What Is A Cable Management Box?

By Rob Orr / Last updated: Oct 14, 2023

What Is A Cable Management Box?

Do you ever get frustrated because you don’t have enough outlets to plug in all your devices? Do you have a messy desk where cables and wires are everywhere? If so, then you need a cable management box.

Cable management boxes are a part of cable management systems that are designed to organize and conceal all those pesky cables and wires. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some are small and portable while others are large and stationary.

Cable management boxes tame cable spaghetti and help keep cables neat and tidy by hiding them away from sight. It can handle all your cord management by neatly collecting and containing your power strip, mobile device charging cords, and other cordage that clutters your desk and office.

But why do you need a cable management box in the first place?

And what about the price?

What are the alternatives?

This blog post will show you how to choose the perfect cable management system for your home or office.

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How Do You Use A Cable Management Box?

Cable management boxes are used to manage the mess of cables in an office or home.

They help keep everything neat and tidy. Most people use them for their computers, but they also work well with printers, phone chargers, speaker wires, TVs, etc.

The best thing about using a cable management box is that it helps you organize your wires and keeps things looking clean and organized.

Cable Management Box Ideas

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed with the clutter that comes from all kinds of cords and cables in your work area, then you need something to deal with all these excess cables.

Cable organizers are designed to hold all of your cables so you don’t have to worry about them getting in the way or tripping over any of them if they’re on your floor.

They come in several different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Some even include USB ports, which makes it easy to charge your devices while keeping them out of sight.

There’s no reason why you should be stuck with messy cables when you could be enjoying a cleaner workspace.

You can clean up all that cable spaghetti by using a cable management box to organize cables on floors, workspaces, desktops, etc so that your work environment is easier to clean.

You can also use them to hide and manage the clutter so that your space looks nicer and cleaner.

How Do You Use A Cable management Sleeve?

One of the things that you can use in conjunction with your cable management box is a cable sleeve.

Cable sleeves are a great way to collect and store loose cables without tangling them up. They’re also useful if you want to keep a bunch of different types of cables together.

You can use a cable sleeve to hold several different kinds of cables at once, like HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and audio cables.

  • Use a cable sleeve to organize and protect multiple cables
  • Use a cable sleeve for organizing multiple cables
  • Use a cable sleeve as a protective cover for multiple cables

Once you’ve collected all your cables into a cable sleeve you can then store them in a cable box to reduce the amount of clutter and keep everything organized in your workspace surface.

How Can You Install A Cable Management System In Your Home Or Office?

Here are some tips on how to install a cable management system in your home or office:

1) Choose a location where there will be room for cables to run. This could be under a desk, behind a TV stand, or near a wall outlet.

2) Find a place for the power strip. Make sure it has enough outlets to accommodate all of your devices.

3) Place the power strip in the center of the area where you plan to put the cable management system.

4) Attach the power strip to the back of the cable management box. The power strip should face away from the wall.

5) Unplug any appliances or electronics that may cause interference.

6) Connect each device to the appropriate ports on the power strip.

7) Plug the power strip into an electrical socket.

8) Put the cable management box over the power strip.

9) Remove any excess wire from the power strip.

10) Run cables through the holes in the box.

11) Secure the cables by wrapping them around the cable management box.

12) Repeat steps 8-11 until all of the cables have been connected.

13) Relax and enjoy your workspace!

If possible, you can use a cable clip to keep cables out of sight when not in use.

These are especially handy for mobile device chargers that still need to be plugged in.

If you need to leave cables exposed, make sure they’re covered and out of the way so they don’t interfere with your work or cause an accident.

Maintaining your cable management system is easy. Just keep track of what’s what by labeling everything.

Make sure to check the everything periodically for signs of wear and tear and replace them as needed.

Are Cable Management Boxes Safe?

Yes! They’re made from durable plastic and metal and designed to be safe.

The only time you should worry about safety is if there’s any sharp edges or points, or hard angles that will cause your cables to be severely bent that could cause breaks within the line.

All your outlet plugs should be fully seated into your power strips and any other cables should be fully inserted to their proper place.

Otherwise, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about when it comes to managing your cords and cables using a box.

If you have any concerns, make sure you read the instructions carefully before opening the package.

Is There Any Way To Keep My Cables Organized Without Using A Cable Management Box?

You can always try using a few rubber bands to hold together the loose ends of your cables if you don’t want to use a cable management box or a cable sleeve.

Of course you could always leave them hanging too!

But that really doesn’t look great.

If you don’t want a cable management box or cable sleeve, the better option would be to get velcro tie-downs, or zip ties to make sure everything is fully secured.

