Which Mechanical Keyboard Switch is the Loudest? The 5 Loudest Mechanical Keyboard Switches

By Rob Orr / Last updated: Nov 29, 2023


Mechanical keyboards are great because they feel nice, sound awesome, and are durable.

Some people love the noise, while others hate it.

And for those who love it, they really love it and want to get the loudest switch they can get.

So, as a follow up to answering the other question, “which mechanical keyboard switches are the quiestest?” we now look to answer: which mechanical keyboard switch is the loudest?

The loudest mechanical keyboard switch is the Cherry MX Blue switches. With both tactile and clicky mechanical keyboard features, these switches produce loud and clicky sounds with every keypress. Both options have a bump in the middle of travel but clicky switches are louder because they are accompanied by a sharp “click” sound. 

Some people like it loud, so if you are looking to upgrade your keyboard switches to produce a satisfying clicking noise for your work or for gaming, I’ve got you covered.

Although some people prefer smooth and quiet keyboard switches, some people like their keyboards loud to increase efficiency.

Loudness in every mechanical keyboard switch is different.

Each of the choices offer their own qualities and drawbacks that will all boil down to your preference.

Fortunately, we researched a bunch of information for you regarding loud mechanical keyboard switches, such as the best options, what to expect, and what loud mechanical keyboard switches are good for, and put it all together in one place for you.

In this article, I compare five popular mechanical keyboard switches and tell you which switch is the loudest so you can decide which mechanical switch is right for you.

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Which Mechanical Keyboard Switches are Loud?

Which Mechanical Keyboard Switches are Loud?

Mechanical keyboard switches have three categories.

You have your linear, which is not the best option if you prefer loud mechanical keyboard switches without smoothness and ease.

Tactile keyboard switches are an excellent option if you want a good combination of smoothness and tactile feedback.

But if you want the loudest option, clicky switches are the way to go.

We compiled a list of the best loudest mechanical keyboard switches. And most of them consist of linear, tactile, and clicky switches that are made to improve your typing, and sometimes gaming experience. Here are the 5 loudest mechanical keyboard switches:

5 Loudest Mechanical Keyboard Switches

programming mechanical keyboard

If you are looking for the loudest mechanical keyboard switches for your mechanical keyboard, we have done the research– so you don’t have to.

But before we get into this, a word of caution.

Before you any of the options off this list, you might want to make sure that your mechanical keyboard is hot-swappable. A hot-swappable mechanical keyboard enables users to swap out not only the keycaps, but also the keyboard switches in a matter of minutes.

Cherry MX Blue

Type Tactile with click
Actuation Force 61 g
Travel Distance 4 mm with 2mm pre travel

The Cherry MX Blue keyboard switch is one of the most popular options out there, especially for people who prefer typing with a tactile feel and excellent audio click.

It might be a tactile switch, but that does not affect the ability to produce a satisfying “click” with every key you press. It doesn’t only produce a click, but it also has acoustic feedback– which ultimately upgrades your typing, coding, and gaming experience.

This option is an excellent choice for writers who want to hear every single key registering on their mechanical keyboard when writing for work or as a hobby.

Many coders and software engineers also prefer Cherry MX Blues because of its unique characteristics. If you are looking for loud keyboard switches with an awesome feel, the best sound, with the right amount of actuation force– these Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard Switches make an exemplary choice.


  • Smooth feel
  • Acoustic feedback
  • Satisfying click
  • Popular for writers


  • Travel distance a bit too short
  • Not budget-friendly

Cherry MX Black

Type Linear
Actuation Force 61 g
Travel Distance 4 mm total travel with 2 mm pre-travel

Cherry MX Black mechanical keyboard switches have almost the same characteristics as the Cherry MX Blue switches.

The only significant difference is that the black option has linear switching characteristics. I know we mentioned that linear switches are the least quiet option, but that does not always apply, especially with Cherry MX switches.

These mechanical keyboard switches are not equipped with a click, but instead of a loud sound, the touch and feel of these switches are the most noticeable.

