Fun Friday Activities for the Remote Worker: The Secret Sauce for Boosting Remote Team Morale

By Rob Orr / Last updated: Jun 29, 2023


Wondering how to make your remote work setup feel more like a close-knit office community? Your search ends here!

We’re about to reveal proven Fun Friday Ideas for Work from Home that have transformed countless digital workspaces into thriving virtual communities.

Think it’s impossible to have fun team building activities while everyone’s in different time zones?

Or maybe you’re wondering how you can create a sense of camaraderie and fun when your team members have never met in person? And is there a way to make everyone look forward to that end-of-the-week Zoom call?

Get ready, because we’re tackling all these questions head-on and arming you with strategies to make every remote work Friday a roaring good time!

  1. Boosts Team Morale: Fun Fridays uplift employee spirit, enhancing productivity and cultivating a positive company culture.
  2. Increases Employee Engagement: These activities offer a break from routine tasks, improving employee engagement and interpersonal relations.
  3. Promotes Team-building: Fun Friday games like ‘Virtual Scavenger Hunt’ or ‘Office Bingo’ foster team collaboration and problem-solving skills.
  4. Easy to Host: All you need is a stable internet connection, a video conferencing tool, and a set of enjoyable games.
  5. Customizable to Teams: Games and activities can be tailored to your team’s interests and work culture, including quizzes, trivia, or shared hobbies.
  6. Variety of Games: A plethora of game ideas exists for Fun Fridays, including ‘Picture Story,’ ‘Blind Pictionary,’ ‘Murder Mystery,’ and more.
  7. Encourages Healthy Competition: Fun Fridays spur motivation and excitement among team members, promoting a healthy competitive environment.

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Pumping Up Productivity: The Inside Track on Fun Friday Activities

It’s a familiar scene: The clock strikes 4 pm on a Friday, and your eyelids feel heavier than a pair of dumbbells after a rough workout. The last stretch of your work week has turned into an endurance test. But what if I told you, there’s a fun way to blast through this sluggish vibe while supercharging your remote team’s spirit?

Enter the Game-Changer: Fun Friday Activities

Let’s get real for a second. The remote work culture can be a double-edged sword. It offers freedom, sure. But it can also turn your vibrant team into isolated islands. And this is where Fun Friday activities come into play.

Picture this: instead of the usual end-of-the-week team meeting, you’re on a zoom call with the rest of the team, racing against the time limit in a virtual scavenger hunt. Or maybe you’re all tangled up in a murder mystery, playing detective in your own home office. Sounds like a good time, right?

But here’s the real kicker…

These activities aren’t just an excuse for a bit of fun before the weekend. They serve a dual purpose. Yes, they break the monotony, but more importantly, they’re a team-building activity that boosts employee engagement like nothing else.

From my time managing remote teams, I’ve seen firsthand how Fun Friday activities can transform the company culture. You see, when you’re part of a team playing online games or working out a virtual escape room together, it’s more than just a game. It’s about building bridges, fostering communication skills, and nurturing a shared goal. And that, my friend, is the secret sauce to a highly motivated, tight-knit team.

The Best Part? Size Doesn’t Matter

Whether you’re handling smaller teams or maneuvering large groups, Fun Friday activities fit the bill. In fact, they’re like the Swiss army knife of team-building activities, adaptable and handy for all situations.

Now, remember this isn’t about turning your team into overnight gamers or puzzle enthusiasts. The goal is to provide a platform for your team to interact, engage, and collaborate in a relaxed environment. It’s about creating happy employees who look forward to these activities as much as they do their lunch breaks.

To wrap up, Fun Friday activities are the one-two punch for boosting employee morale and engagement, especially for remote employees. So why not give it a try? After all, as they say, all work and no play… well, you know the rest!

Unleashing the Fun Factor: Unconventional Friday Fiestas for Remote Teams

Ever wonder how to swap those draining Friday afternoon yawns for wide-eyed excitement? Wishing you could turn the typical, end-of-the-week clock-watching into a holler of joy that could be heard all the way from your home office to the virtual meeting room? Well, strap yourself in because you’re about to discover a treasure trove of creative Fun Friday ideas tailored for remote work.

