Best Desk for Short Person: Top Picks for Ergonomic Comfort in 2023

By Rob Orr / Last updated: Oct 14, 2023

Why Do You Need An Adjustable Ergonomic Desk?

Picture this: You’re setting up your home office, excited to start your remote working journey. But just as you sit down at your brand-new desk, you realize something’s not right. The desk is too tall, and you’re too… not.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thousands of shorter individuals, from freelancers and remote workers to entrepreneurs, face this struggle daily. And that’s precisely why we’ve created this guide—to reveal the best desk for a short person, a game-changer you’ll wish you’d discovered before that last purchase.

But there’s more to this story:

  • Can a standing desk be comfortable for shorter people?
  • What options are available to adjust a standard desk’s height?
  • How can you optimize your workspace for health and productivity?
  • What is the ideal desk height for a 5’2 person?

Answers to these questions and more are just a scroll away. So get ready as we uncover the hidden world of desks, tailor-made for those of us closer to the ground.

  1. Best Budget Desk for Short Persons: SHW Home Office 48-Inch Computer Desk
  2. Best Standing Desk for Short Persons: FLEXISPOT EC1 Standing Desk
  3. Best Adjustable Desk for Short Persons: Vari Electric Standing Desk 72″ x 30″ (VariDesk)
  4. Best Compact Desk for Short Persons: Signature Design by Ashley Irene Industrial Adjustable Desk
  5. Best L-Shaped Desk for Short Persons: Bush Furniture Somerset 72W 3 Position Sit to Stand L Shaped Desk with Hutch
  6. Best Desk with Storage Shelves for Short Persons: Tbfit L Shaped Desk with Storage Shelves
  7. Best Electric Adjustable Desk for Short Persons: FEZIBO Triple Motor L-Shaped Standing Desk

A well-organized workspace can greatly impact productivity, with the right desk playing a crucial role in enabling comfort and efficiency. For shorter individuals, finding a suitable desk that accommodates their height can be quite a challenge; regular desks may cause physical strain or discomfort over prolonged hours of work. Ergonomic desks designed specifically for shorter people can make all the difference, providing an ideal balance of style, durability, and adaptability for a comfortable home or office setting.

When searching for the perfect desk for a shorter individual, it’s essential to take heed of specific factors to ensure a worthwhile purchase. Key considerations include desk height, adjustability, overall workspace area, and quality construction. Understanding these critical aspects will guide you in finding a desk best suited for your personal preferences and physical requirements. We’ve invested countless hours researching and comparing desks to bring you the ultimate guide to the best desks for shorter people.

From traditional to modern designs and adjustable features, there’s a wide range of desks available that cater to individuals with different height requirements (I found that out the hard way when I purchased a desk that was too tall for me). So let’s dive right in and explore the top selections for the most comfortable and functional desks, designed specifically for those on the shorter side. Keep an eye out for the highlighted main points in bold, as these will be your insights into finding the best fit for your workspace and ensure that you never have to compromise on comfort or productivity again. Hang tight, as we unveil the top contenders for the best desks tailored to shorter individuals.

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Best Desks for Short Persons

Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable at a desk that’s not designed for your height? (We get it.) That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best desks for short persons, ensuring ergonomic excellence and providing you with the ultimate work-from-home experience. Let’s dive into the top picks that’ll have you working in comfort (and style).

SHW Home Office 48-Inch Computer Desk, Black 48-Inch Black

SHW Home Office Desk

A perfect option for short people looking for a comfortable and modern workspace.


  • Modern design suitable for various rooms
  • Sturdy steel frame and environmentally friendly particleboard
  • Easy assembly with clear instructions


  • May wobble on uneven surfaces
  • Not the best choice for heavy gaming setups
  • Slightly shorter than regular desks

The SHW Home Office 48-Inch Computer Desk is, in our experience, an excellent option for shorter people looking for a desk tailored to their needs. Its modern design makes it suitable not only for home offices but also for bedrooms and even kitchens as a dining table. The combination of a steel frame and eco-friendly particleboard renders it sturdy and durable.

When we assembled this desk, we found the process to be simple and straightforward, thanks to the step-by-step instructions included. The assembly hardly took 15 minutes, and all the required hardware was provided. However, we did notice that the legs may seem a bit wobbly on uneven surfaces, so you might need to place it on a mat or make minor adjustments for added stability.

