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By Robert David Orr / Last updated: Dec 20, 2021

This home office tour is a little different than the ones we’ve done so far.

This one isn’t so much about desks, furniture, and aesthetics as it is about how a wildly popular YouTube channel sets up their workspace.

Sean Cannell is someone I’ve followed for a while now. I’ve learned a ton from him regarding how to do audio, video and YouTube setup, and his channel does an amazing job of all that.

I thought this tour would be a great one to include if you’re someone who’s looking to set up your own video recording studio.

Here’s what I love about Think Media’s studio setup.

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First off, this isn’t a beginner’s setup by any means. I’ll cover that at another time.

In his studio he’s got 4 different cameras with all kinds of different shots and angles, controlled from a Stream Deck controller.

He’s also got an audio control unit where he can do all kinds of stuff to level out his audio, bring in music, use sound effects, and a lot more while he’s live and cranking out content.

That stuff will probably will make their post production work a LOT easier.

 Multiple Monitor Setup

He’s using two 32 inch monitors which is a perfect scenario for how he’s using them: He can manage his livestream from one, and then demonstrate, or teach by sharing the other one.

Both of his monitors are lifted off the desktop surface with mounting arms to free up space.

Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk

Speaking of desktop surfaces, this desk is awesome. He’s got the L-shaped Autonomous adjustable desk, which looks great, helps with his lighting and the best part is that it’s adjustable so he can work at whatever position – sitting or standing – he wants to work at.

Lighting Setup

Like so many others, the Philips Hue lights are a big part of the atmosphere in his office. He’s using them all over the place – over head, behind his cabinet, and more.

He’s also using Elgato key lights for video-specific lighting. From experience, it’s really hard to get that part right, but he’s done a great job of setting them up and his shot looks awesome.

A One Man Show

Something to take note of is that Sean has set up everything in his workspace so that he can run it all by himself. This is vital if you’re producing content – the less you need to do the creation work, the better off you’ll be.

Everything in this space is dialed in on creating content. Outside of the lighting and the fake plants his room is otherwise pretty stark.

Next Steps

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