16 Home Office Design Ideas That You Can Start Today

By Rob Orr / Last updated: Feb 16, 2023

Home Office Design Ideas

Are you willing to work in a dark, gloomy corner of your house surrounded by bland walls? I’m guessing probably not.

A home office setup is your personal productivity kingdom. You can bring out the inner artist in you and go all in to create the best home office setup ever! When it comes to home office design ideas, the possibilities are endless. You can go for a minimalistic home office design with fitted furniture and a monochrome color scheme. Or perhaps add an accent wall in your bedroom and paint it yellow to invite creativity. The most important factor is that everything should flow in a cohesive way. Contemporary, Industrial, Scandinavian, Traditional, Rustic — the ideas are unlimited; what do you prefer?

Nathan Schultz, a senior executive at Chegg, reports that the productivity of his employees multiplied when he eased off during the first lockdown and allowed employees to work from home on their own terms. Surprisingly, projects were completed ahead of schedule, and workers even volunteered to take on new tasks.

The reason?

Probably because the employees felt more comfortable sitting on their favorite chair in their preferred corner of the house. From the peripherals to the color on the walls, everything was of their liking.

There’s been a massive shift in the remote workforce. Almost everyone is working from home, which forces us to think about the best home office ideas.

What desk should I have? What’s the best layout for my home office design? Is it necessary to add storage in my home office setup? What home office layout is best for my working style?

We all know how boring and uninviting office buildings can be. Seeing those dull filing cabinets, tangled cords, and plain computer workstations at 9 in the morning is not that appealing. Maybe you wanted a full-sized poster of Messi behind the monitor, but your manager was a Ronaldo fan.

On the contrary, a home office is all you. It depicts all your tastes and preferences.

You want a super flashy gaming chair, go for it! You prefer a rustic brown wooden desk with a faux-leather chair; who’s stopping you? You can turn any small space, like your loft or attic, into your dream workstation.

Before you jump into the wagon of buying stuff for your home office, it’s important to note down what you are expecting from it.

Say you are an artist who relies on an endless stream of creativity and positive energy to design something; working in a dull minimalistic setup might not be your thing.

What’s the best layout for my home office design?

Do you want a large wooden desk in the middle of the room or an L-shaped industrial desk in one of the corners? Or perhaps you want to give the desk the most prominent view and enjoy the natural daylight.

There can be a number of different home office layouts that you can go for. But remember, the core purpose of your setup is work. Make sure you balance style and functionality to boost productivity.

Without further ado, here are some popular layouts for your home office design.

What’s the best layout for my home office design

Home Office in a Bedroom

Not everyone has the option to dedicate a separate room for a home office setup. Many people just choose a spare wall in the bedroom and go for it.

But there’s a caveat: you are too close to your bed.

To keep relaxation and workspace separate, you can use a large screen or divider (like the Ikea Pax Room Divider or Coiled Wire Fabric Divider).

Closets can serve as storage space. You can also add a storage shelf beside your desk if there’s enough space. You can paint your home office wall with an entirely different color from the rest of the room.

I recommend going for blue as it promotes relaxation and productivity. It doesn’t just have to be plain blue; you can break it up into different colors and even go for patterns like a stone backsplash on the wall, or cheshire.

Livebor Black and White Contact Paper Geometric Peel and Stick Wallpaper 17.7inch X 118.1inch Black Print Wallpaper Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Wallpaper Removable Wallpaper Modern Contact Paper

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Home Office in a Bedroom

Home Office with a View

A home office doesn’t mean you have to trap yourself in a closet till the work is done.

A beautiful view out the window with natural light coming in can go a long way. HBR found that the absence of natural light and outdoor views hurts the employee experience.

And everyone has a window in their home where they just stare into the wilderness while having a nice cup of coffee. Why not position your desk near that window and enjoy the perks all day long?

A nice hack to increase natural light is to go for lighter, brighter interior wall and ceiling paints. The most obvious one would be white or eggshell matte, but you can go for any high gloss paint.

Direct sunlight can be a bit too much sometimes. You can include the Mix and Match Curtains from Bonzer to control the light and protect your privacy.

BONZER Mix and Match Curtains – 2 Pieces Branch Print Sheer Curtains and 2 Pieces Blackout Curtains for Bedroom Living Room Grommet Window Drapes, 37×84 Inch/Panel, Grey Dark, Set of 4 Panels

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Home Office with a View

Home Office in the Dining Room

Dining rooms, if not used for formal dining often, are the best alternative to bedroom home office setup.