In addition you can use cable clips to secure your cables to your desk, walls or furniture.

The point is that you don’t want to leave them hanging all over the place where they can get tangled, you don’t know what they connect to, or can easily pull something off your desk.

Which One Should I Buy?

There are many different types of cable management boxes available today.

Some are designed to fit under desks while others are meant to be placed on top of tables.

And some come with built-in storage spaces while others do not.

It depends on what you need and what works best for your space.

Where Can I Buy A Cable Management Box?

You can buy a cable management box from any hardware store or online retailer. They come in different sizes and shapes. Some are made of plastic, others metal and still others wood or decorative material.

Some are designed to be portable while others are stationary. The size and shape of the box will depend on what you need it for.

Here are a few cable management boxes that we recommend:

HomeBliss Walnut Wood Large Cable Management Box – Stylish Cord Organizer Cable Management Box for Cord Hider and Cord Management – Cable Organizer Box with Protector Cable Sleeve

  • KEEP WIRES ORGANIZED: Jumbled cords are ugly, messy, and dangerous, and they will make you feel anxious and irritable. Our cable organizer box is streamlined with a discreet design that hides and organizes your cables quickly. Cable box will help you keep your cables organized and in one place without creating a mess around!
  • SUPER LARGE CAPACITY : Super large cable management box is much wider and longer than most other cable boxes. It’s ideal for storing and managing almost all types of surge protectors, USB Hubs, outlets, power strips, etc. Keep your place in good order with EXTRA LARGE space for your adapters & cords. Reclaim lost floor and desk space!

Buy on Amazon

DMoose Cable Management Box – Cord Organizer Box to Hide Power Strips – Cable Organizer Box for Surge Protector – Safe ABS Material and Baby-Pets Proof – 15.7″ (L) x 6.1″ (W) 5.3″ (H) – XL (Black)

  • SMARTER ALL-PURPOSE CABLE MANAGEMENT – This cable organizer box with a lid helps hide away power strips, USB cables, surge protectors, TV and video games, console games, adapters, and more for discrete home or office use.
  • KEEP the MESS HIDDEN – Our cord organizer box helps you to keep the jumble of wires and cables locked up inside the box so you can minimize the clutter. Stay organized and keep the mess hidden to make your space look more attractive and open.

Buy on Amazon

D-Line Cable Management Box, Cord Organizer Box to Hide & Conceal Power Strips, Desk Cable Management Solution, Made from Electrically Safe ABS Material – 16.5″ (L) x 6.5″ (W) 5.25″ (H) – Black

  • D-Line Cable Management Box conceals/protects power strips & excess cables. By utilizing D-Line Cable Boxes, wasted space is re-gained, appearance improves, hard to reach spaces become easier to clean, and electrics are less accessible to curious pets & infants.
  • D-Line’s Cord Organizer Box blends with modern décor, with 3x rear cord entry/exit points allowing a neat appearance to always be maintained… use D-Line Cable Raceway, Cable Tube, Cable Wrap or Cable Zipper to organize entry/exit cords.

Buy on Amazon

Cable Management Box Set of 2, Bamboo Cover, Cord Organizer for Desk TV Computer USB Hub System to Cover and Hide Power Strips & Cords, Large 15.9 & Medium 13 inches

  • MAKE CABLE MANAGEMENT A BREEZE – Baskiss Cable Management Box Set solves all your cord chaos by neatly hiding unattractive power strips, adapotors and excess cord length from piling up on your floors or cluttering your desk.
  • LARGE & MEDIUM SIZE – With LARGER SIZE (15.9″ x 6.2″) you can store all of your outlet cables in any rooms and keep all your accessory cables always tidy and dust free. 1 MEDIUM SIZE box (12.6″ x 5.3″) is included in the package which gives you more space to storage your extra power cables.

Buy on Amazon

Under Desk Cable Management Tray – No Drill Cable Management for Glass Desk. Under Desk Cable Organizer for Wire Management. Perfect Standing Desk Cable Management Rack (Black Wire Tray – Single 17”)

  • Join more than 100,000 satisfied customers who have already untangled their cable mess with Scandinavian Hub cable trays. Our under table cable management kit is made out of carbon steel, giving it sturdy construction and is the Strongest Kit on Amazon. This full sheet under desk wire organizer is powder coated for long life.
  • Easily Mounted: The under desk cord organizer tray installs to the bottom of any wood, MDF, or particleboard desk. The “No Drill” option also let’s you install it to any glass desk using only the included adhesive. You can even mount it on the wall and use it as a cable management wall unit. Not suitable for installation on paper honeycomb-filled desks like some IKEA office desks – Linnmon and Skarsta.

Buy on Amazon

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