As we used the SHW 48-Inch Computer Desk, we realized it might not be the best option for heavy gaming setups. The relatively lighter weight of the desk could cause a monitor to wobble, especially when placed on carpets. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent choice for basic computer setups, writing, or crafting.

One thing to keep in mind is that this desk is slightly shorter than regular desks, with a height of 28 inches. While it’s perfect for short people, taller individuals might find it a bit uncomfortable for prolonged periods of use. If you’re looking for a versatile, sturdy, and stylish desk suitable for shorter people, the SHW Home Office 48-Inch Computer Desk is worth considering.

FLEXISPOT EC1 Standing Desk

FLEXISPOT EC1 Standing Desk

This FLEXISPOT EC1 Standing Desk is a must-have for short individuals looking for a comfortable and adjustable workspace solution.


  • Spacious work area
  • Quiet electric height-adjustable system
  • Solid construction


  • Shipment in two separate packages
  • Drill required for some steps (not included)
  • Slight size difference due to manual measurement

As remote workers ourselves, we recently tried the FLEXISPOT EC1 Standing Desk and were immediately impressed by the spacious work area it provides. Measuring 48″ x 24″, this environmentally sourced desk offers plenty of room for multiple monitor setups, laptops, and even ongoing projects and office supplies. This was a breath of fresh air, as we often found our previous desks cluttered and cramped.

The quiet electric height-adjustable system was another standout feature, as it made transitioning between sitting and standing positions a breeze. With smooth and quiet height adjustments (noise level under 50dbs) ranging from 27.6″ to 47.6″, this desk is perfect for short individuals who may struggle with finding suitable desk heights. In our experience, noisy adjustments can be quite distracting, so we appreciated how this desk transitions seamlessly and won’t disrupt our workflow.

Built with a heavy-duty steel frame and a solid desktop, the FLEXISPOT EC1 Standing Desk can support up to 187 lbs, giving us confidence in its durability. Our workspace setup feels more than secure on this sturdy foundation.

Do note that the product will be shipped in two separate packages which may be delivered separately from each other. Additionally, some assembly steps require a drill, which is not included in the package. We had a drill handy, but it’s something to keep in mind if you don’t have one readily available. Moreover, there may be a slight 0-1 inch size difference due to manual measurement, although we didn’t notice any significant discrepancies ourselves.

Overall, the FLEXISPOT EC1 Standing Desk is an excellent investment for those seeking an adjustable and comfortable workspace, particularly for shorter individuals. With its spacious design, quiet electric height adjustment system, and solid construction, we’re confident you’ll find this desk to be the perfect addition to your home office.

Vari Electric Standing Desk 72″ x 30″ (VariDesk)

Vari Electric Standing Desk 72" x 30"

The Vari Electric Standing Desk is the ideal solution for short individuals who crave a comfortable, ergonomic workspace.


  • Sturdy design with a large, one-piece tabletop
  • Programmable height settings for customization
  • Quick, easy assembly


  • Slightly more expensive than comparable models
  • Heavy to move and carry
  • Delivery may come in separate shipments

The Vari Electric Standing Desk surpasses expectations with its remarkable sturdiness and ease of use. Designed to provide short folks with the perfect office set-up, it offers a customizable height range between 25″ – 50.5″. And trust us, it makes a world of a difference when the desk is adjusted to your preferred height.

In our experience, the assembly process was remarkably simple and took less than 10 minutes. The patent-pending design of the desk legs eliminates the need for complicated tools and makes the set-up a breeze. (You’ll appreciate this if you’re the type that groans at the thought of assembling furniture.)

One thing we’d like to mention is its weight – at 136 pounds, the desk is undeniably heavy. Moving it once it’s assembled can be a challenge, so make sure to plan the positioning carefully before assembling. Also, be prepared for the possibility of receiving the desktop and legs in separate shipments, which can be a minor inconvenience.

Toting a more expensive price tag, the Vari Electric Standing Desk justifies its cost with premium quality and durability. Impressive features such as programmable height settings, an ergonomic design, and smooth electric adjustment set it apart from competitors.