You can create a functional workspace with enough space to store all your equipment. Buffets, sideboards, or other existing dining storage can accommodate your work supplies.

If your partner doesn’t allow you to stuff the china cabinets with your files, you can install new file cabinets and wall file systems in a nook and keep all your supplies organized.

You can also repurpose the revolving spice rack to store small office supplies such as tacks, paperclips, and rubber bands.

The dining table itself can act as your worktable. You can use a specialized office chair but dining chairs—especially upholstered styles—also work fine. A seat cushion or lumbar pillow can really help with the ergonomics.

How can you add storage to your home office?

Storage is really not an issue when working in a commercial office building. But at home, you must have enough storage to stay organized. Here’s how you can add storage to your home office:

Filing Cabinets

If most of your stuff is online and you only need moderate storage for some receipts and work files, a standard two-drawer letter-size file cabinet will be enough. The dimensions can go up for a two-drawer legal-size file cabinet and a Lateral file cabinet, but you’ll have much more storage space.

DEVAISE 3 Drawer Wood Mobile File Cabinet, Rolling Filing Cabinet for Letter/A4 Size, Black

  • REINVENT YOUR WORKSPACE: This filing cabinet with contemporary look that can be the little extra you needed in your office space. Perfect next to any desk or work table for added storage.
  • GENEROUS STORAGE: This small file cabinet have 3 spacious drawers. You can pull all your essentials inside, like printing paper, pens, books, or even snacks. The bottom drawer with file hanging frames to accommodates letter/ A4 size files. High-quality ball bearing glides ensure a lifetime of silky smooth opening and closing over many years.

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Lorell Fortress File Cabinet, Black

  • Commercial-grade, vertical file features four high-sided drawers that accommodate legal-size, hanging file folders without additional accessories
  • Smooth, quiet, drawer performance

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Use Wall Space for Storage

You can install shelves, attach mounting folders to the wall, fasten baskets of wire file organizers, or incorporate a pegboard. Another great option is to try open shelving.

You can place books, magazine holders, antiques, and other decorative items along with your work supplies.

Box shelves are also widespread these days. They have plenty of storage space and look great too. You can try out different wall-mounted storage options and see which matches the aesthetics of your home office.

BAMBSTICK Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set of 3, Modern Bamboo Wall Shelves for Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Office, Storage Home Decor Floating Shelf, Book Shelves

  • Set of 3 wall shelves are the perfect piece for any modern decor or contemporary living room decor. Bambstick floating shelves are all about simple, unique showcases for your book, photos, decorations and artworks.
  • Design and crafted from 100% natural bamboo. Due to the characteristics of bamboo, its damp proof, strong and more durable than ordinary wood, which is not easy to deform. This rustic shelf can hold up to 50 lbs without failure.

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InnoGear Floating Shelves for Wall, Set of 3 Wall Mounted Shelves Storage Shelves Rustic Wood Wall Shelves for Storage Bedroom Living Room Bathroom Kitchen Office

  • Home Decor & Organizer: Set of 3 wallshelves are ideal for any rustic and modern homedecor. allowing you to better organize spaces and to put all sorts of things on display. These wall mounted shelves are the perfect choice for adding additional shelving space for collectibles, plants, crafts, photos and more.
  • Premium Quality: Made of premuim wood, handcrafted and forged with metal frame, InnoGear floating shelves are durable to use in more than one way. The polished surface makes an excellent feeling and ensures longer service life.

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NEX Wall Grid Panel with Hanging Basket, Wire Photo Wall Display | Picture Frame Memo Board DIY Décor Wall Storage Organizer, 32.6” x 23.8”

  • OFFERED MORE CONVENIENCE: Include Wire hanging baskets (1 big and 2 small baskets), 20 metal clips, 4 anchors and 4 nails, giving you a comfortable way to set up. NOTES: Photos & Plants are not including.
  • GREAT WALL ORGANIZER: Create your personal memo board with the wall grid panels, create a vertical storage space on the wall and space-saving solution. you can put your Photos or Memo on it, just like pictures shown. A great way to sort out some of your best memories.