They feel very satisfying to trigger, thanks to the added force triggers and stronger spiral spring. Even if they are linear, you are still required to put a certain amount of force for satisfaction with every click.

The most notable thing about the Cherry MX Black switches is their durability. While some options only last for 50 million clicks, these switches doubled the lifespan to 100 million clicks– making them the most durable option on the list.


  • Lasts for 100 million clicks
  • Reinforced spring for excellent feel
  • Good for both gaming and writing


  • Not as loud as other options

Kailh Box Jade Thick Switches

Type Clicky
Actuation Force 50 to 60 g
Travel Distance 3.6 mm

These clicky mechanical keyboard switches are excellent options you can select without breaking the bank. They have just the right amount of travel and actuation force made in a durable package.

But the best thing about these options is the clicky sound. If you are in it for the loud clicks with a good feel without being too heavy on the fingers, the Kailh Box Jad Thick mechanical keyboard switches make an excellent option for you.

These switches are loud, but not so loud that you will hurt your ears.

In fact, if you love typing on loud keyboards and want to recreate the typewriter sound so you can feel like an old-school writer in the 70s and 80s, this option will sound like music to your ears.

They are not very pricey, but they are definitely firm and will last for more than 50 million click cycles. Not bad for something at this price range. Because of the satisfying sound and excellent rebound, you can last for longer typing sessions with these fantastic keyboard switches.


  • Excellent value
  • Fantastic clicking sound
  • Great for writers


  • Not the best for gaming
  • Can be too loud for people around you

Gateron Ink Black v2

Type Linear
Actuation Force 60 g
Travel Distance 4 mm

Gateron Ink Black v2 mechanical keyboard switches are a bit on the pricier side, but it does justify its price for its unique, distinctive, and thocky bass sound.

If you like the sound of heavy switches with a buttery smooth feel, these switches are definitely an excellent option for you. Whether you are a writer, coder, gamer, or just looking to upgrade your keyboard setup and swap out the keys to definitely louder options, you will most-likely feel a significant change with the Gateron Ink Black v2s.

Many reviews say that the sound is quite scratchy out of the box, but once you break them in, they feel really good when typing long hours, making you more productive with your work.

However, because they are a little bit loud, you might want to refrain from working odd hours to avoid disturbing the people you live with. Because they are linear switches, you can lube them before installing them on your mechanical keyboard to improve feel.

If you want something louder and heavier for typing if you are not into gaming that much, the Gateron Ink Blues might be a good option for you.


  • Buttery smooth
  • Excellent bass sound
  • Durable


  • Scratchy at first
  • A little pricey

Matias Click Switch

Type Clicky
Actuation Force 60 g
Travel Distance 3.5 mm

Matias Clicky Switches are probably the best option for you if you like it loud and have the budget to purchase premium mechanical keyboard switches.

They are not as loud as Cherry MX Blues, but the sound is more defined and satisfying to listen to, especially if you are working long hours.

They feel really amazing, and many mechanical keyboard enthusiasts will recommend this option if you like typing fast and hearing the satisfying click that goes with it. Some gamers go for the tactile option, but if you like to maximize the feel and sound of its tactile feedback, the Matias Click Switches are your best bet.

If you don’t believe us, you can listen for yourself. On this page, you will find a comparison between Cherry MX switches vs. Matias Quiet Click and Click variants.


  • Excellent feel
  • Great audio
  • Heavy and firm
  • RGB backlight support


  • Expensive

What Affects Mechanical Keyboard Switch Loudness?

What Affects Mechanical Keyboard Switch Loudness?

Now that you know which mechanical keyboards are the loudest, you might want to know the factors that affect the loudness.

Sometimes, keyboard switches are too loud, and don’t necessarily sound good to the ears, while most times loudness affects the ability to play better because the keys are too heavy. Here are the factors that affect the sound of mechanical keyboard switches:

Mechanical Keyboard Switch Type

Mechanical Keyboard Switch Type

The keyboard switch type is one of the primary factors that affect the sound.