In conclusion, we highly recommend the Vari Electric Standing Desk 72″ x 30″ for short individuals in search of a sturdy, ergonomic, and customizable workspace. The benefits of this top-notch sit-to-stand desk greatly outweigh the extra expense, and your back and posture will thank you in the long run.

Signature Design by Ashley Irene Industrial Adjustable Desk, Beige & Gray

Signature Design by Ashley Irene Industrial Adjustable Desk

A versatile and stylish desk perfect for short individuals or those in need of an adjustable height workspace.


  • Height-adjustable with 8 levels
  • Modern farmhouse design with reclaimed finished top
  • Suitable for tight spaces


  • Assembly required
  • Might feel slightly wobbly
  • Bottom shelves have limited storage space

We recently had an opportunity to try out the Signature Design by Ashley Irene Industrial Adjustable Desk, and overall, it turned out to be an excellent addition to our home office setup. With its modern farmhouse design that features a reclaimed finished top, it not only fits short individuals but also adds a trendy touch to any room.

The desk’s unique 8-level adjustable height feature sets it apart from many other options on the market. This versatility allows you to find just the right position for your body, whether seated or standing. In our experience, it proved to be quite useful when switching between computer work and crafts sessions.

Another notable aspect of this desk is its compact size. Measuring 47” W x 23” D x 38” H, it’s ideal for small spaces or studio apartments where every inch counts. Despite its modest dimensions, we did not feel cramped while working, and it comfortably accommodated a laptop, notepads, and other essential office supplies.

One downside to the Signature Design by Ashley Irene Industrial Adjustable Desk is that it requires assembly. While the instructions are easy to follow and hardware is included, it does take some time to put it all together.

During our use, we noticed that the desk can feel slightly wobbly, especially when extended to the highest level. While this instability was not a dealbreaker, it’s worth considering if you require an ultra-sturdy workspace.

Lastly, the bottom shelves offer limited storage space, which might be problematic for some. In our case, we found them adequate for storing smaller items, but larger objects like printers or file boxes would not fit.

In conclusion, the Signature Design by Ashley Irene Industrial Adjustable Desk is a stylish and versatile option for short individuals or those looking to optimize their workspace. Its adjustable height, compact size, and appealing design make it a great choice, despite some minor drawbacks.

Bush Furniture Somerset 72W 3 Position Sit to Stand L Shaped Desk with Hutch in Ash Gray

Bush Furniture Desk

Upgrade your home office with this versatile, stylish, and ergonomic desk perfect for both work and storage needs.


  • Stylish and practical design
  • Smooth file drawer access
  • Easily adjustable sit-to-stand feature


  • Time-consuming assembly
  • Minor risk of delivery issues
  • Limited color options

The Bush Furniture Somerset 72W 3 Position Sit to Stand L Shaped Desk with Hutch is an elegant and functional desk that boasts both attractiveness and ergonomics. Its design perfectly complements any home office, and its adjustable features ensure your comfort while working long hours.

One thing we loved about this desk is the versatility it offers. The 42W sit-to-stand return can be attached to either side of the desk, allowing for different configurations based on your personal workspace. The desk’s height is adjustable to three standing positions (35, 38, or 41 inches), making it easy for users to find a comfortable ergonomic setup.

In our experience, the file drawer was a standout feature. Equipped with full-extension ball bearing slides, it provided smooth and easy access to files. Additionally, it accommodated both legal and letter-sized documents, offering plenty of room for your paperwork. Moreover, the desk comes with a hutch featuring two frosted glass doors, adding a touch of privacy to your office supplies storage.

On the downside, be prepared for a significant time investment when assembling this desk. Although the final result may be worth it, users should be ready to invest several hours into the assembly process. Additionally, while most deliveries tend to arrive without any issues, there might be occasional hiccups. Finally, color options are limited – the desk is only available in Ash Gray.

Overall, the Bush Furniture Somerset 72W 3 Position Sit to Stand L Shaped Desk with Hutch in Ash Gray is a fantastic choice for those looking to invest in a stylish, ergonomic, and versatile desk. The attractive design, smooth file drawer access, and easily adjustable sit-to-stand feature far outweigh any minor cons like time-consuming assembly or limited color options. This desk is truly a worthy addition to any home office setup.