Let’s Dive into the Fun Zone

You’ve probably been there, haven’t you? Staring at the screen, going through the motions of another team meeting, while your mind is already planning your weekend chores. Yawn! It’s time to inject a fun game into that routine and shake things up a little.

Think about it. Imagine wrapping up the week not with mundane reports but with team-building games that leave everyone energized. Picture your team members, scattered across different time zones, coming together for a virtual scavenger hunt. Or how about that quiet guy from accounts becoming the Sherlock Holmes in a remote murder mystery?

Trust me, it’s easier than you think!

There’s a whole world of online games out there that are perfect for remote teams. Board games like ‘Ticket to Ride’ or ‘Settlers of Catan’ can easily be adapted for a virtual environment. They not only offer a fun way to spend the time but also help hone problem-solving skills. Plus, there’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to end the work week on a high note, right?

Now, I hear you asking, “What about the non-gamers on the team?” Well, that’s where the fun activities come in. You could host a virtual happy hour or start a remote book club. Small groups could even have a dance party or engage in trivia questions. The point is, there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a Pro Tip: Keep it fresh

Don’t fall into the trap of running the same activities week in, week out. Keep things fresh. One week you might host a team-building activity, the next a simple game or a shared challenge. Keeping the element of surprise is a great way to keep the team engaged.

I remember once, we asked everyone to share their favorite book in a video chat. Not only did it spark fascinating conversations, but it also allowed us to discover common interests that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Ultimately, Fun Friday activities are a fantastic vehicle for boosting the morale of your remote employees. And trust me, there’s nothing quite like ending the week with a good laugh and a sense of shared accomplishment. So, why not give it a try? Who knows, your team might just surprise you.

Game On: The Inside Scoop on Deploying Fun Friday Activities

You’re thrilled with the idea of hosting a virtual murder mystery or a Zoom-based scavenger hunt, aren’t you? It sounds like so much fun, you can hardly wait to get your remote team onboard. But then the question pops up in your mind: “How do I actually implement these Fun Friday activities?” Let’s uncover that mystery.

First Thing’s First: Organization is Key

Before you start sending out calendar invites for a trivia showdown or a virtual happy hour, remember one thing: You need a game plan. Yes, even fun requires some level of organization.

So, what does that look like?

You’ll want to set a specific time limit. An hour at the end of the day is usually a good sweet spot. It’s long enough to dive into an activity, but not so long that it starts to feel like another work meeting.

And, please, don’t skip this step:

Involve your remote team members in the decision-making process. After all, fun is subjective. What you find exciting might be as appealing as watching paint dry to someone else. So, float a few options, take a poll, and let the majority rule.

Embrace Technology to Fuel the Fun

You might be miles apart, but thanks to technology, you can still be a close-knit team. The right tech tools are a game-changer when it comes to executing Fun Friday activities for your remote teams.

Video chat? Absolutely necessary. It’s hard to win a dance-off or have a friendly competition when you can’t see each other. So, pick a reliable video conferencing platform like Zoom and ensure everyone is comfortable using it.

And here’s another pro tip: Make good use of your Slack channel. It’s an easy way to remind everyone about the upcoming activity, share the rules, or even to gather feedback afterwards.

Now, Pay Attention to This Bit

In my experience, the key to a successful Fun Friday lies in the follow-through. Did everyone enjoy the activity? Was there enough participation? These are questions that need to be addressed.

So, don’t be afraid to ask your team for feedback. This helps to ensure that Fun Fridays remain an eagerly anticipated end to the work week, and not just another calendar invite.

Remember, Fun Friday activities are a means to an end – a happy, engaged remote team. With the right planning and the aid of technology, you can turn every Friday into a fun, uplifting experience that your team looks forward to. Don’t just look at the clock, make the hours count!

Turning Good Times Into Great Outcomes: Winning Strategies for Engaging Fun Fridays

A little bird tells me you’re all set to kick off Fun Friday activities with your remote team. You’ve got your list of games, your tech tools in place, and your teams are revving to go. But the big question is, how can you make these activities a surefire hit every time? Let’s jump into the know-how.