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Other Storage Options

Here are a few other storage options that you can incorporate into your home office layout:

  • Storage Cabinets
  • Desktop Organizer
  • Storage Boxes
  • Portable storage (rolling cabinet)
  • Closet Storage
  • Desk with Storage

All these options can save tons of space on your desk, help you declutter the whole home office setup, and boost productivity.

How to choose the right desk for your home office?

Desks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But what looks good in an HGTV home office setup might not work for you. Everyone has a different work style.

If you work alone, a small one-sided computer desk does the job. On the flip side, others might need a large double-sided executive desk for client meetings.

Here are a few questions that’ll help you choose the right desk for your home office:

In summary, the desk should give your home office a personalized touch while maintaining the balance between style and functionality. Here are a few desk recommendations:

ODK Computer Writing Desk 47 inch, Sturdy Home Office Table, Work Desk with A Storage Bag and Headphone Hook, Espresso Gray

  • Multifunctional Storage Design: The additional storage bag will help organize your working space at home or office more efficiently.A Versatile Hook can be used for hanging your Headphone, Bag, and other useful gadgets.
  • Providing Screws Replacement: You can get a new shipment of screws since your purchase is missing the amount needed.

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CubiCubi Computer Home Office Desk, 40 Inch Small Desk Study Writing Table with Storage Shelves, Modern Simple PC Desk with Splice Board,Black/Brown

  • Modern Confident Style: CubiCubi home computer desk delivers a peaceful user experience to you wherever at office or home. This desk unifies rigid metal with tasteful, rustic brown and black wooden boards. It is as fashionable as functional that the splice board and 2-tier open shelves design. Made the right choice for your home.
  • Enrich Your Use Space: 2-tier open shelves for storage, providing plenty of room for under-desk storage and organization. If you need the space for a large computer chassis, feel free to remove the middle shelf for some extra room.

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Cubiker Computer Desk 55 inch Home Office Writing Study Desk, Modern Simple Style Laptop Table with Storage Bag, Natural

  • Meet more needs:Storage bag is added based on the basic computer desk, help you better allocate desktop space
  • Use the diagonal brace to reinforce the frame, also equipped with adjustable foot pads

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How to decorate your home office?

Decorating your home office space is more about designing a space that you admire and enjoy working in. What seemed like an arduous task in a commercial office building might be pretty easy to do in your own home office environment.

There are no hard and fast rules to design a home office. The only requirement is to maintain functionality while adding a personal touch to almost everything in your setup. Here are a few ways to decorate your home office:

Paint the walls

You deserve more than a bland metal desk surrounded by lifeless walls. You can get creative with paint, experiment with different colors and patterns. You need walls that kickstart your productivity engine.

For some, bright and cheery colors like yellow or orange works. Both these colors invoke imagination, creativity, and inspiration.

If you are a writer, graphic designer, artist, or anyone who needs that positive energy spike to do work, these bright colors will definitely help out.

You can get hold of a wall stencil and customize your DIY wall decor with your favorite combination of paint colors and wall stencil patterns. Stencil patterns range from basic geometric shapes to intricate Moroccan designs. You can also try a statement wall.

Another great design idea is to add a pop of shocking color while keeping the rest of the space neutral. This way, you have a minimalistic and contemporary look while having a jolt of bold color to jazz up the home office space.

Personalize the setup with your interests

This is your own house —no colleagues, no manager, no one! You can go all-in with your passions and flaunt your collection. Globes, maps, trophies, table lamps, artwork, and everything that energizes you can be on the shelves.

Here are a few things that you might like adding to your home office setup:

  • Vintage bottles
  • Accent lamps
  • Luxe fabrics
  • Vivid hues
  • Taxidermized pheasant
  • Mexican vase
  • Stuffed animal
  • Mixed metals and dark accent wall
  • Wooden desk, leather chair
  • Couch for relaxation
  • Framed family photographs
  • Travel souvenirs
  • Metal bookcases
  • Bold rugs
  • Posters
  • Origami table lamps
  • Sculptures
  • Foundation trays
  • Tabletop clocks
  • Marble bookends
  • Wall calendar
  • Bulletin boards
  • Whiteboards
  • Chalkboards
  • Interactive video whiteboard

The list goes on and on!

Best Home Office Design Ideas

Minimalist Scandinavian Home Office

We found this on Pinterest that serves as a great example of a minimalist Scandinavian home office setup: Monochrome Scandinavian Home Office Inspiration

A Scandinavian home office setup uses basic colors like white, black, tan, and gray to offer a minimalistic look. These colors create a distraction-free environment that significantly boosts productivity. There are no funky patterns or pops of color in these Nordic-style home office setups.