Tbfit L Shaped Desk with Storage Shelves

Tbfit L Shaped Desk

The Tbfit L Shaped Desk is a fantastic choice for short individuals looking for a space-efficient and convenient work or gaming station.


  • Built-in power outlet with 4 outlets & 2 USB ports
  • Large, reversible workspace with multiple layout options
  • 4 adjustable storage shelves for flexibility


  • Some assembly required
  • May feel too large for very tight spaces
  • No drawers for enclosed storage

In our experience, the Tbfit L Shaped Desk offers an impressive array of features that make it highly suitable for short individuals in need of a comfortable and practical workspace. The built-in power outlet allows for easy access to charge devices or power gaming setups, while the large, reversible workspace provides plenty of room for monitors, books, or laptops.

The multiple layout options are particularly useful if you’re in a small space and need to adjust the desk’s orientation to fit your needs. In one of our own setups, we found that switching between the L-shaped configuration and the longer, 2-person setup allowed us to accommodate different work and gaming situations easily.

One of the standout features of the Tbfit L Shaped Desk is its 4 adjustable storage shelves. You can position them on the left, right, or middle of the desk, and adjust their height to accommodate items of varying sizes. We found this feature particularly useful for storing office supplies, gaming accessories, and even a computer tower.

While this desk offers a lot in terms of functionality and versatility, it’s worth noting that it does require assembly. However, the clear instructions and included tools make the process relatively straightforward.

It’s also worth considering the size of the Tbfit L Shaped Desk, as it may feel too large for some smaller spaces. That being said, the multiple layout options do help mitigate this issue to some extent. Finally, while the desk features plenty of open storage, it does not include any drawers for enclosed storage – a minor drawback for those who prefer a tidier workspace.

Overall, we highly recommend the Tbfit L Shaped Desk with Storage Shelves for short individuals seeking a versatile and efficient workspace solution. Its smart design, convenient features, and flexible layout options make it a top contender in its category.

FEZIBO Triple Motor L-Shaped Standing Desk


Make your workspace comfortable and efficient with this electric adjustable-height desk designed for shorter individuals.


  • Quiet and smooth triple motor system
  • Spacious L-shaped design with 3 drawers
  • Lockable casters for mobility and floor protection


  • Heavy at 139.5 pounds
  • Assembly required
  • Possible shipping delays or damages

In our experience, finding a suitable and versatile desk for shorter individuals can be quite a challenge. However, the FEZIBO Triple Motor L-Shaped Standing Desk strikes the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable and efficient workspace.

The desk features a triple motor system, which we found to be remarkably smooth and quiet during operation – a definite plus for maintaining focus during work or gaming sessions. With its L-shaped design, you’ll have ample space to spread out your work materials while keeping everything organized with the help of three built-in drawers.

Lockable casters are a particularly useful feature, as they allow you to effortlessly reposition your desk when necessary and then lock it securely in place. Moreover, these casters also protect your floors from potential scratches, ensuring that your workspace stays clean and polished.

One small caveat, though: this desk is quite heavy, weighing in at 139.5 pounds, so it’s essential to have an extra pair of hands for assembly and maneuvering. Speaking of assembly, it is required upon delivery, but the provided instructions make the process relatively hassle-free. Also, it’s worth noting that some customers have reported shipping delays or damages to the desk, so be prepared to contact customer support if any issues arise.

Overall, we believe the FEZIBO Triple Motor L-Shaped Standing Desk is an excellent investment for shorter individuals seeking a comfortable and efficient workspace. Its smooth motor operation, ample space, and lockable casters make it a standout choice that truly caters to its intended audience.

BELLEZE Modern 47 Inch Home Office Desk


The BELLEZE Modern 47 Inch Home Office Desk is an affordable and sturdy option for short people looking for a practical and stylish workspace.


  • Stylish and modern design
  • Spacious worktable
  • Sturdy and stable construction


  • 27.55″ height might be too low for some
  • Dark color might not suit every preference
  • Veneer finishing material may not be the most durable

The BELLEZE Modern Home Office Desk offers a sleek and roomy workspace, combining functionality and style. Its dark walnut color with wood grain texture adds a touch of modern farmhouse design to your home. One of the advantages of this desk is its spacious worktable area, measuring 47.24″L x 23.62″W. It provides ample space for your computer, laptop, and other accessories, helping you create an organized, clutter-free workstation.

