What Accessories Do I Need For My Standing Desk? 15+ Crucial Tools For Your Home Office

By Rob Orr / Last updated: Jun 26, 2023

What Accessories Do I Need For My Standing Desk? 15+ Crucial Tools For Your Home Office

Standing desks are a great way to get more active and improve your health, but you need the right accessories if you want to make sure that you’re comfortable while working at home.

There are several advantages to using a standing desk – using one is one of the best things you can do for your health as you work from home, but it also presents its own set of unique challenges that need to be addressed too.

Employing the ergonomic solutions insures that you’re in the best possible place to perform at your highest level and stay healthy while doing so. The following list will help you get started on finding the right accessories for your standing desk.

Regardless of what type of standing desk you have or what your standing desk is made from, you can benefit from these different accessories to make your home office complete.

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What Accessories Do I Need For My Standing Desk?

So you’ve decided that a standing desk is the right choice for you and your home office, but not sure what else you need?

Here’s a short checklist of some of the most important items you’ll need to consider when setting up your workspace.

Foot rest

Next to my anti-fatigue mat this is probably the accessory I use most. Being able to have a place to rest your feet while sitting or standing makes a big difference in your comfort level.

Anti-fatigue mat

Standing all day at work is tiring and painful. You need to choose the right type of mat to stand on. Comfort is important. A good anti-fatigue mats should be firm but soft enough to give you support when you’re standing for long periods of time.

A good anti-fatigue pad supports your feet as well as your back.

Balance board

Balance boards are specially designed to give you the perfect balancing function. They help to improve your fitness, strengthen your muscles, and enhance your balance even while you work at your standing desk.

You should always choose the most durable office balance board that assures you of great balancing function over a long period of time. Using this standing desk accessory will increase your activity level in the office, which then promotes productivity and good health!

LED desk lamp

There are so many benefits to LED lighting in your home office. You can control the brightness and color of the light and even create a really cool atmospheric effect by using them to light different portions of your desk and walls

Ergonomic office chair

You’re not going to stand 100% of the time, nor should you. Getting a high-quality ergonomic desk chair is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to improving your posture and overall well being. It’s important to find an office chair that fits your body type and height as well as your budget.

Desk organizer

If you’re like me, you’ll be spending hours upon hours working from your computer. To keep things organized, I recommend getting a small desk organizer to hold all of your pens, pencils, and markers. This way you won’t lose any of those items and they’ll be easy to grab when you need them.

Cable management system

You will need a solution to manage the cords under your desk. The last thing you want is cables hanging around your desk. It can cause many problems like cords getting unplugged accidentally when you’re raising or lowering your desk, cause them to get pinched, and more. Managing your cords and cables is a big deal so get a good one that will work with your desk.

Keyboard tray

Some people love them, others hate them. However, a keyboard tray is something else you want to consider for your standing desk. Keyboards should be placed at an ergonomically correct height on your desk, whether you’re sitting or standing. Many users like to use keyboard trays raise your keyboard and mouse to the correct height because it keeps your hands and wrists in the proper ergonomic position, which is good for your health.

Ergonomic gel wrist rest

These are great for easing the pressure points on your wrists and hands. They also help to prevent repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Headphone stand or hanger

Grovemade makes a very popular headphone stand. Others prefer to use a hanger on their desk to store their headphones. Either way is great to keep them off your desktop surface and keep your work area clean.

Monitor stand or desk shelf

You should definitely consider a monitor shelf for your standing desk. Monitor shelves allow you to raise your computer screen off the surface of your desk so you don’t have to strain to look at your monitor, whether it’s up or down. Plus, many provide additional desktop storage opportunities either underneath the shelf, or with cubby holes to store things.

Monitor arm

You can use a monitor arm to attach to your desk so that your monitors are completely elevated off the surface of your desk freeing up a ton of space and making keeping your desk clean and organized so much easier.

Desk mat

Instead of an old boring and simple mouse pad, a desk mat, like the ones available from Grovemade are a fantastic addition to your standing desk. They’re great for serving as mouse pads and provide a soft cushioned surface for your desktop. In addition, they help prevent scratches and stains and this is especially important if you’re using a real wood desktop surface.

Storage cabinets

Need additional storage? No problem! You can pick up a storage cabinet like the IKEA Alex cabinet that will provide that extra storage space and will fit neatly underneath your standing desk.

IKEA 401.962.41 Alex Drawer on Casters, White, 26″ Height, 19″ Width, 26″ Length,

  • Particleboard
  • Drawer stops prevent the drawer from being pulled out too far

Buy on Amazon

Buy on IKEA

Comfortable shoes

The shoes you wear while working at your standing desk make a big difference. Shoes should be comfortable to walk around in. A pair of sneakers is a great idea. And if you’re working from home like me, you can wear slippers, or another kind of comfortable shoe that will not hurt your feet.

Shoes that are more fancy like dress shoes for guys or heels for the ladies are a bad idea because you’re going to start hurting if you’re standing in these kinds of shoes. You shouldn’t wear uncomfortable shoes while working at a computer. Always make sure to have a pair of comfortable ones at your desk.

Foam roller for your feet

Foam rollers are fantastic for the arches in your feet and to help stretch your lower leg while standing at your desk.

A more flexible body is a more comfortable body. There are many different types of foam rollers available, so pick the type that works well for you.

High density foam rollers are light weight and firm. Basic soft foam roller are cheaper than high density foam rollers. Soft foam rollers are great for relieving painful aches and pains.

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