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By Robert David Orr / Last updated: Jan 13, 2022

One thing you’ll soon learn, if you haven’t already figured it out, is that I’m obsessed with what other people are doing with their workspace in their home office.

And following the tours they give on YouTube is a fantastic way to see what they’re doing.

Today I’m talking about Liam Porritt’s productivity desk setup, and before we get too far in I have to say – it’s awesome!

Here’s what I love about Liam’s set up.

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Simple elegance

Liam’s home office setup isn’t overly extravagant, but it’s incredibly awesome.

His upgraded desk with the walnut top is outstanding.

He’s got a model that’s adjustable so he can sit or stand whenever he likes – a setup I have in my own home office and can attest to how helpful that is.

Invest where you spend time

Liam has invested in a couple tools that i think are fantastic and I’ll be checking these things out myself soon enough.

He’s invested in a high-end Logitech Craft keyboard because, as in his work as a lawyer, he spends an enormous amount of time on his keyboard.

Clear desk space

One of the things that I love most about his desk is that he’s got everything off the surface of his desktop that he can remove.

Using a monitor arm to mount his monitors is an outstanding way of doing things – something I’m looking into doing myself soon.

Paper over digital

As someone who used to love to write everything down in a day planner, I totally get where he’s coming from here. He’s still using a paper planner to keep himself organized.

Kinda cool if you ask me.

“Jennifer” the office companion

As an homage to the celebrity crush of his youth, Liam has a desk plant named “Jennifer” for Jennifer Aniston which is a cool touch.

As I’ve talked about in other places, having plants in your office is a good thing.

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