Along with its aesthetic appeal, the desk is constructed with a strong metal frame that features a double iron strut design and an extra steel bracket. This design ensures the desk remains stable and sturdy, preventing any shaking or wobbling while you work. In our experience, having a steady work surface is crucial for maintaining focus and productivity.

However, one thing to consider is the height of the desk. At 27.55″ high, it may be too low for some individuals, especially those of average or taller height. This desk is primarily ideal for shorter individuals. Moreover, the desk’s dark color might not suit everyone’s preference, as it may be darker than expected. Additionally, the veneer finishing material may not be the most durable option in the long run.

Ultimately, the BELLEZE Modern 47 Inch Home Office Desk is an excellent choice for individuals of shorter stature who need a functional and stylish workspace at an affordable price. The desk’s modern design and roomy work area make it a worthwhile addition to any home office or living space. Keep in mind the height and color, as well as the durability of the veneer finishing, when making your decision.

VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Corner Stand Up Desk

VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Corner Stand Up Desk

The VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Corner Stand Up Desk is an excellent choice for those seeking a spacious, customizable, and ergonomic workstation for a short person.


  • Electric height adjustment for a comfortable fit
  • L-Shape design with two solid table tops for ample working space
  • Sturdy frame with support up to 264 lbs


  • Some drilling required for assembly
  • Heavy at 93.4 pounds
  • Memory controller may require frequent adjustment

As someone who has struggled with finding a desk suitable for our height, we were pleasantly surprised by the VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Corner Stand Up Desk. The electric height adjustment feature is a game changer for us, allowing us to fine-tune our workstation to a comfortable position. No more dealing with awkward heights or uncomfortable workspaces, which is often a huge concern for short individuals.

The L-Shape design allows us to make the most of our office space, while the two solid table tops provide plenty of room for multiple monitors, laptops, and essential work materials. We did notice, however, that the desk is quite heavy, making it a bit difficult to move around. The extra weight does contribute to the stability and durability of the product, so it is a trade-off we’re happy to accept.

When we first set up the desk, we did need to spend some time with the memory controller to find our preferred height settings. Occasionally, we had to make minor adjustments to achieve the perfect fit. Though not a major issue, it’s worth noting for those who like a seamless experience.

In our experience, the VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Corner Stand Up Desk is a fantastic option for short individuals looking for a customizable and ergonomic workstation. The minor inconveniences are easily outweighed by the benefits of an adjustable, spacious, and sturdy desk.

NZCYDM Desk Universal Movable Table


For those seeking a space-saving and portable desk designed for shorter individuals, the NZCYDM Desk is worth considering.


  • Adjustable height for increased comfort
  • Smooth universal wheels for easy mobility
  • Compact multi-purpose design with storage


  • Materials may not be high quality
  • Limited stability for heavy items
  • May arrive with minor damages

We recently had the opportunity to test out the NZCYDM Desk Universal Movable Table, and we were impressed with some of its features. Its adjustable height (23.6-35.4 inches) caters to the needs of shorter individuals, making it ideal for a comfortable working experience. Moreover, the desk is equipped with four smooth universal wheels, which make it easy to move around on various floor surfaces.

However, in our experience, we found that the materials used in the desk might not be of the highest quality. Despite its functionality, it’s essential to be aware that it might not be the sturdiest option for supporting heavy items. Additionally, although it’s easy to assemble and has a storage rack for added convenience, some customers have reported receiving the product with minor damages.

Nonetheless, the NZCYDM Desk offers a space-saving and portable solution for those in need of a compact and accommodating desk. It features a classic design that can easily blend in with your room decor and serves as a suitable option for a computer desk, TV tray, or snack table. The storage rack beneath the desk also provides extra space for your favorite items, adding to its practicality.

In summary, the NZCYDM Desk Universal Movable Table is a functional and adjustable option tailored for shorter individuals. While it may not be the most durable desk on the market, its portability and multi-purpose design make it worth considering for those in search of a compact and convenient workspace solution.

Buying Guide

Are you struggling to find the perfect desk for a short person? We’ve got your back! In this buying guide, we’ll walk you through the essential features to consider when choosing the best desk. Let’s dive right in.