The desk has a spotless and minimalistic design with strong yet clean lines. The whole vibe is subtle but yet so powerful in its own way. The gray chair has a contemporary look that perfectly aligns with the light-toned desk.

The white L-shaped desk indicates that there’s a strong emphasis on versatility and practicality. You can only see three colors, white, black, and grey. The large Mac screen perfectly matches the aesthetics. There are minimal wall pockets (one in black and one in white) attached to the wall behind the desk. A clean black tray with white vases, one of them having an indoor plant (maybe a Chinese Evergreen), sits on the right end of the table.

The monochromatic portraits create a focal point of the whole setup. There’s also a wall photo grid shelf with a portrait, calendar, and printed quote hanging on it. Four storage drawers can be seen above the table with a green Pothos and two windows on the top. There’s also a small circular minimalistic table with a classic mid-century Scandinavian chair for a toddler.

Wall Photo Grid Shelf, Wall Hanging Ins Art Display Grid Panel for Decor & Storage, Metal Wire Notice Boards & Memo Board, Mesh Tool Organiser, Wall Photo Frame 2 Pcs (Black, 15.7 x 31.5 inches)

  • Made of high quality wire, black coating on the surface and after hardening treatment, durable, not easy to rust.
  • Only need to drop the matching hook into the wall, then hang the grid on the hook to complete the installation. It will not fall from the wall when hanging photos, color lights and other small objects on the grid.

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Here are a few other accessories you can add to a Scandinavian home office setup:

  • Black/White floating shelves
  • Black and white photography
  • Black/White/Gray task lamp
  • Monochrome vase
  • Wishbone chair
  • Fur-laden chairs
  • Crop-ring mats
  • Hanging glass lights

The best thing about a Scandinavian home office setup is that everything is so seamlessly cohesive that it seems unreal.

More Scandinavian Home Office Ideas:

NOXU White L Shaped Desk with Shelves – Large Modern 66”x47”x29.5” (LxWxH) – Reversible L Shaped Gaming Desk for Home or Office – Safe and Sturdy Computer Desk with Storage – Corner Desk Table

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  • Reversible Design – Style your home or office however you like! Our reversible L shaped desk can be placed in any corner. Tools, written and video instructions included.

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Flash Furniture Elon Series White Plastic Chair with Wooden Legs

  • Offering a cool aesthetic, this versatile accent and party chair offers a geometric accent wooden base with a comfort-molded plastic seat. Ideal side chair for the dining table, living room, library or as a desk chair
  • Colorful accent chair with protective floor glides

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Lavish Home Contemporary Decor and Home Accent Table with Tray Top (White, Set of 2),

  • MODERN END TABLES – This set of two nesting accent tables features an updated mid-century modern design. The hand-painted matte finish and tripod spindle legs will add chic style to your living room, bedroom, nursery, or home office.
  • PRACTICAL AND STURDY – Constructed from durable manufactured wood, each side table has a 22-pound weight capacity and features a tray top with a raised lip that helps keep lamps, potted plants, and home décor items safely in place.

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Wall Photo Grid Shelf, Wall Hanging Ins Art Display Grid Panel for Decor & Storage, Metal Wire Notice Boards & Memo Board, Mesh Tool Organiser, Wall Photo Frame 2 Pcs (Black, 15.7 x 31.5 inches)

  • Made of high quality wire, black coating on the surface and after hardening treatment, durable, not easy to rust.
  • Only need to drop the matching hook into the wall, then hang the grid on the hook to complete the installation. It will not fall from the wall when hanging photos, color lights and other small objects on the grid.

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Welmeco 3 Pieces Animals Wall Decor Black and White Deer in Autumn Forest Canvas Prints Artwork for Home Office Nature Scenery Living Room Bedroom Decoration (L-48″XH-32″)

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Mid-Century Home Office

We found this on Pinterest that serves as a great example of a mid-century home office setup: Classic Mid-Century Home Office Inspiration

A mid-century home office depicts that good old retro vibe. A wooden desk in walnut, birch, or teak, modernist office chair with faux leather, and classic artwork from the 1950s and 1960s make up a rustic mid-century home office.