Tip 1: Don’t Just Aim for Fun, Aim for ENGAGING

Here’s the deal: you don’t want just a fun game, you want an engaging experience. Yes, you want everyone to have a good time, but you also want them to feel connected to their team and the company.

So how do you strike that balance?

Look for games or activities that require collaboration. Team-building games that foster problem-solving skills or require your team to work towards a shared goal are a win-win. They’re fun, yes, but they also create opportunities for bonding and collaboration.

But Here’s the Real Secret:

Engagement goes beyond the game itself. It’s about how you present the activity, how you lead it, and how you wrap it up. Good news – all of that is in your control.

Tip 2: Strive for Balance – It’s Not Just about Games

Remember this: Fun Friday is not an excuse to ditch work.

It’s about creating a positive company culture where hard work is recognized, and downtime is valued. It’s about ensuring your remote employees feel as much a part of the team as those in the office.

So, make sure you maintain that balance. Recognize your team’s hard work, provide constructive feedback, and then let loose with the games. A balanced approach is one of the best practices for a successful Fun Friday.

And Speaking of Balance:

You want to balance the type of activities as well. Variety is the spice of life, after all. So, one week, it might be a virtual scavenger hunt, and the next, it might be a simple trivia quiz or a book club discussion. Keep things fresh and exciting, and you’ll have your team eagerly anticipating every Fun Friday.

Let Me Share Something Personal Here:

In my experience, the greatest ideas often sprout in the least formal settings. It’s amazing what a relaxed, fun atmosphere can do to the mind. Some of our most successful projects were born during these informal gatherings. So, don’t underestimate the power of a little fun in unlocking creativity.

Remember, the ultimate goal of Fun Friday is not just about winding down the work week. It’s about creating a culture of collaboration, camaraderie, and creativity. Follow these tips, and you’ll not only have a team that enjoys their Fridays but also feels valued, connected, and engaged.

The Fun Friday Game Room: 27 Slam-Dunk Ideas for Your Remote Team

Picture this: It’s the end of the week, you’ve had a successful string of days filled with hard work, and now it’s time to wind down with some Fun Friday activities. But what games should you play? How do you ensure these activities aren’t just fun, but also engaging and enriching? Hold onto your hats because I’m about to drop 27 stellar game ideas for your Fun Fridays. Ready, set, play!

1. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? This fun game is easy to set up and gets everyone moving. Just create a list of items for your remote team members to find around their home. The first one to complete the list wins. Plus, it’s a great way to get a sneak peek into your teammates’ lives outside of work.

2. Online Board Games

Thanks to modern technology, board games have found their way online. Set up a video call and get everyone on board for a virtual game of Monopoly, Chess, or even Settlers of Catan. It’s fun, it’s competitive, and it brings back that classic game night feeling, even when you’re miles apart.

3. Zoom Call Trivia

Get your remote team members on a Zoom call and test their knowledge on various topics. It’s a fun way to learn new things and engage in a bit of friendly competition.

4. Virtual Happy Hour

All work and no play? Not in this office! Schedule a virtual happy hour where everyone can kick back, enjoy a drink of their choice, and indulge in some small talk. This is the perfect setup for smaller teams looking to wind down after a long work week.

5. Murder Mystery

Who doesn’t love a good whodunit? There are plenty of online platforms that offer virtual murder mystery games. Your team will have to use their problem-solving skills to figure out the culprit, making this a fun game that also doubles as a team-building activity.

6. Virtual Escape Room

Just like a real-life escape room, but online. Your remote employees will have to work together to solve puzzles and escape before time runs out. It’s not just fun, it’s also a great way to strengthen communication skills.

7. Dance Party

Yes, you read that right. Turn on some music, let loose, and get moving! It may sound a bit quirky, but a dance party is a great way to bring some fun and energy to your remote teams.