The first thing to look for is adjustability. A desk with adjustable height ensures that it can be customized to fit your size and preferred sitting or standing positions. Make sure the desk you choose has a wide range of height adjustments to accommodate your needs. This way, you won’t suffer from discomfort while you work.


Ergonomics play a significant role in maximizing comfort for short individuals. When picking a desk, consider one with a keyboard tray that can be adjusted to the appropriate height and angle. This will not only help in reducing strain on your wrists, but it will also promote better posture and overall comfort.

Desk Depth and Width

The depth and width of the desk are crucial aspects to take into account. A deeper desk can accommodate more substantial materials, such as textbooks and large monitors. On the other hand, a narrower desk might cause discomfort as you might not have enough elbow room. Choose a desk that offers a combination of depth and width that suits your personal preferences and workspace needs.

Storage and Organization

Efficiency is vital when choosing a desk, especially for short people. You want to have adequate storage and easy-to-reach organization options. Consider desks with built-in shelves, drawers, and compartments that can hold office essentials. This will keep your workspace clutter-free and enable you to work more efficiently.

Sturdiness and Stability

Last but not least, pay attention to the sturdiness and stability of the desk. A wobbly desk is not only distracting but can also lead to accidents. Opt for a high-quality desk with a stable and robust frame. In our experience, a desk made of durable materials, such as metal or solid wood, ensures long-lasting support and reliability.

To sum it up, choosing the best desk for a short person comes down to adjustability, ergonomics, desk dimensions, storage options, and sturdiness. By keeping these features in mind, you’ll be better equipped to find the perfect desk that will cater to your needs and enhance your overall productivity. Now go ahead and conquer those office tasks in comfort and style!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top adjustable height desks for petite individuals?

We know how challenging it can be to find the perfect desk as a shorter person. Luckily, there are adjustable height desks designed specifically for petite individuals. In our experience, these desks, like the Uplift V2, Varidesk Pro, and Fully Jarvis, offer great flexibility and support. They allow users to easily modify the height to find their desired comfort level, making them ideal choices for those with shorter stature.

How can a short person choose the proper desk height?

Choosing the proper desk height is crucial for maintaining good posture and preventing muscular strain. To find the optimal desk height for a shorter person, follow this simple method: first, stand up straight and allow your arms to hang naturally at your sides. Then, bend your dominant arm at a 90-degree angle. The distance from your elbow to the ground is the ideal height for your desk. This allows your arms to rest comfortably, while keeping your shoulders relaxed and reducing any strain on your neck.

Are there any special considerations for selecting a computer desk for a shorter user?

For shorter individuals, there are a few additional considerations when selecting a computer desk. First and foremost, ensure that the keyboard and mouse are positioned at a comfortable height, allowing your wrists to remain straight. Moreover, adjustable chairs and footrests can further enhance the ergonomic setup for your workstation. Lastly, don’t forget about monitor positioning: ensure your eyes level with the top-third of the screen, maintaining a proper viewing distance to minimize eye strain.

What key features should be sought after in a desk for shorter people?

When looking for the perfect desk, there are several key features to consider. For those of shorter stature, adjustable height is particularly important, as it allows for customization to suit your specific needs. Moreover, desks with ample legroom and ergonomic features, such as rounded edges, can improve comfortability throughout the day. Don’t forget about storage options, like drawers and shelves, as these can help keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.

How do ergonomic guidelines apply to selecting a desk for individuals of shorter stature?

Ergonomic guidelines are essential for maintaining overall health and preventing musculoskeletal disorders, particularly for shorter individuals. When selecting a desk, consider features that promote proper posture, reduce strain on muscles and joints, and encourage movement throughout the day. Adjustable height, footrests, and proper monitor alignment are just a few examples of important ergonomic considerations for individuals of shorter stature.

What are some recommended standing desk options for short people?

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular for promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Shorter individuals should choose a standing desk that features adjustable height, ensuring that it can cater to their specific requirements. Some top recommended standing desk options include the Uplift V2, Fully Jarvis, and Vari Electric Standing Desk. These desks not only allow for easy height adjustment but also boast sleek design and durability, making them worthwhile investments for the health-conscious shorter individuals.

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