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By Robert David Orr / Last updated: Feb 21, 2022

If you work from home or are planning to set up a home office, you are sure to benefit from custom home office design.

So, what is custom home office design?

Custom home office design is the process of designing your own space for working at home. You can choose any type of furniture and accessories that will suit your needs best. The most important thing in this case is to make it comfortable so that you won’t get tired after long hours spent there. The goal is to create a space that’s conducive to focus and concentration, so you should consider using some natural light sources such as skylights, windows with curtains, etc.

Not every home office design will work for every individual. Different people who work from home have different needs. What boosts one person’s productivity level might not be the best design for someone else.

Your perfectly designed space might require specific storage space, lighting, a custom desk space, a standing desk, a special office chair, shelving, wire management, and more. Custom home office design gives you freedom to build your home office to your exact specifications.

What Is Working from Home?

When someone works from home, they are working in the comfort of their own residence. Whether they are working for themselves as a self-employed person or a freelance contract worker, those who work at home require a personalized office space.

In 2020, businesses began offering remote work to stave off COVID-19 infections. Many employees came to prefer this type of work. Other workers who were laid off or lost their jobs due to the pandemic found ways to make money working online.

According to Statista, 59 million American people freelanced in 2020, which accounts for almost 40 percent of America’s workforce. While short-term demand for freelancers has abated, highly-skilled freelancers make up a large percentage of all freelancers. The number of full-time freelancers is expected to continue growing rapidly.

One-quarter of freelancers prefer to work in their own homes rather than in shared hubs or separate office buildings. With more and more people working from home, the need for custom home office designs is skyrocketing.

What Is Custom Home Office Design?

For those who have been working from home since long before the COVID-19 pandemic caused the number of people working from home to skyrocket, or those who plan to work from home for years to come, a custom home office design is a necessity.

There are companies and businesses that provide custom home offices for people who want to work from home comfortably in their own personalized space. These professionals work with homeowners on a design consultation to get a feel for specific needs and wants. Then, the company can build and install a custom office layout in the available space.

Room Example Customized Office Solutions
Extra bedroom Plenty of room to include multiple desks, storage, couches, etc.
Loft Not closed off, requires partitions for storage and privacy
Basement Spacious but dark, requires lots of lighting and comfort items
Unused corner Small, requires smart uses of vertical space for storage and desk
Empty wall Can be turned into built-in bookshelves for storage on top of built-in desk

Not everyone who works from home has an entire room to dedicate to a home office. Thankfully, knowledgeable home office organizers make it their job to transform any type of space into a fully functioning office workstation.

What Goes Into A Home Office Setup?

A good home office setup has everything you need to get your work done effectively and productively. Unfortunately, not every home office setup is a good one. If your home office setup is going to suit your needs, it should have all of your office essentials.

  • Ample storage space
  • Easily accessible office supplies
  • Organization solutions
  • Display space
  • Room to move comfortably

While this sounds like a lot to ask, even small offices can achieve these necessities.

For example, vertical shelving can add storage space when there is little room on the floor. Adjustable shelving is available for items that are not used constantly but that need to stay in reach, such as file folders, staplers, and other useful supplies.

Depending on what type of work someone does, a file drawer might be necessary. However, these take up quite a bit of space. Stacking one file drawer on top of another can make use of vertical space.

A Functional Work Space That’s Also Stylish

When you work with a business to create a custom home office design, you should focus on adding your own personal touch to your space. Whether your home office is large or small, you can still make it your own by utilizing your preferred personal style choices.

Preferred Style Accomplish This Style
Modern office style Contemporary white cabinets, mixed metals, dark accent wall
Minimalist office style Sleek white desk, thin shelving, silver hardware, few decorative pieces
Traditional office style Wooden desk, comfortable leather chair, familiar accents
Rustic office style Aged wooden desk, weathered accents, warm colors
Colorful office style Brightly colored wall, pops of color in accents and decor, sleek chair

If your space is small, you can still decorate with accent pieces and decorative items. Much as you would do with the rest of your home, use wall shelving and any open wall space for plants, photo frames, and anything else you want to add your own personal style to your custom home office.

A Custom Home Office Design That Works

The most important considerations when creating a custom home office is to consider your professional needs.

What do you do for a living?

For example, a writer will need a different workstation than an architect. Do you primarily use a laptop or desktop computer? Do you need additional desk space for drawing software?

A custom home office that works will provide you with a comfortable space to remain productive throughout your workday.

A modern office should have plenty of storage options that do not feel cluttered, such as upper cabinets. However, you cannot keep your most used items in upper cabinets all the time, or you will constantly be standing up to get them.

Consider what you frequently use versus what you use sometimes. Maybe a traditional filing cabinet will not work in your space. You still need plenty of storage, though. A custom storage solution using the resources you have available could do wonders. Familiarize yourself with the art of organization. Consult with a design professional to figure out exactly what will work best for you.

Additionally, do not paint yourself into a corner. You might have a very specific idea in mind of what you want your custom home office to look like. Do not get discouraged if a professional designer tells you that your idea is not the most effective design. Trust the process and the professionals.

What Areas of Your Home Office Do You Need?

Depending on the work you do, you will need different areas in your office. Obviously, you need a workstation with your computer, keyboard, mouse, etc. You will also probably need a place to plug in your phone and tablet, provided that you work from those as well.

Do you use many tabs at once? You will likely work best with dual monitors. Take that into account when setting up your desk space. What other areas do you need?

  • Do you need a couch for relaxation?
  • Do you need a large screen for presentations?
  • Do you need a bookshelf to reference books while you work?
  • Do you need a ladder for your bookshelf?
  • Do you need seating for clients or guests?
  • Do you need wall space for a large whiteboard?

Make sure you cover all the concepts and features you want to have when you’re planning your custom home office, and think outside the box too.

As an example, do you want to have a kegerator in your home office? What about a coffee bar?

My friend Alan Dean implemented a large interactive video whiteboard that he uses in his home office.

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interactive video whiteboard

There are amazing things you can do with your home office so don’t be afraid to be creative!

What Is the Best Design for My Office?

The best design for your office space meets your needs as a professional. Only you know exactly what you need to get your work done effectively throughout the day. However, we are not always the best judges of our own limitations. Consider these following tips when choosing how to design your home office.

While some people work well amidst the hustle and bustle of other people, those of us who work from home typically prefer peace and quiet. This is why it is so important to find a spot where you can be alone while you work without excess noise. If you do not have a room to spare, create a partition and consider using noise-canceling headphones.

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For creative organization solutions, consider a small rolling storage cart for items like printers that are not used all the time.

The best office chairs offer ergonomic support. Since most folks who work from home spend hours in their chairs, it is paramount that the chairs are comfortable and durable. Lighting is also crucial since it has an effect on mood and productivity.

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Where Can I Hide Digital Wall Safes?

If you keep your digital wall safe in your home office, you will want to find a creative place to hide it. Even in the smallest office setup, you can hide a small digital wall safe. Most home offices have some sort of built-in shelving that can sit in from of a digital wall safe, hiding it. You can also build a false cabinet that opens to reveal a digital wall safe.

In your home office, you can also hang paintings or art pieces in front of a digital wall safe. However, anyone who has seen a movie will likely check behind a piece of art first if they were on the lookout for a hidden safe.

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