I’ve got some more tricks up my sleeve, so hold on…

8. Book Club

For all the bookworms in your team, a book club can be a great way to engage and share thoughts on various literary works. It’s a simple game, but it’s a lot of fun and can lead to some enlightening discussions.

9. Team Building Exercises

There are countless team-building activities online that are both fun and effective. From problem-solving tasks to creative challenges, these activities are not just fun but also help improve team dynamics.

10. Virtual Pictionary

Just like the classic game, but this time, it’s online. Get your team on a video call and see who’s the best at drawing and guessing!

11. Team Quiz

Craft a quiz about your team members. It could include questions about their interests, hobbies, and fun facts. It’s an excellent way to learn more about each other and strengthen connections.

12. Online Karaoke

Don’t worry, no professional singing skills required here. It’s all about having a good time and maybe sharing a few laughs. You can use apps like Smule that allow you to sing with your team from wherever you are.

13. “Two Truths and a Lie”

This game is a fantastic way to learn interesting facts about your team members. Each person shares two truths and one lie about themselves, and the rest of the team has to guess the lie.

14. Shared Playlist

Each team member can add their favorite songs to a shared playlist. This activity can spark discussions about music tastes and open up new dialogues.

15. Mini Hackathon

Get your teams to come up with innovative solutions for a hypothetical company problem. It’s not just a fun game, but also a great way to boost problem-solving skills and foster innovation.

16. Home Office Show-and-Tell

Encourage your team to share their workspace or an object from their home office that has a story. It’s a fun activity that can also provide insights into each other’s work environment.

17. Personal TED Talks

Allow each member to give a short “TED Talk” on a topic they’re passionate about. This not only promotes sharing and learning, but also helps improve presentation skills.

18. Hula Hoop Contest

Wait, what? Yep, you heard it right. Have your team members record a video of themselves hula-hooping. The longest hoop wins! It’s a bit silly, but it’s a great icebreaker and can lead to plenty of laughs.

19. Fitness Challenge

Get everyone moving by launching a fitness challenge. You can create different categories to ensure inclusivity, such as ‘Most Steps Taken,’ ‘Longest Plank,’ or ‘Most Yoga Sessions.’

20. ‘Guess the Baby’ Game

Ask your team members to send their baby photos and get everyone to guess who’s who. This game is bound to generate a lot of laughs and fun conversations.

21. Recipe Swap

Get your team to share their favorite recipes. You can even set up a virtual cooking session where everyone makes the same dish.

22. Photo Contest

Choose a theme (like ‘Pets,’ ‘Travel,’ or ‘Food’) and have your team members submit their best photo related to that topic. The winning photo can be used as the team’s virtual background for a week.

23. Culture Exchange

If your team is multicultural, this can be a very enriching experience. Each team member can share something about their culture – be it a tradition, a festival, a dish, or even a folk tale.

24. Crossword Puzzle Race

Create a custom crossword puzzle related to your industry or the team’s shared experiences. The first one to finish correctly wins!

25. Virtual Coffee Dates

Pair team members up for a virtual coffee date. It’s a great opportunity for team members to connect on a more personal level.

26. Hobby Show-Off

Encourage team members to share their hobbies or talents. This could range from playing a musical instrument, painting, performing a magic trick, or even demonstrating a yoga pose!

27. Talent Show

A virtual talent show can be a blast. People can sing, dance, do stand-up comedy, or any other talent they’re excited to share.

Each of these games has the potential to not only add fun to your Fridays but also build stronger bonds among team members. When people feel more connected to each other, it can dramatically enhance the team’s productivity and job satisfaction. And you know what? That’s something we can all high-five to.

Related & Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to have all your burning questions answered? You’re in luck! Our comprehensive FAQ section below tackles all the nitty-gritty details about Fun Friday activities, office games, and building an engaging company culture. Let’s dive in!

Q: How do you host Fun Friday?

A: Hosting Fun Friday starts with understanding your team’s interests and preferences. Next, choose a fun activity that aligns with those interests. Ensure you have a good communication platform (like Zoom or Slack) and clear guidelines to make the session enjoyable and inclusive. Set a specific time for the activity, make participation optional, and always keep it light-hearted and fun.

