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By Robert David Orr / Last updated: Nov 5, 2022

Noah Kagan is a huge inspiration to me. I’ve been following his stuff for a while. His content is always great and his work with AppSumo is amazing.

Recently, he gave a tour of his own home office work setup and, in true Noah Kagan form, it was informative, inspirational, and entertaining. If you’ve not yet seen it you can check it out below.

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Here’s what I loved about his work from home setup.

Less is more

His desk and space is uncluttered intentionally. He mentions in the video how this helps him to stay on task and focused.

Maximizing your time

One part he shows how he has the luxury of having one Macbook downstairs and another upstairs. It’s a matter of decluttering his mind so he doesn’t have to go back tracking through his steps to remember where he left his Macbook.

Compartmentalizing your work

Noah talks about using different zones for different tasks and I think this is genius. He uses his kitchen table and nook area for reading and writing, his “CEO office” for other work, and has a separate room set up as a video studio.

Make your work effortless

During the tour of his YouTube studio room he talks about how he intentionally set it up so that he can sit down and start recording with one click. The mental clutter than comes along with a bunch of setup steps can really derail you from doing your best work – trust me – I know this one from personal experience with my own videos.

Change environments

Noah talks about moving around and doing different work in different spaces if you can. I know for me that’s something I’ve been working on. Sitting in front of my home office computer all day is exhausting sometimes so moving around has been really helpful to me (as I write this post sitting in my chair in my living room).

Make your work exciting and frictionless

Noah talks about how he intentionally leaves out a bottle of Fiji water every night so there’s nothing he has to think about – it’s just there ready to go for him to drink. He also mentions that he adds LMNT tea (had to look that one up myself) to his water which is something for him to look forward too.

Make your work exciting and frictionless

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Same thing goes for his kitchen table and his reading/writing time. He keeps his books out and ready to go which is another thing for him to look forward to that creates a bit of excitement when that time comes.

Index Card “to do” list

I thought this was awesome – and I was a bit surprised. He’s the CEO of a $100 million company and he keeps his daily list on an index card. That’s awesome!

Noah Kagan’s work zones

He’s got three main work areas:

  1. a dedicated, simple and basic CEO office, set up for video calls and productive work
  2. his kitchen area where he focuses on reading and writing (as well as grabbing the occasional taco from the fridge)
  3. a dedicated YouTube video studio and setup that wasn’t all that expensive (said he probably spent around $1000 on the stuff in there) set up to be able to get to work fast and effortlessly.

This set up empowers him to be at his best at all times while he’s working from home.

Next Steps

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