The desk is the centerpiece of this setup. The warm brown tone of poplar combined with metallic gray legs gives the entire setup a completely different personality.

Everything on the desk itself adds to the charms of the setup. From the tall and handsome plant to the minimal round table lamp, everything is in perfect harmony.

It doesn’t always have to be a shade of brown. You can also experiment with orange, mustard yellow, tan, and teal. The design ideas are endless with these color combos.

The chair, how can we forget the chair! It is a perfect blend of contemporary furniture design and wooden magic. It has a gray cushion seat with Early American armrests.

The ambiance of this setup resembles that of the 1960s set design of Mad Men.

Here are a few other things you can add to a mid-century home office setup:

  • Abstract Art
  • Wooden Open Shelving
  • Eames Chair
  • Glass top desk with sculptural wood base
  • Fountain pens
  • Antiques
  • Vintage office accessories
  • Mid-century rugs

More Mid-Century Home Office Ideas:

IDS Home Contemporary Walnut Wood Executive Swivel Ergonomic with Arms Office Furniture Bentwood Mid Back Desk Chair, Black

  • Black PU leather, high back and Bentwood cover for desk chair
  • Multidirectional wheel that allows free movement.

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Brightech Elizabeth Table Lamp with Wireless Charging Pad and USB Port, Bedside Reading Lamp, Vintage Brass Gold Desk Lamp, Nightstand Lamp with LED Bulb for Bedroom, Living Room, Office

  • Desk Lamps For Home Office – The Elizabeth LED Desk Lamp has a minimalist upright design and fits perfectly in any room from mid-century modern to traditional décor. It comes in an elegant brass finish, which pairs perfectly with the warm tone of the warm white LED light the bulb emits. The glass shade provides extra elegance and an added touch of modernity, and the built-in wireless and USB chargers make this a great table lamp for the living room, bedroom.
  • Alexa and Google Home Compatible Table Lamp: Works with smart outlets that are Alexa, Google Home Assistant, or Apple HomeKit enabled, to turn on/off. (Requires smart outlet sold separately.) The Elizabeth Desk Lamp gives off a warm, cozy light that creates a comfortable space on your end table or dorm room desk, a great alternative to unpleasant overhead lights.

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SIMPLIHOME Draper SOLID HARDWOOD 64 inch x 35 inch Mid Century Modern Wide Bookcase and Storage Unit in Teak Brown with 2 Drawers and 3 Shelves, for the Living Room, Study and Office

  • Handcrafted using the finest quality solid rubberwood hardwood & metal
  • Hand-finished with a Rich Teak Brown stain and a protective NC lacquer to accentuate and highlight the grain and the uniqueness of each piece of furniture

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IWELL Storage Cabinet with Door & 3 Drawers, Mid Century Storage Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf, Floor Cabinet for Living Room, Bedroom, Home Office, Rustic Brown

  • We free provide each customer with an 18-month quality guarantee for free, if you have any dissatisfaction, please contact us by email, we will free send replacement or refund. Size: 31.5″L x 11.8″W x 30.7″H.
  • Our floor storage cabinet is designed with 3 drawers and 1 side cabinet with adjust shelf. 3 large drawers can store your cosmetics, clothes, daily necessities, tableware, recipes, medicines, file, etc, and keeps everything in order and accessible. You also can move the shelf behind door to adjust the distance according to the heights of the items. Everything is within your control and function is up to you.

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Industrial Home Office Setup

We found this on Pinterest that serves as a great example of a industrial home office setup: Retro Industrial Home Office Setup Inspiration

Metal, wood, raw brickwork and concrete, exposed beams, pipes —an industrial home office setup is all about combining industrial design elements with contemporary décor.

The sheer elegance and unpretentious aesthetics of reinforced metal framework and raw wood make an industrial home office design truly a work of art.

The desk has a heavy pinewood top with three drawers. There’s a smooth transition between the browns and blacks. The whole supporting frame is made of metal.

There are locking cater wheels at the end of each leg for easy movement. Point to notice is that you typically don’t get wheels in any other home office setup.

The accessories on the desktop add to the rugged beauty of this setup. The old-school lamp and the deer antler bookends combined with the patterned rug, and industrial shelves bring personality to the chic industrial style.