Q: What’s the ‘What’s on my desk’ game?

A: The ‘What’s on my desk’ game is a fun remote team activity. Each participant shares a picture of an item on their desk and the rest of the team has to guess the story behind it. This game is a fun way to learn more about each other’s work environment and personal interests.

Q: What is the purpose of Fun Friday activities?

A: Fun Friday activities serve multiple purposes: they break up the routine, foster team bonding, boost morale, and can help to create a more engaging and enjoyable work environment. These activities are also an opportunity for team members to get to know each other outside of the usual work context.

Q: How do I play the word game in office?

A: One popular word game is ‘Word Association.’ Start with a word related to your industry and the next person must say a word that relates to the previous word. Continue the chain until someone can’t think of a word. This game can be a great way to promote quick thinking and creativity.

Q: What am I game ideas?

A: ‘What am I?’ is a guessing game where one team member has a word or phrase that the rest of the team has to guess by asking yes or no questions. It’s a simple game that encourages problem-solving and communication.

Q: How do you host fun activities in the office?

A: Hosting fun activities in the office starts with choosing the right activity. It should be something that is enjoyable and inclusive for the whole team. You can use online platforms for virtual games or host an in-person event for physical activities. Remember to communicate clearly about the activity, its purpose, and its rules.

Q: Why are fun activities important in the office?

A: Fun activities are important in the office because they break up the monotony of work, boost employee morale, encourage team building, and can even improve productivity. They also allow employees to engage with each other in a more relaxed and informal way.

Q: Why is Fun Friday important in the office?

A: Fun Friday is important in the office because it sets aside time for team members to unwind, interact and have fun. It creates a positive end to the work week, boosts morale, and can help in building a more relaxed and collaborative company culture.

Q: What games can we play at work?

A: There’s a multitude of games you can play at work. Some popular ones include trivia quizzes, ‘Two Truths and a Lie,’ virtual escape rooms, ‘Who’s the Baby,’ and the ‘What’s on my Desk’ game. You can choose based on what fits your team’s preferences and the company culture.

Q: What is office bingo?

A: Office bingo is a fun game that can be customized to your workplace. Instead of numbers, you can use work-related phrases or scenarios on the bingo cards (like “overused buzzword” or “coffee machine malfunction”). Participants mark off a square when they witness the scenario during their workday.

Q: How do you play the ‘Don’t Smile’ game?

A: The ‘Don’t Smile’ game involves trying to make your team members smile or laugh while they attempt to keep a straight face. You can do this in person or over a video call. This game is a simple, light-hearted way to inject some fun into the workday.

Q: How can I make my office fun? A: Making your office fun starts with creating an environment that encourages laughter and relaxation. Host regular team-building activities, allow for break times where employees can chat or play games, and consider creating a dedicated fun area with things like board games or comfy seating.

Q: How do I host an office fun event? A: Hosting an office fun event requires planning and communication. Choose an activity that your team will enjoy, set a date and time, communicate all the details to your team in advance, and make sure you have all the necessary resources. Also, encourage participation but respect that some may prefer to just observe.

Q: How can I energize my office? A: Energizing your office can involve introducing regular breaks for fun activities, creating a vibrant and comfortable workspace, encouraging regular physical activity (like stretching exercises), and maintaining open and positive communication. Fun Friday activities are also a great way to keep the energy levels high.

Q: Why are Fun Friday Virtual Activities Valuable? A: Fun Friday virtual activities are valuable because they foster camaraderie and rapport among remote employees. They serve as a platform for employees to interact, communicate, and get to know each other better in a non-work context, which is crucial for building a strong remote team.

Q: How can I start an office game that my team will love? A: Starting an office game that your team will love requires knowing your team’s interests and preferences. Get their input on what games they’d like to play. Ensure that the game is inclusive, easy to understand, and most importantly, fun.

Q: Where can I find some fun office games? A: Fun office games can be found online on team building websites, blogs and forums. You can also use online platforms like Kahoot for quizzes or games like Skribbl for virtual drawing and guessing games.

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