Tactile and clicky key switches are on the louder side, but some linear switches are as loud without sacrificing the actuation of feel, especially when gaming.

Tactile keyboard switches have a bump in the middle that adds extra volume to the noise it produces. Clicky key switches are louder because, aside from the bump in the middle, it also adds a click – which many typists, coders, and writers prefer when working on their computers.

Your Setup

Aside from the mechanical switches, your entire setup also affects the noise level.

Everything from the mechanical keyboard itself, keycaps, and desk to the key switches themselves can impact the sound.

If you want a louder setup, you can go for a full-aluminum keyboard with no sound dampening foam.

A thinner desk will also amp up the volume if you think your keyboard is not loud enough.

Travel Distance

Travel affects the sound, because the longer the travel, the greater the force. Linear key switches with greater travel distance can produce louder sounds without having the tactile bump. But if you own clicky and tactile key switches, they usually have shorter travel distances to maintain good feel without compromising the tactile feedback.

Actuation Force

Actuation force is the amount of pressure you put on the keyboard switches for them to register. The higher the force needed, the louder the sound it will produce. Loud keyboard switches commonly have an actuation force of 50 to 70 Gs, but some linear options can still be loud, depending on the anatomy of the switches themselves.

What to Expect with Loud Keyboard Switches

What to Expect with Loud Keyboard Switches

If you are swapping out your keyboard switches to louder options like clicky and tactile mechanical keyboard switch types, expect a difference in the feel. This is true, especially if you are used to the more modern and thin options equipped on laptops today.

Mechanical keyboard switches are a lot heavier and have a higher profile than other standard keyboards, and clicky key switches add more feel. However, some people prefer higher travel and force, especially for long hours of typing.

What Color Keyboard Switch is the Loudest?

The color of the keyboard switch depends on the brand, but for most brands, colors classify what type of keyboard switches and volume it produces. Here is a table that will help you understand how color affects the sound based on Cherry MX’s color scheme:

Color Description
Brown Tactile and excellent for typing
Blue Loud and primarily for typing
Red Smooth and relatively quiet, good for gaming

Are Loud Mechanical Keyboard Switches Good for Gaming?

Loud key switches are primarily for typing, and yet only a few gamers prefer louder switches like Cherry’s blue switches.

Loud keyboard switches usually require more force, which is not ideal for competitive gaming.

However, some gamers who are used to these types of keyboard switches do not perform well with quiet ones.

If you like gaming in the middle of the night, loud switches are not ideal because they can be too loud and annoying for people you live with.

Are Loud Mechanical Keyboard Switches Good for Typing?

Loud mechanical keyboard switches are the best for typing and switches like the Cherry MX Brown switches are incredibly popular with typists.

The sound level of loud keyboard switches provide both tactil and audible feedback which emulates the feel of a typewriter, making it an excellent way for writers to put their emotion into their work by hearing each click as they form words into sentences, and sentences into paragraphs.

However, just like gaming, loud switches might not be the best choice if you don’t want to disturb the people in the next room or the people working next to you in an office bullpen setting.

Do You Need To Lube Loud Clicky Switches?

It is possible to lube clicky and tactile switches. There are even special kinds of lubricants that you need to use for your key switches to keep them in top working order.

However, the parts you want to ube are usually inside the housing and you need to take them apart before lubricating them.

Some mechanical keyboard switches have a self-lubing technology, meaning you don’t need to lube them, and they will still perform as good until the end of their lifespan.

Final Thoughts

Some people prefer quiet keyboard switches, but there are lot of people who prefer the ones that are loud and proud.

There are some really great options out there for those who enjoy all the audible feedback they get when using a loud mechanical keyboard switch.

So if you are looking to upgrade your keyboard switches because you love all that satisfying clicking noise for your work or for your gaming rig, the ones we’ve covered here are among the loudest, and no doubt you’ll find a key switch set here that will do the job.

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