Here are a few other things you can add to an industrial home office setup:

  • Surface-mounted electrical wiring
  • Sailboat model
  • Vinyl record
  • Chalkboard
  • Pipe shelf brackets
  • Brick Walls
  • Vibrant rug
  • Typographic prints in simple black picture frames

More Industrial Home Office Ideas:

SEI Furniture Edison 2-Drawer Desk, Dark Tobacco with Industrial Gray

  • Features broad, wood workspace and 2 office supply drawers; Smooth metal drawer glides
  • Updated industrial style; Dark tobacco with industrial gray finish

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LINSY HOME 5 Tiers Bookshelf, Double Wide DIY Industrial Book Shelf with 10 Storage Shelves, Open Display Shelves with Metal Frame for Living Room Bedroom Home Office,Black Gold

  • Our book shelf is made of thick steel metal frame and solid & safe P2 grade MDF board. The Botton reinforcement design and tip-over resistance device prevent the bookshelf from toppling or wobbling. The shelves with side panels ensure your precious objects don’t fall off.
  • Bookcase dimensions 12.5″D x 46.3.”W x 68.89″H. This bookshelf with 10 shelves, and each shelf can support 22 lb. You can DIY the height of each shelf to meet your needs, it’s perfect for accessorizing, organizing, and storing your items while keeping them tidy and organized at the home office.

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(3 Tier – 24in) Industrial Pipe Shelving, Industrial Floating Shelves, 100% Pine Solid Wood, Galvanized Steel

  • Iron&wood
  • The Industrial Pipe Shelvings are entirely made of natural wood. We never use MDF, PB, or composite wood. 𝟏𝟎𝟎% 𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡-𝐐𝐮𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐆𝐚𝐥𝐯𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐳𝐞𝐝 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐥 – Increases the pipe’s durability, scratch resistance, and rust and oxidation resistance. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Modway Mark Rustic Modern Farmhouse Steel Metal Wood Adjustable Dining Chair in Brown

  • A versatile seat for a kitchen island, dining space or game room, the distressed metal frame and laminated bentwood seat and back update any room with industrial modern charm
  • Complete with a sturdy metal footrest and 360º swivel, the seat of this rustic bar stool is height adjustable with a range from 15.5″ to 23″, perfect for counters or bar tops

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HAITRAL USB Modern Table Lamp with Outlet, Industrial Farmhouse Bedside Desk Lamp for Bedroom, Office, Living Room, Black (Without Bulb)

  • HAITRAL industrial table lamp features a black metal pole, metal lamp base and blub shaped metal lampshade, which creates the industrial look and add a touch of aesthetic to any room. The lampshade with bulb shaped metal cage design protect your bulb, more safe and have a new elegant look in your room.
  • Built-in dual USB charging ports (5V/2.1A) on lamp base. Convenient to charge your 2 devices at once. Such as mobile phones, tablets, kindle readers, speaker, diffuser, and other electronic devices. These USB ports can be used regardless of whether the lamp is on or off. Besides, a useful AC power outlet was added on the base. Please note: don’t use the electric appliances with power more than 800W.

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Bellaa 28731 Decorative Bookends Vintage Deer Elk Antlers Cottage Cabin Lodge Farmhouse Woodland Home Decor 8 Inch

  • Deer bookend buck vintage style reindeer stag wood land bookshelf
  • Elk nonskid bookends sold as a pair 8 inches tall polyresin

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MyGift Rustic Wood L-Shaped Decorative Bookends, Office Bookshelf Decor Desk Book Holder Stand with Industrial Pipe Design, 1-Pair

  • A pair of L-shaped torched wood bookends with rustic elbow and flange fittings
  • Ideal for any rustic, industrial, or steampunk inspired decor

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Concord South West Native American Area Rug Design C318 Sage Green (8 Feet X 10 Feet)

  • Southwest Native American Indian Tribal Area Rug Sage Green Black Beige Concord Global Trading Design C318 (8 Feet X10 Feet )
  • High quality textured machine made southwest design with green,black and beige

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Contemporary Home Office

We found this on Pinterest that serves as a great example of a contemporary home office setup: Contemporary Home Office Setup Inspiration

A contemporary home office is a subtle combination of modern furniture, comfort, and color. You’ll often see white, gray, black, tan, and accent colors with strong lines, bare spaces, and minimal embellishments in a contemporary home office setup.

The desk has a light brown tone with a white filing cabinet beneath it. At first glance, the whole setup is modernistic, with strong edges and sharp corners. The color scheme also blends in well with the equipment and decorative items.

