A Student’s Guide to the Ultimate Home Office by Regina Deleste

By Rob Orr / Last updated: Nov 29, 2023


In the heart of Manila, Regina Deleste sips from a wonderfully aromatic cup of coffee brewed from beans grown in the Filipino mountain provinces, as she sets out for her day of work and study in her home office where she’s created more than just a study space; she’s shaped an oasis of calm and creativity.

Balancing her studies in Information Technology with her love for greenery and music, her home office is a testament to the power of a well-designed workspace.

It’s a place where the demands of productivity meet the tranquility of nature, where functionality and personal flair merge seamlessly. From every spot of greenery that adds a touch of life to the carefully chosen lighting that sets the mood for rest and relaxation, Regina’s space is a perfect representation of her journey as a student and a young adult navigating life’s challenges and joys. Join us as we explore how Regina’s home office in her 12 sqm room has become a hub of learning, creativity, and well-being.

Regina Deleste: A Student’s Life in Manila

Meet Regina Deleste, a dedicated student from the vibrant city of Manila, Philippines. Her experience provides an insight into the life of a young academic in a bustling metropolis. We’ll uncover Regina’s daily routines, challenges, and the unique aspects of being a student in such a lively city.

Regina’s Personalized Workspace: A Journey of Adaptation

In her 12 sqm space in Manila, Regina crafted a home office that’s a vibrant reflection of her student life.

She describes her journey: “I move around a lot, and I have only been able to settle down recently for university. Before this, I used to carry around a laptop and the portability was vital to the way I studied and worked.”

The pandemic brought a shift in her needs, leading to the creation of her home office. Regina’s space is a mix of spontaneity and practicality: “I would describe my home office as an ode to the onslaught of productivity due to pure boredom. Essentially, a young adult’s brain vomit and the feeling one gets at 3 in the morning that makes you want to clean your room.”

Over two years, her focus transitioned from aesthetics to functionality: “I focused on the lighting and aesthetics of the office over function. Eventually, instead of buying the latest gadget or thingamajig I saw online to fill up my desk (the Divoom Ditoo Plus is one of my regrettable purchases), I decided to go natural with plants and tasteful RGB.” Her choice of a mostly monochromatic color scheme provides flexibility, while the cool white lighting she favors daily creates a serene atmosphere.

This space is not just for university work; it’s a hub of creativity: “I mostly use the office to do homework and code. I am taking up a Bachelor’s in Information Technology and I’m in my sophomore year. The parts I picked are very much aligned with my needs. Besides school, I use the office to lounge around, make music, and create content for my personal social media pages.” Regina’s home office epitomizes the evolving needs and creative spirit of a modern student.

Navigating Aesthetics: Regina’s Approach to Her Home Office Design


Item Details/Description
Desk Organized, symmetrical layout
Plants Real plants and IKEA faux plants
Speakers Generic pair for music
Keyboard Finalkey V81 with Aflion Shadow Inks and JC Studio Dyesub keycaps
Macropad Custom, retro Gameboy style design for controls
Chair Comfortable chair from a local store
Lighting Controlled via smart clock; LED lighting strips on shelves and wall
Phone Stand Magnetic stand for easy phone viewing

Regina faced a significant challenge in creating her home office: maintaining a cohesive look. She explains, “The biggest challenge was probably making sure nothing looked out of place.” Her collection of decor and peripherals, gathered over time, required careful curation to adhere to a theme. Regina’s inclination towards vibrant objects was tempered by the need for a more subdued style, prioritizing “the more ‘boring’ approach to reduce both aesthetic strain and eye strain.”

The Urban Elegance of Regina’s Workspace

When asked about the theme behind her setup, Regina describes it as “elegantly ‘urban’.” This unique style reflects her city living in Manila, incorporating industrial design elements balanced by the tranquility of plants. “I took inspiration from the streets of Japan,” she adds, pointing to the influence of urban Japanese aesthetics on her monochromatic color scheme, interspersed with natural greenery for a harmonious blend of city vibes and natural calm. This careful combination of elements creates a workspace that’s both functional and reflective of her personal style and environment.

Regina’s Organized Chaos: A Glimpse into Her Desk Setup

Regina’s desk setup is a unique blend of order and personal expression. She describes it as “an organized mess,” where everything necessary and unnecessary finds a place, arranged with near-symmetrical precision. Her desk is a sanctuary of green, hosting a variety of plants and succulents, including a mix of real ones and IKEA faux plants. This botanical array, occasionally watered indiscriminately, adds a lively touch to her workspace.

Functionality reigns supreme in her setup, which is simpler than one might expect, yet more practical. Essential to her desk are a pair of speakers for music, a smart clock integrated with Google Home routines, and a uniquely designed keyboard and a retro Gameboy-style macropad. These tools are not just about utility; they also reflect her personality and creative flair. Complementing this arrangement is a comfortable chair from a local store, ensuring ergonomic support during long study sessions.

The Keyboard: Regina’s Cherished Tool in Her Home Office

When asked about her favorite tool, Regina doesn’t hesitate: it’s the keyboard. Her interest peaked during the pandemic, leading her into the world of keyboard modification. Currently, she uses a Finalkey V81 equipped with Aflion Shadow Inks and JC Studio Dyesub keycaps. This keyboard is more than just an input device; it’s a representation of her journey into a hobby that combines technical skill with personal taste, making it an invaluable resource in her home office.

Regina’s Smart Home Office Insights and Wishlist

Regina’s approach to her home office is all about integrating smart technology for ease and convenience. “I have all the lights connected to my smart clock,” she shares, making room brightness control a breeze. Additionally, she uses simple automation, like finger-pressing robots, to interact with mechanical switches, enhancing the ‘smart’ aspect of her space. This integration, she notes, is especially useful since she’s not keen on tinkering with the original wiring done by a professional.

Her advice for others? “Definitely invest in more smart home products.” Regina believes in the future of smart devices, seeing them as a key part of a modern, efficient home office.

As for what’s missing in her space, Regina’s answer is clear: “I wish I had more plants! I feel like you can never have too many plants.” Her love for greenery is evident, and she fantasizes about adding an electric drum set to her office, despite not playing the drums. This mix of practical desires and whimsical wishes reflects the personality and creativity behind her home office setup.

Regina’s Home Office: A Sanctuary for Productivity and Well-being

Designing her home office has been more than just an aesthetic exercise for Regina; it’s a therapeutic process. Battling anxiety, she finds solace in maintaining a clean and organized space, noting, “cleaning up routinely really keeps me in check every day.” Her well-being has significantly improved, with her cozy setup serving as a haven for relaxation and study. The impact on her productivity is just as profound, attributing the well-lit room with favorite items within reach as key to her relaxation and focus.

The latest addition to her workspace is a practical one: a magnetic phone stand. It’s a small change, but it’s made a big difference in keeping her phone accessible yet not distracting. This tool allows her to stay connected without interrupting her workflow.

For Regina, the control over her environment is the best aspect of working from home. She appreciates being able to manage everything from room noise to lighting, finding peace in the predictability and control it offers.

However, working from home isn’t without its challenges, with distractions being the foremost. Regina candidly admits, “No one is watching me at home, or telling me what to do, and sometimes I abuse that freedom.” The discipline struggle working from home is something that all of us face from time – it’s just a reality of the WFH life.


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