty much the industry standard these days.

These adjustable height desks with the ability to have presets and move quickly, are a staple for any modern home office – regardless of what size or shape you want to have.

I’ve got reviews coming up on some of the Grovemade stuff so I’ll go into more detal on that, but these guys are creating some amazing stuff!

The Grovemade accessories are a nice touch for his desk, and the walnut monitor stand gorgeous.

I’d not thought about using a desk pad myself until I saw Mike’s video – need to get one of those!

Lighting in your workspace is vital and Mike is using the Philips Hue light bars to provide some much needed illumination.

Desk Accessories

He’s using an ultra-wide monitor which is the choice for a lot of creators these days. Combining that with a mounted monitor arm frees up valuable desk real estate.

One thing that I really love is his wireless charger and how he’s got that set up so he can quickly place his phone on there and get it charging.

Even better is that it’s big enough to fit multiple devices.

But that’s not all, he’s also got another charger that he’s hidden in a very clever way in one of the drawers of his filing cabinet for all his wired connections.

Cable Management

Everyone struggles with cable management.

I love how he’s got everything stashed into the tray mounted onto his desk, and used cable ties to secure everything.

Once they’re stashed away there doesn’t need to be much done with them, and he’s only got one long cord coming from his desk which is awesome!


The metal plate posters from Displate are awesome, but they’re pricey!

This would definitely be an option for office wall decoration if there was a little more variety in terms of movie posters. The fact that they mount so easily could make for a good choice either way, if you have the budget.

I love the look of the soundproofing material he uses on the wall – it’s a very cool look.

And I think that’s all he’s really using it for because he’s not using a lot and mentions in the video that it was his carpet, not his soundproofing squares that helped the most with his noise dampening.

Next Steps

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