The three storage shelves above the desk have a similar color tone as that of the desk. Two metal bars extend from the ceiling to the bottom of the last shelf.

There’s also a futuristic designer lamp beside the monochrome picture frame on the desktop.

Some plant vases, empty glass bowls, and a retro camera are also placed on the shelves to complete the contemporary look.

More Contemporary Home Office Ideas:

Monarch Specialties White Hollow-Core/Silver Metal Office Desk, 60-Inch

  • Large floating top work surface. Assembled product weight-96 pounds. Weight capacity-80 pounds
  • Two drawers with silver colored hardware

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CangLong , Modern Mid-Century Side Chair with Natural Wood Legs for Kitchen, Living Dining Room, White

  • Design: Ergonomic design of perfect height & curved seat supports user’s back well in sitting and leads to an easy conversations
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Well-made and built to last. Black supports ensure stability. Makes a beautiful and elegant addition to any room.

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Winsome Halifax Storage/Organization, 5 drawer, White

  • Note : To ensure proper assembly, please follow all steps provided in the user guide (provided in pdf below)

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BAMEOS Floating Shelves, Rustic Wood Wall Storage Shelves, Wall Mounted Shelf Organizer Set of 3 for Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Office (Carbonized Brown)

  • 【Natural wooden】 BAMEOS’s natural wooden wall shelves use high-quality wood, which is strong and light. The surface of the carbonized pine wood is painted, so that the texture and color of each wood board are different to meet your unique needs. May this wooden wall shelf add beauty to your simple wall.
  • 【Triangle bracket】 Triangle is the most stable structure. BAMEOS’s triangle bracket adopts a one-piece 90-degree right-angled triangle design and is made of high-quality steel, which is strong, stable, and load-bearing. The surface of the bracket is painted, smooth, and flawless. We insist on using the simplest design to achieve 22LBS load-bearing capacity.

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AFROG Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger, USB Charging Port, 5 Lighting Modes,5 Brightness Levels, Sensitive Control, 30/62 min Auto Timer, Eye-Caring Office Lamp with Adapter

  • AFROG multifunctional led desk Lamps have go into more than 1000,000 American families and won their trust with professional lighting solutions in past years, exactly what You are looking for!
  • 5 lighting modes × 7 level brightness , free to choose any lighting mode you want!

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Files Folder Stand Desktop File Organizer, Triangle Wire Magazine Holder Book Shelf, 9 Slot File Sorter Eye-catching Decoration for Indoor Office Home, Photography Props, Fashion in INS (Rose Gold)

  • There is no doubt that this product has been popular in social media like Instagram for a long time. Put it on your desk, take pictures and share it with your social media account, and you’ll get a lot of like and vote.
  • Surface after plating, always exudes elegant luster. It can be used with other furniture or items to become a great assistant for indoor photography, and easy to get beautiful photos.

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mDesign Plastic Slim Vertical File Folder Bin Storage Organizer with Handle – Hold Notebooks, Binders, Envelopes, Magazines for Home Office, Work Desktops, Ligne Collection, 2 Pack – Light Pink/Blush

  • Clean up the clutter on your desk, shelf, countertop or workspace at home or in the office with our slim vertical organizers; Store all of your frequently used files, folders, binders, books, papers, receipts, magazines, letters, take-out menus, school papers, kid’s artwork, planners, taxes, medical paperwork, receipts and other documents; Perfect for home or commercial use; Keep documents organized, categorized and easy to find; Set of 2
  • These office desk storage compartments feature an easy-to-grab handle; It is simple to pull these off your shelf, counter or desk with the integrated handle and get exactly what you need; The slim design maximizes valuable storage space; Perfect for home, apartment, condo, dorm room, offices and children’s study areas

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LA JOLIE MUSE Ceramic Plant Pot with Wood Stand – 8 Inch Unique Modern Flower Pots Indoor with Wood Planter Holder with Drainage, Bright White

  • Unique Daisy Pattern – Imitating the blooming daisies, this planters for indoor plants applies a retro floral motif with flower petals scattered. This sophisticated art piece is designed in bright white with glazed finish, together with the delicate daisy patterns that convey innocence and purity, making it an ideal gift for your beloved.
  • Quality Assurance – Made of premium ceramic with fine embossing technique, this fully-glazed plant pots indoor features a beautiful shine and a concave well-shaped surface.

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